Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Release of more than One Hundred Blood-Soaked Terrorists

by Jan Willem van der Hoeven

I so much hoped, when the US government refused to free Jonathan Pollard on the Prime Minister's rightful request, that Israel's government would have forthwith explained to the US administration that this refusal would torpedo any incentive by Israel's government to nevertheless free terrorists who murdered scores of Israelis, whereas the US could not bring herself to free one prisoner that never did such a thing and already sat for more years than the Arab prisoners the United States government want Israel to release.

It is difficult enough, unacceptable even to multitude of Israelis, especially those who lost dear loved ones, to even consider this American request, and then to observe the Americans who request this from Israel not being willing themselves to prove even the minimum of confidence building measure towards the Israeli government at such a pivotal time. This can now only be answered in one way by any self-respecting Israeli leader: If the freeing of Jonathan Pollard after more than 26 years in prison is too much for you American government, please don't ever dare to ask us to free dangerous murderers, much more dangerous than Jonathan Pollard ever was or will be.

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director, International Christian Zionist Center


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