Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Gloater in Chief

by Mike Razar

Yesterday I watched the President of the United States once again disgrace his office with a partisan speech disguised as a news conference, attacking the Republican Party even as his minions are negotiating with it.  Supposedly, some of the issues have been resolved---badly in my view--- but that is not my point in this note.  Every progressive voice, every elected official, every pundit, every faux journalist has adopted this arrogant tone. "Elections have consequences", they crow. That's right. Even with less than 51% of the popular vote, their opinion on every issue is deemed to be part of a mandate. The opposition should stand down, make it unanimous.  The voices of sixty million naysayers should be permanently silenced.

There used to be a tradition of sportsmanship in America. That is long dead. You don't just want to win a football game. You want to crush your opponent. "It is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game" has been replaced by "A good loser is a loser."  I used to be an avid sports fan, but no more. I still pick my spots for vicarious joy from a win, but it is so muted by my sympathy for the losers that I can barely muster a fist pump.

Leo Durocher told us that "nice guys finish last".  There are no nice guys on the left. Their idea of political discourse is to weave personal attacks and sneers into a garment of hate. If someone disagrees, he or she is being childish.  Will the charge that progressives are the adults in the room ever be met by the disdain it deserves?  Seemingly not, as it usually goads the recipients of the insult into defending their adulthood with in a conciliatory tone.

We have been tortured for months by a bad metaphor, the fiscal cliff. Is there a lazier trick than to invoke buzz-words to avoid substantive debate?  This is one battle in the war to rescue America from bankruptcy. It is not the whole war.  Hmmm...maybe over-the-top metaphors aren't so bad when I use them.  I stand with the Tea Party -- no concessions; no quarter.  It isn't so much that the paltry increase of a few billions in taxes on "the rich" is particularly meaningful by itself.  It is that no hill should be abandoned without extracting a painful  price.

Absorb the political incorrectness of what I am saying.  The progressives long ago learned this lesson.  They use every minor victory in a mere skirmish as an opportunity to grind our noses in it. I can accept losing those skirmishes, but not the gloating.  We should fight this issue precisely because it is so minor. We can afford to lose this battle, but not to fight it as cowards. We cannot tax our way to prosperity. We cannot spend our way to prosperity.

We cannot tolerate being laughed at by our opponents.  Let those Republican "statesmen" who think the minor fiscal issue on the table is worth embarrassing themselves and the rest of us before our enemies lose in a Primary. We are being Alinsky-ed to death my friends.  In case there is any doubt in your mind, my misguided friend, Mitch McConnell, I am your true friend. Harry Reid and Joe Biden are not your friends. They want to grind your face into the dirt so they can laugh at your suffering with their disgusting true friends. If you don't believe me, force yourself to sit to actually read what your fellow legislators say about you.  Force yourself to sit through an evening of MSNBC.  They despise you. Even worse, they have no respect for you. The President treats you like pond scum.  Force him to wipe that sneer off his face. It is time you start respecting yourself.

Mike Razar

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