Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Brennan behind the Leaks Witch Hunt?

by Thomas Lifson

A heretofore obscure document revealed by Wikileaks points to John Brennan, current head of the CIA, as the man behind the media subpoena abuses just revealed. Hmm, the same guy who insisted on being sworn into office on a copy of the original Constitution, lacking the Bill of Rights. Downright spooky.

Kerry Picket of Breitbart flags the document in a post that deserves to be read in its entirety:

A little over a week after President Barack Obama's reelection, Wikileaks released an email dump of global intelligence files from the private intelligence company Stratfor. One particular email, dated September 21, 2010 discussed President Obama's "Leak Investigations."

So according to Burton, whoever that is, Brennan is "behind the witch hunt" and there is a "specific tasker" in the White House. People pay Stratfor a lot of money for access to inside insights, so maybe this is true.

Brennan is a scary man. G. Murphy Donovan profiled him in 2010:

Brennan is an Arab specialist, a product of Fordham University and the American University of Cairo. He claims to be fluent in Arabic. While with CIA, Brennan served in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Back at Langley headquarters, Brennan became the agency briefer to the Clinton White House. During the Bush administration, he was elevated to be George J. Tenet's chief of staff. After leaving the government, Mr. Brennan became a national security advisor to the Obama presidential campaign. By any definition, background, or proximity, John O. Brennan is the most influential professional intelligence officer in the Obama administration.
Since formally joining the Obama team, Brennan has written two significant papers with enough political spin to qualify as carnival rides. The first, entitled "Conundrum of Iran," was published during the campaign to change the vector of policy towards Tehran. The second, entitled "A New Approach to Safeguarding Americans," was delivered in the form of a speech the summer before last at CSIS in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the "new approach" was to illuminate the Obama strategy for confronting an enemy who would remain nameless.

How's that new direction with Tehran workin' out for ya? Are we safer? Brennan was Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism before taking over the CIA wiuthout benefit of the BIll of Rights.

Somewhat notoriously, Brennan has publicly referred to Jerusalem as "al Quds," its Arabic name, signaling his audience at the Islamic Center of NYU (and throughout the Arab world) his agreement with their perspective on Israel.

Thomas Lifson


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