Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lying About Terrorism

by Rocky Warren

The American people should, by now, be very righteously angry about consistently being lied to when it comes to terrorists and terrorism. The government has, for almost three decades, taken a “Big Brother knows best” view of the intelligence and perspective of the average American.

Early this year, the Obama Administration and the State Department “re-defined their terms.” Nowhere in a current press release will you find reference to Islam or Islamic Extremists; much less to “terrorism or terrorists.” And it doesn’t matter if we’re discussing narco-terror as close as the Southwestern border and lands of the United States; or an attack upon unarmed and innocent civilians in Baghdad, Indonesia, Afghanistan, the Sudan, Yemen or Israel. When it comes to the United States, as a matter of US policy, terrorism and terrorists will not be named as such.

This kind of intellectual dishonesty is crippling. If we can’t even talk about the problem openly and name it for what it truly is, our chances of fighting or even using human resources to solve the problems are pretty slim.

The release last week of the Fort Hood shooting report is a prime case in point. Nowhere in that report is there a mention of terror or terrorism. Despite the fact that the shooter was an extremist fundamental Islamic who, despite many overt warning signs, was shamefully allowed to slip through and “wage jihad,” killing our Ft. Hood soldiers. Most of our dead soldiers were returning heroes from Iraq or Afghanistan.

And incredibly, the Ft. Hood shooting incident is still argued over as to whether or not it was terrorism. Of course it was!

It remains that one of the worst “career-killers” in the military is a charge of “racial bias.” The fear of that jeopardy and the military’s fear of frank and open discussion of any race or ethnic-based problems was and is a direct contributing factor to the massacre at Ft. Hood. Any true definition of the problem might have allowed preventive action or intervention. Because of this fear on the part of military leaders, problem-solving with the extremist in their midst wasn’t done. As a direct result, soldiers died. Given the Army and it’s Criminal Investigation Division’s politically-correct bent not to confront these issues, the so-called “Major” Nidal Hassan was allowed to become a mass-murderer before any action could or would be taken.

The FBI at the time of the massacre, said that the Fort Hood shooting wasn’t terrorism. My question when I heard the first preliminary press releases was, “after only a few hours or does that spokesperson and the FBI know that?” Among the pandemonium, investigators could have accomplished nothing more than the most cursory investigation during the hours following the Ft. Hood shooting. But somehow they felt comfortable enough to pronounce it as “not terror related.” A claim which we all know now to be an outright lie!

It remains that the Ft. Hood attack as well as many other US terror attacks, haven’t been labeled terrorism. Allegedly the reason for denying terrorist capability was “because the suspect acted alone.”

The United States government knows, nearly every nation in the Western World knows, surely even the FBI knows, and anyone who’s informed is aware; everyone from Osama bin Laden, to Ayman al Zawahiri, as well as many other Islamic terrorists and Imams have all encouraged “individual jihad.”

So anyone saying that a terrorist acting alone isn’t a terrorist, is lying to you! It’s just that plain and simple.

Yet, in the final Ft. Hood government report, there was no mention of Islamic terror, no mention of the extremist Islamic beliefs of the shooter, nor of the beliefs and motivations of the so-called “Imam” Anwar al Awlaki. Awlaki, though he’s even now actively sought and targeted by the United States government and military as a terrorist, isn’t openly called a terrorist in the report. Despite the fact that al Awlaki is not only the Yemeni terrorist who suborned and encouraged Major Nidal Hassan; he later encouraged, supported and probably even helped to equip Umar Abdulmuttalab, the attempted Christmas Day Airline bomber and counseled with the later attempted Times Square bomber. But don’t call him a terrorist. Oh no! You might offend someone...somewhere.

Many incidents in recent history, which should have been labeled terrorism, were not. The Seattle Synagogue shooting; Los Angeles Airport’s El Al Airline counter shooting; the murder of citizens by terrorists rampaging through crowds in cars or active shootings in the cities of San Francisco, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, New York and Atlanta. All these and more should have been labeled terrorism. Not one was. And that’s the direct fault of the FBI as well as the Bush and Obama Administration. It even dates back to the Clinton, Reagan and Carter years! All have to share the blame for this abysmal and distrustful state of affairs!

