Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Canada Suspends All Diplomatic Relations with Iran

by Clarice Feldman

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government in Canada is showing the Obama administration what international leadership looks like. From Big Peace:

Canada has closed its embassy in Iran and plans to expel all Iranian diplomats within Canada in the next five days.

According to reports, Canadian officials have decided Iran's hostility toward Israel, its refusal to halt its nuclear program, and its support of rogue governments around the world are sufficient reasons to sever ties in the immediate.

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird stated Tehran is the greatest "threat to global peace and security in the world today," therefore, "diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran have been suspended."

Israeli PM Netanyahu commented on Canada's decision: "The determination shown by Canada is of great importance in order for Iranians to understand they cannot go on with their race toward nuclear arms. This practical step must set an example of international morality and responsibility to the international community."

Clarice Feldman


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