Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Role of Da’wah in the Islamic Onslaught against Civilization

by David Bukay

Islamic Da`wah is a threat to the Free World, because it does not accept the basic principles of freedoms and civil rights and because the Muslims really and deeply believe in the message of Islam to rule the world. This formidable enemy hidden in a Trojan horse constitutes an imminent danger to the Free World’s basic freedoms and its existence.

Da`wah is the other operational arms of Jihad to conquer and to submit. It is the secretive lethal enemy of which we are not even aware. It is a stealth strategy of coercion, a concept of missionary activity to proselytize; and above all the religious legitimization basis to invite all human beings to believe in Islam as the only supreme religion. It is intended to change our minds and our behavior and to subvert our mode of thinking. It is a cultural coercive strategy aimed at toppling democratic liberal regimes and eliminating freedoms and civil rights; and by infiltrating Western technology and society’s fabrics with the aim of destroying them from within.

What are the religious sources of the Da`wah?

a) Deception. If Allah deceives the infidels (8:30; 4:142; 86:15-6; 10:21), being the best plotter, believers have all legitimacy and justification to do so.

b) Taqiyah. Literally it means concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, yet, in contemporary Islamic politics it is a diplomacy, a propaganda strategy of how to deceive and mislead the Kuffar.

c) Kitman – telling only part of the truth. Muslims are allowed to freely deny any part of the Islamic faith if it influences the Kuffar and help to promote the Islamic cause. This means that Muslims can swear allegiance to the US constitution without binding to it, since the inner belief of Islam is uppermost.

How does the Da`wah operate in reality?

a) The educational system. This is the most important objective, with the aim to transform the educational system into venues for spreading Islam and by changing the Christian and Jewish attitudes and perceptions.

b) The political and public life. The aim is to take advantage of Western ignorance about Islam, and to use deceit in order to keep the Kuffar confused and in disarray, by actively engaging in dialogues, discussions and debates in the academia, in the media, and in public.

c) The Communication Media. The media has become an important tool how to instill Islam and Islamic life in the American public, and to serve as an attacking weapon to mold and to change reality by mere lying and distorting the facts about Islam. Internet is a crucial arena in the fight for the souls and minds of the infidels.

What is the Da`wah operational strategy?

a) Demography. It goes with two arms: immigration and high birth-rate. The problem is assimilation. Muslims do not immigrate to assimilate, but to establish a global Islamic caliphate.

b) Conversion. Muslims highly succeed in poor neighborhoods, among the blacks and Hispanics, the angry and the alienated, to turn them into militant messianic activists.

c) Using the Western Judicial system. One of the vicious, atrocious and very effective tools – ‘legal Jihad,’ with the aim to demoralize and to intimidate. Racism, Fascism and Islamophobia are the frightening words, against publishers, the media and governmental branches. There is also the “libel tourism” which results in foreign judgments against Americans and Israelis.

d) Imposing the Shari`ah. This is the most important strategy of occupation.

Da`wah – what is the reality?

a) Religious Aspect. In Medina, the prophetic commandments were to engage in Jihad war against all non-Muslims (9:5, 29, 73; 47:4). Islam cannot exist together with idolatry, and Muslims are ordered to fight polytheists; to slay the idolaters and behead them (8:12; 47:4); to terrorize Islamic enemies (3:151; 8:12, 60; 59: 2). Allah commands acts of terror against unbelievers as the means of creating the Islamic Ummah (2:193; 2:216; 3:167-8; 4:88-9; 8:39; 9:67-8, 93; 66:9).

b) No Recant from Islam. Islam is ever-compelling, ever-coercing totalitarian religion, and he who wishes to leave Islam – a death penalty is imposed upon him.

c) Slavery and Slave Trade. Islam has institutionalized slavery. Slaves as booty are an Allah-given right (25:6; 29:30; 33:50), and Muslims are allowed to enslave girls, as concubines (23:5-6; 70:29-30). Hadeeth al-Bukhari deals extensively with slavery – trade, taxation and jurisprudence. Ibn Malik’sbook of Islamic jurisprudence, al-Muwatta’, is full of regulations on dealing with slaves, like merchandise.

d) Relations between Men and Women. Women are compared to a field, “so seed them as you intend” (2:223). Men may marry four women (4:3); men have more rights regarding divorce (2:226-8); man’s inheritance is a portion of two females (4:11); men are in charge of women, and are permitted to beat their wives, admonish and banish them. Women must be obedient to their husbands (4:34), being natural object of sex (7:81; 27:55; 29:29). Other issues are “Honor killing” and genital mutilation.

David Bukay is a Professor of Middle East Studies at the School of Political Science at University of Haifa. He is the author of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Arab Political Culture.

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