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The Marxist Revolution & the Democrat Party 2024 - Louie Gohmert


by Louie Gohmert

Lessons learned from David Horowitz.


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Radical Marxist groups, including some with ties to China, are planning on protests at the Chicago Democratic Convention this year. What is so surprising is that there are many Democrats so surprised. They question why groups they have supported with resources and fiery speeches would turn against them. Those Democrats have coddled and loved on the Marxists with glowing praise while condemning their opponents with the harshest of rhetoric and most disparaging of words. These naïve souls are still in need of history lessons that the federal Department of Education does not mandate nor provide.

Many have at least noted that this is “like the 1968 Democrat Convention” all over again, when protests and riots scarred the convention and its nominee, Senator Hubert Humphrey. But this time it will be far worse. The extreme left Marxists’ and radical Islamists’ influence of the Democratic Party’s leadership should have made their intentions clear. They want a very radical takeover. They actually want a revolution. They have made astonishing progress in the wake of the Obama administration’s fundamental transformation to a much more socialist, anti-Christian nation with the government’s radical politicalization of federal departments. That means the Marxists and radical Islamists are very close to their takeover.

I do not think Attorney General Merrick Garland is a Marxist nor a radical Islamist; however, those groups have been able to nurture and grow the venom within him, perhaps over his being disregarded for the Supreme Court. If the radical takeover is completed, Garland will either have to finish his abandonment of things he once held dear and complete his turn to the dark side, or be crushed as a tool no longer usable.

The notorious assassin known as Carlos the Jackal once said “Only a coalition of Marxists and Islamists can destroy the United States.” That was quite prescient. One of the great ironies is that the coalition has some Islamists supporting sexual orientations that would get the proponent killed in their own Islamic country of origin or preference. Another irony is that each group thinks that once they provoke and win the revolution, they will be able to take over and discard the other group that joined them. It’s a bit like the treaty between Hitler’s socialist workers party and Stalin’s communist party. Both leaders intended to break the deal from the beginning.

True Islamists do not want a Marxist government at all when they take over; true Marxists do not want ANY religious group involved in the communist hierarchy when they takeover. Of course, we read and hear of mega-millionaires and billionaires who have helped fund the disastrous end to freedom and self-government that they hope is near.

It is not much consolation that the mega-wealthy have been victims of very poor history lessons. So they apparently are not aware that in either a Marxist or Islamic takeover, the mega-wealthy do not even get a “thank you” for funding the takeover. Their wealth is normally just taken, and the former wealthy person is either killed or sent to a gulag or prison.

It has been my privilege to be a friend of David Horowitz and now a Senior Fellow with his Freedom Center. I majored in history, but have learned so much from David’s books and our conversations over nearly two decades. David was in on the planning of those “protests” at the 1968 Democrat convention. I had read his accounts of some of those planning sessions and the leaders’ thoughts.

But I was perplexed and asked, “David, why did you guys plan for all the protests and riots at the Democratic Convention. They were going to nominate an acknowledged liberal of that decade, Hubert Humphrey. Why wouldn’t you as communist leaders go after the Republican Convention where they would nominate Richard Nixon who was obviously no friend of liberals. Nixon was going after communists in Congress before he was Vice President.”

I love David’s expressive nature. He holds nothing back. He said, “Louie, we were communists! Our saying was ‘the worse, the better.’” He went on to say that Humphrey had supported the war in Vietnam and had been anti-communist. But he said there was also concern that if Humphrey won the Presidency, it would be more difficult to get young people rioting out in the streets. Some felt if Nixon won, it would be easier to get college students to riot out in the streets. So there was a better chance of a revolution with Nixon.

One of the cracks in David Horowitz’s communist armor came when discussions turned to creating so much harassment and assaults on police that police finally killed some of the protesters. The goal of getting some of their own friends and supporters killed really concerned David.

It also seems to me that some Jewish Democrat supporters are currently in a bit of shock seeing the combined Marxist and Islamic left coming after Jews. However, recent clashes on college campuses in defending the malevolent brutality, torture, rape and murder of Jews on October 7 last year have made fairly clear where all this is going.

Liberal Democrats should understand that their condemnation and cries for removal of Israeli leaders who are striving to prevent another holocaust will not win them much in the way of favors from the Marxist and jihadist Jewish-haters when or if they take over.

Please know that the effort of Marxists to create the revolution in the West has not dissipated since those violent days of the late 1960’s. They have chosen to use our education and media systems to propagate their hate in a more civil way. But, now, some of the revolutionaries see a victory to eliminate our self-governing republic so near, they are almost giddy. If they are successful, there will be so many rank and file Democrats saying, “Wait! I never supported THIS!” But at that point, it will be too late_ they may not have intentionally supported the revolution, but they certainly took joy in beating down and mocking those who wanted to keep our freedom. Please wake up now.

David Horowitz has written some extraordinary books during his life. However, he told me last week, before I read his brand new one, that he felt it was the best thing he had ever written. I read it and was blown away. It should be required reading for every student in America, but it explains our founding and truly unparalleled pursuit of equality and freedom like no one ever has. The sheer clarity of the wisdom in America Betrayed unambiguously establishes that evil is at work to destroy this great republic. People have got to understand the side they have chosen before November, and reading David’s new book will make that demonstrably apparent.

Louie Gohmert is a former Congressman and a Senior Fellow of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Source: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-marxist-revolution-the-democrat-party-2024/

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