Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Nazi-Palestinian War on Jesus

by Giulio Meotti

Under intense pressure by the PLO and its Western allies, the upcoming meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia from June 24 to July 6, is expected to recognize the “Birthplace of Jesus: the Church of the Nativity and the Pilgrimage route, Bethlehem” as the Palestinian first world heritage site. The Vatican has capitulated to the Palestinian propaganda and the Holy Land’s Custodian, Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, has asked for recognition to be given to the city of Bethlehem as a whole as a heritage site and not just to the Basilica. “Given this history of Palestinian mistreatment of the Church of the Nativity, isn’t it odd that the Vatican is silent as Unesco plans to put the Palestinians officially in charge of the church?”asks the well known Jewish blogger Israelmatzav.

When in 1995 Israel turned over Bethlehem to the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat, a Muslim, proclaimed: “This is the birthplace of our Lord the Messiah, the Palestinian.” The Vatican authorities bear a tragic responsibility in the Palestinian war on Bethlehem. In 1989, Jerusalem’s Roman Catholic patriarch Michel Sabbah supported the Palestinian Intifada as he celebrated a Christmas midnight Mass at Jesus’ birthplace. “Despite all that is happening to you, you will win, in the end you will win,” declared Patriarch Sabbah, appointed by Pope John Paul II. Off Manger Square, a group of Muslims chanted: “The Zionist is God’s enemy!” and “Jews, Mohammed is coming back!”

If UNESCO’s Palestinian bid won’t be stopped on time, the Arabs will go further in their Palestinization and de-Judaization of the holy land. Jesus will become an honorary member of the PLO, with the corollary of an Islamicized Christianity. According to Omar Awadallah, who heads the UN department in the PA Foreign Ministry, “Jesus is the Palestinian prince of hope and peace”.

The odious invention of a “Palestinian Jesus” persecuted by the Jews is central to the multifaceted Arab campaign that includes boycott and terrorism, the so-called “right of return” and diplomatic attempts to isolate Israel internationally. According to this Palestinian propaganda, Jesus was not born a Jew but a Christian, and Bethlehem was not a Jewish town in Judea, but a Muslim-Arab one. The former Arab League spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi, who is also the PLO’s propagandist, declared: “I am a Christian, Jesus was born in the Muslim town of Bethlehem.” The Palestinian cynical assault on history is more political than theological. But if the Arab gangsters will successfully delegitimize Jews and Judaism at the United Nations, they will have advanced their goals of ideological criminals.

Palestinians have already been efficient in turning the global arena against the Jews. In 2010, UNESCO already decided that Rachel’s Tomb and Hevron’s Jewish tombs are officially “Muslim mosques.” To understand why the Palestinians feel they have a winning strategy about the Jewish holy sites, one has to look at the members of the “International Committee for the preservation and the promotion of the Old City of Hevron.” You will find Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Federico Mayor, former Director of UNESCO. In recent years, UNESCO also increased its collaboration with ISECO, the cultural body of the Organization of the Islamic Conference which is supporting the Palestinian efforts.

To understand the importance of the Palestinian campaign one must remind that there has been another manipulation of Jesus: the “Aryan Jesus” of Adolf Hitler. The pro-Nazis Christian Movement’s recasted Jesus as an Aryan fighting against the Jews. According to the Hitler’s theologians, Jesus was not a Jew, but a Galilean opponent of Judaism. The Christian Bible was stripped of all “Jewish influence.” As the Aryan Jesus was the Christian legitimization of the Nazi Holocaust, the Arabized and Islamicized Jesus under the Palestinian warfare is a tool in the Jihad against the State of Israel and its Jews.

Under the PLO’s dictatorship, the Jewish history has already become “Palestinian Arab history” and the Jewish nation (“Am Yisrael”) that ruled in the Holy Land for a thousand years and developed a world-shaking culture never existed. The brave Jewish historian Bat Ye’or in the pivotal book “Dhimmitude” called it “Arabization of Jesus” and “de-Judaization of the Bible,” which are both serving the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinian Authority’s television aired a program asserting that the tales of the Bible took place in what is today Yemen, not in the modern State of Israel. A PA-TV show also argued that Palestinians are “the true descendants of the biblical Israelites.” Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus and the most ancient synagogue in Jericho, two cities transferred by Israel to Palestinian control in suicidal agreements, are among the sacred Jewish places destroyed by Arabs, in eerily similar attempts to the Taliban’s deplorable annihilation of ancient Buddhas in Afghanistan. Abdallah al-Hourani, the former Palestinian minister for refugee affairs, told the newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jedidah: “The Crusaders lived in our land for 242 years, until the liberation of their last outposts, and Israel is like a tree that has flowered on land not belonging to it. No matter how much it is fertilized, it cannot put down roots, and when the fertilizer stops, it will die”.

The Palestinian lies are lethal. Alex Grobman’s wonderful book “License to Murder” (Balfour) details that Arafat carried the Arabic copy of the “Protocols of Elders of Zion” wherever he went, regularly quoting from it to impress upon his visitors the perfidy of Zionism. Like Hitler, Arafat used the Protocols as a manual in his war to exterminate the Jews. The PA still consistently cites the book while their strictly controlled media continually runs stories about Jewish “conspiracies” and “plots.” In his welcoming speech to Jericho in July 1994, Arafat “borrowed” from the Protocols. According to the scholar Grobman, “the Protocols provided the PA with the ‘academic’ credibility and authenticity it needed to portray Jews and Israelis as evil, and thus making ‘fighting and killing Jews a natural response’”.

After Hitler’s Holocaust which tried to destroy the body of the Jewish people and Stalin’s Holocaust which tried to destroy the heart of the Jewish people, it’s now the turn of the Palestinian ideological Holocaust seeking to destroy the history of the Jewish people. The 20th century of Joseph Goebbels has taught all of us that a lie starts as a small one, but if it is not corrected it festers like a cancer destroying truth, justice and finally human beings.

The world community must not embrace the sinister Palestinian lies. In case UNESCO takes, again, the side of the Arabs, the State of Israel should suspend any cooperation with the UN’s cultural body. This is an historical battle that Israel can win with the support of Westerners who still care about the fate of their civilization.

Giulio Meotti


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