Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pro-Hamas Exhibit Opens in France

by IPT News

The local government in the French city of Angoulême has provided a room for a pro-Hamas photography exhibit, a month after a French Islamist terrorist murdered a Rabbi and three Jewish youth to "avenge the Palestinian children."

The organizing Charente Palestine Solidarity Association explained that the exhibit was at the center of a Palestinian cultural event, "in order that people could understand better what Hamas really is," according to the Jerusalem Post.

The display of photography by Frédéric Sautereau, which the organizer says "shows the daily activities of Hamas and its active and positive role in the social, economic and cultural life of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip," has gone forward despite vociferous protests by French Jewish organizations.

The president of France's leading Jewish organization, Richard Pasquier, denounced the exhibit and the complacency of French society towards anti-Jewish, Islamist terrorist groups in an open letter about the event. The exhibit was part of the "perverse importation of this [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict onto French national territory," which has "almost always resulted in anti-Semitic attacks," he wrote

"What a beautiful tribute and what a blank check have been given to one the most odious terrorist perpetrators," Pasquier wrote. "Holding such an exposition under the false pretext of culture, while the blood of the [Toulouse] victims has not yet dried, is received by the community I represent as a new thrust of the dagger."

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