Saturday, August 6, 2022

Operation Breaking Dawn: IDF destroys Islamic Jihad rocket launch site - Elad Benari


​ by Elad Benari

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announces that an extensive recruitment of reservists has begun as Operation Breaking Dawn continues.

[Translation of Hebrew text below]

IDF planes attacked and destroyed a rocket launching site belonging to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization in Khan Yunis.

A short time ago a failed launch was detected from the site.

The IDF continues to attack terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip.


An IDF aircraft on Friday evening attacked and destroyed a rocket launch site of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in Khan Yunis.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that “a short time ago, a failed launch attempt was detected from the site.”

“The IDF continues to attack Islamic Jihad terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip,” it added.

In a separate statement, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that, as part of “Operation Breaking Dawn”, the IDF has begun an extensive recruitment of reservists.

“Following an assessment of the situation, it was decided on a large-scale recruitment of reservists, in order to strengthen the forces in the Southern Command, in the Air Defense, in the Home Front Command, in the fighting forces and in the headquarters.”

The summons was made in an order with the approval of the Minister of Defense.

Earlier on Friday, the IDF eliminated a senior Islamic Jihad commander who was driving his car at the time of the attack.

The terrorist is commander of the Islamic Jihad military forces in Gaza, Tayseer al-Jabari.

15 other terrorists were killed, according to the IDF.


Elad Benari


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