Thursday, August 1, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Claims Jews are Assassinating Anti-Brotherhood Activists

by Daniel Greenfield


“Uh yeah. It wasn’t us who killed our critics. It was the Jews. Because they wanted to frame us for killing people whose murder we supported, but never actually carried out.”
These are the people whom Obama wants to see in power in Egypt and Syria.
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie accused Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of carrying out massacres “only likened by those carried out by enemy Zionists and their treacherous agents.”
In a message addressed to Sisi on Sunday, Badie said that Sisi is even worse than the Pharaoh who used to kill the children of the believers and let the women live. “You and your soldiers are worse, you kill everybody,” he said.
How many children did the Egyptian military just kill? And if Badie wants to discuss killing everyone, let’s talk about Morsi freeing Islamic Group members who played a role in the Luxor Massacre. A literal case of everyone everybody.
Badie accused “Zionist fingers” of meddling in the affairs of the Arab Spring countries the same way they are present in Egypt in order to build a Greater Israel.
He added that the Zionists have killers in Libya and Tunisia assassinate political activists opposed to the Islamist current to pave the way for the removal of Islamists from power.
So instead of assassinating Islamists, the Zionists, who apparently freely roam Benghazi, are assassinating anti-Islamists to frame the Islamists. Sure they could just kill the Islamists, but this is so much more convoluted.

And surely it can’t be the Islamists who kill their critics. It’s not like they call for the murder of their critics and have a history of carrying out such acts.

It must be the Jews.

Daniel Greenfield


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