Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Real Conspiracy

by Don Wilkie

The Mother Jones website lists 45 conspiracy theories about Barack Obama.  The researchers, Asawin Suebsaeng and David Gilson, constructed a graphic titled "The Obama Conspiracy-o-rama."  They classified the theories as "bizarro, paranoid, and just plain racist effluvia."   They then added a disclaimer: "It should go without saying that none of these are true. Follow links at your own risk."          

How insightful, how clever, how cogent, how right, how wise!  Case closed!
There is, however, one glaring omission in their work.

That is the fact that the governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie, and Stanley Ann Dunham's girlfriends, Susan Blake and Maxine Box, are not telling the truth about Obama's origins.  The documentation of this can be found here and here.  The proof is clear; there can be no question.  Not even the biased reporters from Mother Jones, assuming they have a shred of honesty, could dispute the simple truth that Blake and Box have been misleading the media, and Abercrombie has been flat-out lying.

What we should all be asking, including the smarmy writers of the Mother Jones article, is why these people are deceiving us.

That the Obama administration has been less than forthcoming about details of his life goes without saying.  Even Obama sycophant David Maraniss "convincingly disputes" 38 elements in Obama's autobiography, Dreams from My Father.

But to get elected, Obama needed to prove that what he wrote in his book was true.  He needed eyewitnesses to reassure the public that Dreams was the non-fiction it purported to be, not the fiction that it actually was.

The real scandal -- or conspiracy, if you will -- is why no one in the mainstream media has asked Abercrombie, Blake, and Box why they misled the public and who put them up to it.

Gary Tuchman, a reporter for CNN, did a two-part series broadcast in April 2011 titled "Birthplace Facts, Not Birther Fiction."  I'm waiting for CNN and reporter Gary Tuchman to apologize to their audience now that they know, or should know, that Governor Abercrombie lied to them in that investigation. 

I'm also waiting for Hell to freeze over.

Don Wilkie

Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/11/the_real_conspiracy.html

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