Friday, December 14, 2007

PA Children's Programming: 'Wipe Out the People of Zion'

by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz

The Palestinian Authority's Al-Aksa TV broadcasts, produced by Hamas, include children's programming that calls for the genocide of the "people of Zion." On December 3, 2007, a Hamas children's show broadcast on PA TV featured an impassioned speech by a young boy of approximately nine years old. Speaking in the style of many Islamist preachers, and with an image of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem as a background, the boy declared that the only way to "rescue" the Al-Aksa mosque from Israel, America and their allies is "by means of force."

According to a transcript provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the boy told his presumably child viewers that "the Al-Aksa Mosque has fallen into oppressing and malicious hands, the hands of those who know nothing but injustice." Describing the Jerusalem mosque as in "the shackles of the occupation," despite the fact that it is under Muslim Wakf control, the boy went on to say:

"But let me tell you how the Al-Aksa Mosque will be returned, how we shall rescue it from the shackles of the occupation, from the shackles of the Zionist entity. Will it be through conferences? No, not through conferences, but by means of force, because the Zionist entity, your enemy, the enemy of Allah, the enemy of Islam, knows nothing but injustice and the killing of Palestinians, the persevering people on the frontline. Indeed, the [mosque] will be returned only by means of force."

After an unclear reference to the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which affirmed the United Kingdom's support for a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, the boy-preacher continued:
"But look what the Zionist enemy has done, look what Israel and America have done. Look what the allies of Israel and America have done. They have dug tunnels underneath the Al-Aksa Mosque, but the sheikhs and mujahideen of the Al-Aksa Mosque have exposed these tunnels and called upon the Palestinian people: 'Look what has happened, look what has happened.'

"These calls have gone unheeded, my beloved brothers. But is it too late? No, it is not too late. If we all unite, the Al-Aksa Mosque will not remain in the hands of the Zionist enemy, it will not remain in the hands of your enemy, despite all their conspiracies against the Palestinian people."

Later in the programming, a similarly young girl recited a poem that included the lines: "To Al-Aksa, to Al-Aksa - we shall unite our ranks. We will wipe out the people of Zion, and will not leave a single one of them."

Renewed Campaign to Promote Death Among PA Children
According to a recent MEMRI report, the Al-Aksa television network - best known for its "jihad Mickey Mouse" - has renewed its encouragement of children to attack Israel and its praise of their self-destruction whileDuring a Friday broadcast in October, PA TV inaugurated a new program in which a girl sang in the background, "My little brothers, how long will we continue to let the occupier [rule] us by hunger and siege?" A chorus answered, "By killing and destruction."

Later in the program, a child was shown entering a cave, where he was told, "This is not just any cave. These are children who were martyred during the blessed Al-Aksa Intifada. I and a group of friends have cleaned this cave to make it fitting for the Intifada's child martyrs."

During that scene, a chorus of girls sang in the background, "We long for martyrdom. Our country is free and our death is happiness."

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