Tuesday, June 1, 2010

30-May-10: Non-violent Qassams... again


by   Arnold/Frimet Roth


A polite reminder to those head-in-clouds pollyannas who preach to us Israelis from a safe distance away about the right ways to think about terrorists and their actions. Case in point: an article posted in the past hour on a popular current affairs blogsite: Gaza Freedom Flotilla Shows Awesome Power of Nonviolent Resistance
Last night (Saturday), another two Qassam rockets were fired into Israel by jihadists in the northern Gaza Strip, adding to a talley that exceeds 60 for 2010 alone.

One exploded within the jurisdiction of the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council (Israeli reports generally avoid mentioning specific locations to minimize the intelligence value to the terrorists). The other landed short, crashing into an unknown location within the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Short-landings like last night's are common. The terrorists give every sign, and have done for years, that they neither care about nor control where their exploding missiles land. For their purposes it's sufficient that they are fired off in the general direction of where Israelis live and work. And if injuries or damage or deaths are caused to their own suffering sisters and brothers - well, they surely don't care, as the evidence has shown over the years.

Responding early this morning (Sunday), Israel Air Force jets destroyed a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip used for enabling terrorists to make their way into and out of Hamastan, and for carrying out terror attacks against Israelis, both civilians and Israel Defense Forces soldiers. The IDF's report this morning says they achieved precise hits and that planes returned safely to base. The IDF's policy has long been guided by Israeli government policy that holds Hamas responsible for what goes on in, and flies out of, the Gaza Strip.

Needless to say, there will continue to be those who view this constant barrage of Hamas-controlled and -inspired rocketry as an expression of non-violent resistance. We, on the other hand, in the face of plain terrorism, simply need to worry about taking care of our families and our society by every legitimate means.



Arnold/Frimet Roth

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