Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Egyptian Minister Reveals Hamas Aided Brotherhood Prison Break

by IPT News

As a direct offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas shares a similar ideological outlook and political affinity with its historical patron. Hamas has long been accused of coordinating with the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to kill protesters during the 2011 uprising, yet the Palestinian terrorist organization denies any involvement in Egypt.

Now, judicial sources claim that former Egyptian Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdy testified that Hamas cooperated with the Muslim Brotherhood to conduct prison breaks during the outbreak of the uprising. A source said that Wagdy testified before the Appellate Court of Ismailia, asserting that Egyptian intelligence "monitored communications between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas concerning participation in the Friday of Rage (the fourth day of the uprising and the storming of the prisons."

This operation resulted in the release of 34 senior Brotherhood figures, including current Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi and members of Hezbollah and Hamas.

Wagdy allegedly said that the Hamas gunmen entered Egypt via secret tunnels, and that its military arm and elements of Hezbollah participated in the uprising from the outset.

Hamas spokesman, Dr. Sami Abu Zhuri, denied Hamas' involvement in the storming of Egyptian prisons or any interference in Egypt's domestic affairs.

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