Face it. The American powers-that-be, don’t want to “frighten” the public by calling terrorism what it really is...

But the lies don’t stop there.

I hesitate to mention the dropping of charges against the Yemeni terrorists who bombed the USS Cole. But there’s too much contrast to compare it against. The Justice Department first commits a bungling attempt to have terrorist enemy combatants tried in a New York State civilian court. Eric Holder and his minions then refuse to file charges against New Black Panther party thugs who intimidate voters at a polling place. You can bet if that had been Tea Party members standing outside the polls, there would have been a loud screech from the far-left, the Obama Administration and indictments in droves from the US Justice Department!

Despite Mexico’s drug cartels murdering more helpless civilians than the City of Chicago, the Obama Administration refuses to close the US-Mexico border to stop the human and narcotic trafficking. Instead the federal government sues Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Then supports and increasingly funds “sanctuary cities.”

Notice a pattern there? Anything that weakens or demoralizes the protections of the United States is on the play program for Obama appointees, “Czars” and the lick-spittles at Justice.

Right now, the US State Department and government’s talk is about Iran and the threat they represent to the Middle East, “should the Iranian’s get weapons of mass destruction.” The mass media are all singing the same song that this threat is somewhere out there “in the future.”

Brace yourself...That’s a complete lie and they all know it.

The government knows, and it’s the government’s business to know, that Iran has a nuclear operational capability right now! And they have had for almost two years! Ever since the Iranians announced they were refining uranium!

But the Obama State Department and Administration sat on its hands and continued the lie, yet again.

Iran formed, finances, equips and commands the vicious terrorist organization, Hezbollah. Our government knows this and every Western government knows that fact. The presence of Hezbollah is especially critical to the Lebanese government, who’ve been threatened and victimized by its terrorists on a daily basis for years.

Hezbollah has recently come into possession of SCUD missiles and sited them in Lebanon. The US State Department even called in the Syrian Ambassador to “express alarm” over Syria allowing missiles to pass through its territory. Why, what a strong response by our “alleged leaders!” Is that all they plan to do? (Sorry. Extreme sarcasm doesn’t translate well in the printed word...)

So what the United States knows is that Iran has 30% pure refined uranium and Hezbollah has SCUD missiles in Lebanon. (Hmmm...)

Iran is the terminus of one of the most historically active smuggler’s roads in history; from Iran, through Turkey, to Syria, and straight into Lebanon. All that has to be done is to smuggle nuclear material to Lebanon. Load it onto a SCUD missile and launch it toward the seaward edge of Israel. At that point the prevailing winds of the dirty bomb will carry radioactivity into a major city. The accuracy of a SCUD is surely enough to accomplish this, and a dirty bomb is well within the capabilities of Iran and their pet terrorists. Israel, the United States and every other nation in the cross-hairs, as well as their average person-in-the street, needs to know this.

They all not only need to know it, their leaders need to prepare for it and pre-plan what they’re going to do about it. If and when.

But if we can’t even frankly discuss, or openly talk about terrorism or terrorists, or discuss terror tactics and potential and probable attacks, how do we solve or prevent this problem? How do we let the Iranian government know that our response to a dirty bomb attack to Israel, the United States or its allies will provoke a reprisal beyond their wildest imaginations? How do we convince them that this is an action and reaction chain they don’t want to start?

But according to the patsy’s and polly-anna’s running the country, “if we talk nice, they’ll like us better.”

Do you hear one single word of warning about any of this, either from the mass media or government? No? Why, of course not! As always, “Big-Brother knows best”; can’t scare the citizens, after all.

Even though informing the public might allow them to better prepare themselves and their own families; even though disaster preparation, pre-planning and exercises might allow civilians to evacuate an affected area faster; even though informing the public would allow increased allocation and staging of medical help and intervention; even though withholding information from the public is a form of lying, and may result in increased injury or death in the case of another terror attack, our government chooses to lie to all of us, both at home and abroad.

And that’s a major cause for concern, not only for Conservative, Independent, Liberal, Green or any other political party; this transcends politics. It transcends race, religion, creed or any other category.

The fact that the government and media are consistently lying to us all by withholding information for and about terror, is and should be, of primary concern for all.

Rocky Warren

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