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College Students Revel in Blissful Ignorance at Pro-Gaza Rallies - Robyn Dolgin


by Robyn Dolgin

There is an obvious explanation as to why college students engage in “atrocity denialism” at pro-Palestinian marches.


There is an obvious explanation as to why college students engage in “atrocity denialism” at pro-Palestinian marches.

They are (well) clueless, and devoid of all rational thinking. The students aren’t shy about expressing their blissfully ignorant critique of Hamas as “liberators,” and their creepy foray into painting the dark side of evil -- the slaughter and torture of innocent civilians in Israel -- as “necessary.”

Parents don’t have to wonder what’s happening with their kids’ expensive education, they can watch the academic dumpster fire on social media. There isn’t a shortage of embarrassing outtakes of the privileged millennials who are passionate about their pro-Palestine cause and at the same time prove themselves to be passionate know-nothings.

If you’ve missed the most absurd outtakes, I regard you as lucky. Still, a brief overview may be in order to gain perspective on how unhinged our morally challenged youth have become as they allow themselves to become part of the herd.

Let us start with the more amiable students, and work our way down to the unabashed Israelophobes and Jew haters.

Wearing a bright smile, a male student was asked to explain the catchy phrase on his placard that reads: “From the river to the sea -- Palestine will be free.” This slogan was and continues to be widely recycled among thousands of protestors, and hardly serves as a new propaganda tool.

“What river are you talking about?” asked an unidentified interviewer. The question hangs in the air for several seconds. Could the student really be so mind-numbingly ignorant as to not know the incendiary message behind the phrase? “I know the name of the sea,” he offered. “It’s the Mediterranean.”

Perhaps the student should receive partial credit. He turns to his buddy, hoping for a bailout. Such bailouts are a sign of the times in the form of big-fat-government packages, but one is not forthcoming here.

There is more ground to cover and the interviewer moves on.

“What do you think of Hamas’ slaughtering and raping innocent Israeli citizens?” asked the interviewer of another student. She doesn’t flinch at the thought of supporting Hamas’ modern-day pogrom campaign. The assault on Oct. 7, she claims, “wasn’t properly investigated, and it’s hard to know what’s true.”

“Isn’t she concerned about supporting a terrorist regime?” asked the interviewer. “One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter,” she adds

Sounding like a cheerleader for Hamas terrorists, she has taken the first step into the propaganda wars of normalizing savagery. The internet is fertile hunting ground for any student who wishes to build up an arsenal of denial and support the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians.

Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels could not have been more convincing than Hamas’s mouthpieces in the West -- which relieves the Islamic organization of taking any responsibility for the atrocities committed on Oct. 7.

“I’m shown video clips, and then I’m also told that they’re beheading babies,” claimed Farhan Siddiqui, imam of the Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque in Washington, D.C. “I’m also told that they’re raping women… And when I go and I investigate these specific reports I found out that they’re all lies.” Plenty of artful denials can be found and traced to such “reliable sources” as imams, brain-addled professors and DEI squads funded by your tax dollars.

This denialist narrative is gaining traction among the impressionable college students nationwide: They don’t appear to have difficulty distinguishing reality for a simulation of reality because they have no wish to venture beyond their political safe space.

Elliot Tebele, the founder of the viral Instagram account “f-ckjerry,” gathered extremely candid comments by going undercover at a pro-Palestinian rally to interview protestors. “How would you describe a Jew?’ Tebele asked a demonstrator in London.

“They’re devils,” he answered. “So if they (terrorists) do take Palestine, where do the 12 million Jews go?” Treble asked another protestor. They can “go to hell” responded the protestor.

American students are more squeamish about the endgame proposed by Hamas, with more than one suggesting the Jews could be resettled where they came from. Quite a few came from Judea and Samaria area, now the West Bank, and would have difficulty “resettling” in that hostile region. Although it has their name on it. The actual identity of one large swath of Israel’s multicultural population and where they came from would come as a real shocker to the historically illiterate students. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were expelled from Arab lands and would naturally wish to avoid the Islamic-fascist regions infiltrated by terrorist group (i.e. Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and even Iran, which considers itself non-Arab).

Life can be so simple for students who don’t need to worry about being the next target on Hamas’s list of infidels. Or do they? Many of the students -- who become unhinged if they are “misgendered” -- would be horrified to learn that Hamas’s Caliphate goal is to destroy the infidel worldwide, which would include those pink-haired, tattooed, and gender fluid class of know nothings.

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