Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How the World’s Obsession With Israel Hurts Palestinians


by Evelyn Gordon


Mudar Zahran, a Palestinian Jordanian researcher at Britain's University of Bedfordshire, has a must-read piece in today's Jerusalem Post on the price Palestinians pay for the world's obsession with Israel: namely, the fact that many Palestinians in Arab countries suffer far worse conditions than those in the West Bank and Gaza, but remain faceless and voiceless, with nobody to lobby for improvements in their situation.

For instance, he notes, Israeli officials fear traveling to many European countries lest they be arrested for "war crimes" like the Gaza blockade (which is actually perfectly legal under customary international law). Yet that blockade, for all the outrage it produces, never reduced anyone to starvation; Israel always let in "food items and medications."

In contrast, Nabih Berri commanded a Shiite militia, Amal, during Lebanon's civil war, which "enforced a multi-year siege on Palestinian [refugee] camps, cutting water access and food supplies to them" and reportedly reducing residents to "consuming rats and dogs to survive." But today, as speaker of Lebanon's parliament, Berri travels to Europe frequently, without fear. Being Lebanese rather than Israeli, the far more brutal blockade he imposed elicits no outrage whatsoever.

Moreover, Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps "are not allowed access to basics such as buying cement to enlarge or repair homes for their growing families. Furthermore, it is difficult for them to work legally, and [they] are even restricted from going out of their camps at certain hours." Incredibly, this has been true for "almost 30 years."

By contrast, Israel's ban on cement imports to Gaza is only five years old, and stemmed from a real military threat: Hamas's daily rocket launches at southern Israel. But somehow, the same people who are outraged about Palestinians in Gaza who can't repair their homes couldn't care less about Palestinians in Lebanon being unable to do the same for 30 years.

"Many other Arab countries are no different than Lebanon in their ill-treatment and discrimination against the Palestinians," Zahran continued. "Why do the media choose to ignore those and focus only on Israel? While the security wall being built by Israel has become a symbol of 'apartheid' in the global media, they almost never address the actual walls and separation barriers that have been isolating Palestinian refugee camps in Arab countries for decades."
In an earlier piece, for instance, Zahran wrote that Palestinians in Jordan have suffered "decades of systematic exclusion in all aspects of life expanding into their disenfranchisement in education, employment, housing, state benefits and even business potential, all developing into an existing apartheid no different than that formerly adopted in South Africa, except for the official acknowledgement of it." Jordan has even begun stripping thousands of Jordanian Palestinians of their citizenship.

But Lebanese and Jordanian Palestinians "do not have someone to speak for them in the global media," because the media is too busy obsessing over Israel.

That's clearly good for the Arab states committing this abuse; they get a free pass. But it isn't so good for the Palestinians who suffer it.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the world doesn't actually care about Palestinians. What it cares about is demonizing Israel.


Evelyn Gordon

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