Friday, May 10, 2013

Stop the Libel Against Glenn Beck

by Sally Zahav

Lately there have been words flying around the blogoshpere about a certain gesture that Glenn Back reportedly made in reference to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. You can see one article here
Glenn Beck Offends Jews By Depicting Mayor Bloomberg in Nazi-Style Salute. And here is a refutation: Glenn Beck's Bloomberg Salute Was Not Hitlerian

First of all, it makes no sense that Glenn Beck (or anyone else) would lump Bloomberg with the Nazis. If anything, Bloomberg might more accurately be grouped with those on the polar opposite of the right-left or fascist-socialist continuum. Bloomberg fits more with the advocates for big government and his ongoing project to regulate what we eat and drink is an example of this approach.

This is another refutation to the senseless "Hitler gesture" claim. But enough has been said on the subject. Below are three video clips that illustrate Glenn Beck's true attitude toward Jews and Israel. If you think he is anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, or even if you just have some doubts about it, please watch even one of the clips and listen to Glenn's own words expressing what his thoughts, ideas and emotions are on the subjects of Jews and Israel.  

And then form (or reform) your opinion on that basis.

Glenn's special message for Israel - YouTube


Glenn Beck - Comments on Israel (Nakba 2011) - YouTube



Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel - YouTube


Sally Zahav

Source: Middle East and Terrorism Blog

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