Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Treason Du Jour at Haaretz

by Steven Plaut


Something like 6% of Israelis, or one in 16, begins his or her morning each day with a little serving of treason du jour known as Haaretz.  Not only is this the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, its ideological line no longer differs in any noticeable way from the party line of the Israeli communist party, except when it comes to economics.  (In bizarre only-in-Israel manner, Haaretz’ business section is the most strongly pro-market in all Israeli media.)

In the darkest days of Stalinism, communists and Soviet “citizens” would open Pravda (and its clones) each morning to discover just what it is that they think and are expected to think.  In some cases, what they were commanded to think might change throughout the day. The infamous example was the day when the morning edition of all communist papers in the world gushed about the deep friendship and lasting trust between Comrade Stalin and his ally and friend Adolf Hitler.  Then the afternoon editions screamed denunciations of Nazi Germany and Hitler for invading the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa.

The Israeli radical Left works pretty much the same way.  It opens Haaretz each morning in order to discover what it thinks.  And it then spends the rest of the day mouthing these opinions and advocating what its gurus have instructed it to advocate.

Of the 6 percent of Israelis who read the “newspaper,” my guess is that 4 out of the 6 read it for the business/economic supplement, which is the best on these subjects in Israel.  Go figure.  Of the remaining 2 percent, some like me read it so they can see just what the enemy is thinking and planning.  The remaining 1 to 2% are the true believers, the goose-stepping rank and file of the ultra-Left, many of these of course being tenured leftists.

Haaretz is openly anti-Zionist and pro-terror and pro-jihad.  It opposes any sanctions and aggressive policy against Iran.  Every day the paper is filled with mailman-bites-dog stories, about how settlers supposedly attack Arabs or vandalize Arab property.  If Haaretz were reporting on World War II using its staff of today, the paper would be filled with reports about the sufferings of innocent German and Japanese civilians as a result of the aggressions of the Western imperialist powers: America and Britain. With no comment at all about Axis aggression.

The newspaper of the thinking Israeli, as it likes to dub itself, openly cheers on Palestinians who throw rocks and molotov cocktails at Jews.  After all, the Palestinians have grievances.  The paper only uses the “T” word “terrorist” to refer to Jews, never to Arabs. Last week Jack Teitel, the mentally ill ex-American who killed two Arabs and placed a small explosive device near the home of radical anti-Israel professor Zeev Sternhall, was denounced by Haaretz (he was just sentenced to two life terms in prison) as a “Jewish terrorist.”  The rest of the Left repeated the mantra in unison: Teitel is not a terrorist but a mentally ill person.

Arabs who murder Jews are always militants and activists in Haaretz lingo.  So are al-Qaeda members.  You will never read about any of those proven cases where Arabs intentionally vandalize Arab property as a provocation to make it look like Jews were the perps.  Haaretz of course was also involved up to its kaffiya in the Anat Kam, – Uri Blau espionage scandal.

A couple of weeks back, Arabs throwing rocks mortally injured a Jewish baby girl in the West Bank, who was put into a coma.  Haaretz’ responded to the terrorism by running a special Op-Ed by Israel’s Tokyo Rose, Amira Hass, a Haaretz regular, cheering on Arabs who throw rocks at Jews and demanding more rock throwing by Arabs at Jewish babies to end “occupation.”   You can read about her declaration of war against Jews here.  Of course, if anyone were to claim they have grievances and then throw rocks at the Haaretz building in Tel Aviv, THAT would be terrorism.

Haaretz recently ran a long piece about a group of four innocent Arab victims of Israeli aggression.  It seems they were shot by soldiers when they were minding their own business and merely throwing molotov cocktails at Jews. You know, the same molotov cocktails used in World War II to destroy Panzers.  That story is written by “reporter” Gideon Levy, the most openly anti-Israel and pro-terror columnist in the entire Israeli media — a guy who makes the late Alexander Cockburn (I always called him Alexander Burncock) look like a US patriot.  Levy tries to paint one injured bomb thrower as a truly sympathetic character. The bomb thrower’s father is asked what his son dreams about.  The father says, replacing the tin roof over his bedroom with a solid construction. Why the father let his son throw bombs instead of sending him to get a job and earn the money needed for the roof is one of those Haaretz imponderables.  Another story is about how settler bullies beat up some poor innocent Palestinian youths who were merely throwing rocks at them and trying to put them into comas like the above mentioned baby.

But Haaretz outperforms even itself in its reporting about the Jimmy Carter debacle at Yeshiva University.

As you probably know, Yeshiva University in NY evidently did not lose enough money and support in the huge Madoff scandal and so has decided to finish Madoff’s work by losing all remaining support for the institution by granting a special Law School award to Jimmy Carter.  Not only was Carter the very worst president in the entire history of the United States, but he is also an open anti-Semite.  Since being kicked out of the White House with its indoor plumbing and being sent back to his peanut plantation, Carter has spent much of his time demonizing Israel and Jews, denouncing Israel as an “apartheid” regime, backing Islamist terrorists, legitimizing the phony “elections” in dictatorships,  and seeking Israel’s extermination.  So what better reason for Yeshiva University to grant him an honor?  I mean, do the YU chiefs seriously think that Carter’s anti-Semitic groupies will respond to the award by raising money for the university?  Maybe Yeshiva U chose Carter for its reward simply because Louis Farrakhan and David Irving were unavailable for one.

But the stupidity of Yeshiva University is nothing when compared with the spin given the story by Haaretz.  According to the newspaper for the non-thinking Israeli leftist, it is all a vast right-wing conspiracy by American Jewish neocons to paint Carter as a demon.  ”Extremist” is the adjective used by Haaretz for any American protesting the award to Carter.  It is never an adjective applied to Carter.  And who are these fanatical right-wing Americans? Well, Haaretz informs us, they are lead by that notorious right-winger Alan Dershowitz, who happens to be a notorious liberal two-state-solution guy but one who knows an anti-Semitic ex-president when he sees one.  Dersh says that Carter has never met a terrorist he does not like.

Haaretz adopts the jargon and rhetoric of the Neo-Nazis when it denounces the critics of the award to Carter as “Israel Firsters.”  Yes, that is the term used in the article.  Haaretz would never be suspected by anyone of being pro-Israel, let alone a newspaper of “Israel Firsters.”   But can you imagine the NY Times or Washington Post denouncing people who are pro-American as being “America Firsters”?   Among the radical right-wingers named by Haaretz as opposing the award to Carter are the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.   These “fascists” are becoming the ugly face of Israel as seen in New York, screams the newspapers whose major stockholders include some German ex-Nazis.

Haaretz, the newspaper read by Hamas Firsters and cited all over the world as the authoritative proof that Israel is an anti-democratic apartheid regime, continues to provide ammunition to the world’s Israel Bashers.  It continues to serve up its treason du jour with the lattes sipped by the Israeli yuppie Ashkenazi leftist’s who continue to battle against their own country’s survival.

Steven Plaut

Source: http://frontpagemag.com/2013/steven-plaut/treason-du-jour-at-haaretz/

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