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Article from Joseph Farah.


The following comments in WorldNetDaily from Joseph Farah, himself an Arab Christian, are among the very best to describe the situation in which Israel finds herself!  It  has been written one year ago…


Capitulation to terrorism By Joseph Farah

Posted: December 8, 2006

The Iraq Study Group report is in - and it holds no surprises.

What should we expect from a group chaired by James Baker, a legal pimp for Saudi Arabia and the man who single-handedly reversed America's pro-freedom policies in the Middle East during his tenure as secretary of state under the president's father?

There have been many great words spoken throughout history - none by Baker.

In fact, the words he is most famous for speaking relate to questions about his reshaping of Middle East policy in the early 1990s. It was Baker who called for a more "even-handed" approach to the region.

By even-handed, he meant the U.S. should stop backing Israel out of moral imperative and treat the only free state in the Middle East as a moral equal with the totalitarian, anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, racist, terrorist police states that surround it.

When asked how such a policy might go over with Jewish voters in the U.S., Baker showed off his touted diplomatic skills with his most famous quote: "They don't vote for us anyway, so f--- 'em." Only he didn't leave out those three letters following the "f."

That's really all you need to know about Baker - the Council on Foreign Relations hack who should be prohibited from having any influence on American foreign policy because of his own conflicts of interests involving the fun-loving Saudis.

The "Baker Commission," as it should rightfully be called, came up with two major recommendations as far as I can see:

  • Engage Iran and Syria in resolving the Iraq conflict;
  • Fast-track the creation of a Palestinian state by carving up tiny Israel.

Let's talk briefly about these two wacky ideas.

One shouldn't have to point out at this late date that Syria and Iran represent the principal problem in the region, not the solution. But, for moral relativists like Baker and others with less impure motives who just don't understand the Middle East, I guess it is necessary to restate the obvious.

The terrorists we fight in Iraq today wouldn't last a week without the direct support and encouragement of the mullah government in Iran and the police state of Bashar Assad in Syria. One of George Bush's biggest mistakes as president has been to ignore this reality and to play patty-cake with the terrorist enemy.

Either it's a war or it's not a war. Either the terrorists are our enemies or they're not. Either we destroy them or they destroy us. Bush hasn't seen it this way. He really thought major hostilities would end when the U.S. and its allies defeated Saddam Hussein's army on the battlefield. He should have known that was the easy part. And, if he didn't recognize it in advance, he's had plenty of time to figure it out since.

Again, this should be obvious, but Iran is developing nuclear weapons.. Its president has publicly called for the destruction of not just the state of Israel but America, too. He means what he says. This is the same Ahmadinejad who was active in the holding of American hostages in the U.S. Embassy in 1979 and 1980.

Iran is not going to change its stripes. Neither is Syria. And we are encouraging these terrorist-supporting nations to keep doing exactly what they are doing when there is even a suggestion in the U.S. that we "engage" them to settle the matter in Iraq.

It's so absurd, it's really not even something intelligent, rationale Americans should discuss, let alone consider.

Then there's the matter of Palestine. Here the recommendations of the Baker Commission are even more absurd, more preposterous.

The Iraq Study Group suggests Israel should pay the price for America's failed efforts in Iraq by returning the Golan Heights to Syria and conceding that millions of refugees, most of whom have never lived in Israel or "Palestine," have "the right of return."

Again, for those short on history, Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967 in hard-fought combat. Most of those who live in the Golan Heights, the Druze, are very happy under Israeli control. Possession of the Golan Heights offers Israel some protection from future Syrian artillery bombardment and armored invasions.

But without any concessions from a Syrian government still officially at war with Israel, Jerusalem is supposed to turn over to a terrorist police state this strategic real estate and the inhabitants who now live freely under Israeli protection.

Likewise, even while Israel is being attacked daily by Palestinian terrorists from lands it already turned over to them, the Jewish state is supposed to welcome millions more into the Palestinian Authority and presumably Israel as well.

Let's just say such a decision would make the Holocaust look like a bar mitzvah party by comparison.

Who do we have to thank for all of this? It's tempting to blame James Baker. But, to be honest, George W. Bush brought all this on himself with his misconduct of the war in Iraq and his own irrational policies on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Has it occurred to anyone that even linking Iraq with Palestine makes no sense whatsoever?

Does anyone truly believe that the establishment of a Palestinian state would persuade Iran to stop developing nuclear weapons?

Does anyone truly believe that the establishment of a Palestinian state would persuade Syria to cease its support of international terrorists?

Does anyone truly believe that the establishment of a Palestinian state would persuade Iran and Syria to stop promoting the toppling of the elected government of Iraq?

Does anyone truly believe that the establishment of a Palestinian state would persuade Hezbollah, supported by both Iran and Syria, to stop its own insurgency in Lebanon?

It's difficult for me even to ask such ridiculous rhetorical questions. But I do so to illustrate just how evil is this document produced by the Baker Commission.

But, again, what should we expect from James Baker? This lying, deceiving report reflects the evil genius of the man behind it.

The terrorists in the Middle East understand this report for what it is - victory for them. Will Americans recognize it in time?


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