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Ben Dror Yemini

4th part of 4




Consciousness people have valid criticism on world suffer. Criticizing Israel is not a crime; the obsession about it is the problem. And so Israel becomes “the most dangerous country in the world” despite the fact that its contribution to world violence is minimal. Despite the fact that the terror attacks of London, Madrid and New York were carried out by Muslims and not Israelis. Most violence in the world is perpetrated by radical Islam. But the moral criminals don’t protest against that, on the contrary they show understanding and empathy. They have become Hamas and Al Qeada’s propaganda department.


These fact don’t convince the moral criminals. Robert Fisk of The Independent recently claimed that the real reason for the conflict in Gaza is the refugee issue. This is yet another magnificent lie. 38 million people have gone through population transfers. Many of these population transfers happened at roughly the same time the Arab armies and the Palestinians declared a war to eliminate Israel. None of those 38 million have a right of return.


Because of people like Fisk the Palestinian’s problem are perpetuated. The problem would be solved if the free world would tell the Palestinians the game is over. It is over because more Jews were forced to leave Arab lands and flee to Israel than Arabs forced to leave Israel. It is over because other tens of millions of refugees didn’t get a right of return.  Those who encourage the Palestinians to be stubborn, to refuse compromises and delude them about their nonexistent rights - hurt the Palestinians themselves and perpetuate their anguish. These people are moral criminals.





How can I go on without a word about Gideon Levi, the exceptional exporter of lies? He, just like Frisk, will always find justifications for Palestinian terror. He goes a step further. He is already excusing their future terrorism. “The children of Jenin”, he writes, “who have seen less horror than the children of Gaza, grew up to be suicide bombers. A child who saw his house destroyed, his brother killed and his father humiliated, will never forgive.”


I got news for you Mr. Levi. The Germans bombed London and killed 43,000 thousand civilians. The Americans bombed Tokyo and killed 100,000. The British bombed Dresden and killed 50,000. The Germans killed six million Jews and a significant number of Gypsies. And yet funnily, we haven’t heard of Japanese exploding in the US, Germans blowing up in London or Jews or Gypsies going on murder rampages in Berlin after the war. And believe me Mr. Levy, they had many more reasons. The destruction and casualties were much greater. Not one thousand who died in a war but millions butchered for no reason. But you, Mr. Levi, justify future Palestinian murderousness and give it a free pass.


Why Mr. Levi? What is the reason behind this warped thought? The reason is that you are a nothing but a racist, both you and your moral criminal posy.  You don’t try and Justify British, Jewish or Japanese revenge. In your eyes they are part of better race, a different culture. But Muslims, they are a different story. They are part of an inferior and barbaric culture and you don’t expect much from them. If they aren’t, you will make them like that. You will write up some lies and give them an excuse.


By the way Mr Levi, your justification does not pass the test of reality. Because your lies have blinded you, you are unable to see that 95% of radical Islam’s victims are other Muslims. You try giving the radicals excuses but they don’t listen to you – they kill fellow Muslims.


You are wrong Mr Levi. Muslims are not inferior. They are people like you and me. Equals. We can and we must ask them to behave like other human beings do and not like barbarians. If you start acting like this, you will help lower the number of deaths, mainly Muslims deaths.





I have a question for Levi, Fisk, Klein, Lennox and their likes. Do you really not know what type of world those who you support want to impose on us?


They aren’t fighting to be free of oppression. Not Hamas, not the Taliban and not Hizballah. On the contrary, they want to globalize oppression. They want to create a dark world. They are fighting against equality, mainly women equality.


The hate towards the free world, humanism, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, women’s rights and free choice is these groups’ common denominator. It is part of their philosophy and is in fact written in the Hamas charter. In that respect Hamas’ charter even takes it a step further. Not only does the charter support the idea of establishing a global Islamic Caliphate, it calls for the killing of Jews wherever they are.


But the moral criminals ignore this. They love pointing at others. Not at those who commit mass killings. Not at those who chop of hands, stone women and hang homosexuals. Not at those who murder their own people whether Hamas or Taliban. To the moral criminals those who fight them are the dangerous ones. If that’s not a crime then what is? 


The Arab and Muslim worlds have an array of different views. There is the dark, Jihad ideology followed by Hamas, Al Qaeda, Hizballah, the Taliban and their type. But there are many others opinions. The problem is that the moral criminals don’t support them and choose to stand alongside the Islamists. They are the leaders of the lie industry which strengthens the dark forces. Any expression of pro Western views or compromise by an Arab intellectual they denounced as treason and any Hamas rocket gets them started on fabricating excuses.





In a piece in the Wall Street Journal, Garry Kasparov wondered how things would play out if Hamas had Israel’s weapons and Israel had to defend itself. I wonder if it would end with one thousand dead or another six million dead.


We know the answer. It is written in Hamas’ charter. It appears in the public statements of Hamas leaders. It’s evident in the mass murders committed by radical Islamists. The moral criminals knew in the past. They knew but kept quiet.  Now they aren’t silent. They are walking on the streets, university campuses and newspaper bureaus but they are walking with wicked.





I would like to say thank you. Thank you to those who translated my latest articles (including the foreign ministry) and to those who distributed them. All of those who complained about the articles being published in Hebrew – you should know the work is done by good people. The articles are available in more languages such as Swedish and Italian. The distribution is global. Comments are coming from all corners of the world but it is just a drop in the bucket. This won’t bring down the industry of lies but the few drops will add up and if we persist, the truth will prevail. It has to.


Ben Dror Yemini

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