Wednesday, March 22, 2023

America’s Drug Trade is ‘Made in China’ - Daniel Greenfield


​ by Daniel Greenfield

"Roughly 75 percent are linked to China."


This isn’t news to anyone who has been following the pot business in California. Not the “legal one” which proved to be a mostly worthless boom up there with cryptocurrency. Just ask Med Men which wanted to be the Apple of drugs. The illegal one though is increasingly looking like it’s Made in China even when it’s grown in America.

Mexican cartels have a long history of importing, growing and redistributing illicit cannabis in the United States. But Chinese investors, owners and workers have emerged in recent years as a new source of funding and labor for illegal marijuana production.

What is known — from interviews with state law enforcement officials, experts on the international drug trade, economists and lawmakers — is that the number of farms funded by sources traceable back to Chinese investors or owners has skyrocketed. Chinese owners and workers have become a larger presence at illegal grows in Oklahoma, California and Oregon, they say.

In Oklahoma, close to 3,000 of the state’s nearly 7,000 licensed marijuana farms have been flagged for suspicious activity by law enforcement over the last year… The agency believes that 2,000 of those farms have a Chinese connection — supplying workers, funding or both. Of the more than 800 farms the OBN has shut down in the last two years for operating illegally, Woodward said roughly 75 percent are linked to China.

“I would comfortably say over 600 of those we’ve linked to Chinese investors and Chinese organized crime; some sort of a nexus to back to China,” he said.

Law enforcement in southern Oregon in 2021 reported as many as 20 different nationalities linked to illegal grows. But the increasing amount of Chinese funding — and what lawmakers and some experts say is the potential influence of the Chinese Communist Party — has caught the attention of legislators and law enforcement alike.

Give the PRC credit, they’ve found plenty of ways to profit from waging total war against us. But that’s mainly because we let them do it. Every single one of the deaths of a thousand cuts is a weapon we’ve given to our enemies to use against us.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


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