Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A 2013 Conservative Call to Arms

by Rob Cunningham

In 2013, conservatives can offer no greater tribute of respect to our Founding Fathers and our fellow citizens than to resolve, from this day forward, to relentlessly expose, ridicule, deride, mock and publicly shame arrogant progressives in a manner that, for the first time in our adult lifetimes, communicates this one undeniable founding truth: America was never supposed to be this way. 

The progressive left's ultimate weapon of choice in emasculating America's strength has clearly and undeniably been outed as radical debt accumulation. Progressives have masterfully promoted the toxic falsehood that infinite government money, services, and benefits exist simply for the asking, restricted only by evil Republicans, greedy conservatives, business charlatans, religious fundamentalists, and homophobic, racist members of the Tea Party. Inept GOP politicians have long served as perfect foils in the progressive movement's war against our Constitution, private property rights, and individual liberties. The Republican Party's pathetic capitulation under pressure apparently stems from little more than fear of media influenced opinion polls and the threat those polls might hold for their continued participation in "the game." As a result of miserable GOP leadership failures and misplaced voter trust, the voices of true conservatism have been virtually eradicated from politics at the federal level. 

As conservatives, we must continuously learn, practice, and freely share combat communication skills that penetrate the hearts of self-righteous, progressive zealots like hollow point, truth tipped bullets. Brilliant examples of gifted rhetorical marksmen include Dennis Miller, Greg Gutfeld, and Mark Steyn. We must creatively endeavor to rebrand conservatism as "cool" while simultaneously branding irresponsible, bloated government spending as one of the most disgusting, grotesque, and criminally negligent behaviors in our society. All those advocating for expansion of our national debt or annual deficits should be awarded societal status on par with child rapists, which in effect they are. Progressives are economically raping current and future generations of American kids, stealing their innocence and obliterating their perceived and actual security. 

Conservatism will grow in popularity at roughly the same rate we publicly demonstrate communication skills that effectively expose the falsehoods, lies, distortions and perversions upon which politicians, Democrat and Republican alike, and media elites operate their empires of control. Leadership in today's political environment will require an ability to blunt the progressive left's neverending effort to demonize conservatives, distort reality, and distract voters from engaging in honest debate. 

For decades we have watched the progressive left skillfully utilize the "dark arts" of media propaganda, lies, half-truths, deception, misdirection, ridicule, character assassination, class warfare, and revisionist history. By knowingly exploiting the natural predisposition of most nonpolitical citizens to "go along to get along", ideological leftists have, by design, corrupted three significant societal institutions: government, education, and entertainment. The rotten fruit of the political left's decades of toil contains the DNA of their founding fathers; Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. Unfortunately, most ordinary, apolitical citizens and naive voters have little to no understanding of the absolute evil, anti-American, anti-God beliefs held be these progressive heroes. 

As we enter 2013, at least fifty unelected, extra-constitutional, Obama appointed Czars will closely coordinate with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in the implementation of more than five thousand invasive, liberty destroying pages of legislation passed within ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank. Rather than entertain any discussion of unwinding the Gordian knot of federal spending, bloated entitlements, welfare dependency, burdensome regulations, and toxic debt, conservatism in all its forms will be besmirched with an ever heightened level of hubris and narcissism personified no more clearly than in the person of Barack Obama. 

The bull's-eye upon which conservatives must aim to deliver deadly communication bullets has never been clearer. We are left with no other peaceable alternative to regaining control of America from the progressive hijackers currently locked in our nation's cockpit. The Democratic Party has been totally overtaken. The Republican Party has been proven worthless. We must learn from and build upon every rhetorical trick, tool, method, and strategy of the left, then improve upon their methods with passion, patriotism, divine wisdom, creativity, and truth. We must become powerful communicators, debaters and educators. We believe in "bottom up" individual/family/local solutions. Our New Year's resolutions should focus on leveraging our vast knowledge, faith, passion and skills to bringing sanity back into our culture. The progressive left has been tirelessly working towards their destructive goals since at least the 1960's. 

America's brilliant, visionary Founders courageously pledged their "life, liberty and sacred honor" for their deeply held beliefs. It would be dangerously naïve for conservatives to believe we could never again find ourselves needing to make a similar pledge. I, for one, am not willing to stand by as progressives push my back to the wall. 

Rob Cunningham is a USAF veteran, small business owner, writer, aspiring filmmaker, conservative activist and blogger at He can be reached at or via Twitter @Rob_Cunningham.


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