Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Too Many 'Coincidences'

by Aharon Lapidot

Yesterday I wrote that I had a wild theory about the reason for the disappearance of the Malaysian plane: that it was some kind of "work accident," that a bomb had gone off ahead of schedule. By the evening, it turned out that circumstances could bear that out.
A Thai travel agent revealed that the tickets sold to the two passengers who were traveling on stolen passports had been purchased by an Iranian businessman known as "Mr. Ali," who lived in Thailand for a time and took care to disappear a day before the ill-fated passenger plane took off from Kuala Lumpur.
There are too many "coincidences" for this to have been a random event. Moreover, confirmed intelligence exists about Iranian networks that steal and forge passports. These networks are run by the Quds Force, which coincidentally or not is responsible for the attempt to smuggle missiles to Gaza on the Klos C, the ship the Israeli Navy intercepted at sea last week. It has also been reported that the two mysterious passengers "did not have an Oriental appearance" and that one of them was dark-skinned and "looked like AC Milan soccer player Mario Balotelli." A hijacking or a terrorist work accident could not be ruled out, Malaysian authorities declared.
Meanwhile, the mystery of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 is starting to look like the promo for the popular TV series "Lost." Yesterday, we learned that the objects that at first appeared to be debris from the plane, including the two oil slicks, had nothing to do with it.
In the 2009 accident in which an Air France plane crashed and sank into the Atlantic Ocean, which has already been mentioned because of the similarities between that incident and the vanished Malaysian jet, it took five days before the first pieces surfaced and two years before the black boxes were recovered. We cannot suppose that the Malaysian plane disappeared without a trace, so we must hope that the laws of physics will do their work and that parts of the plane will float to the surface in the next few days.

Aharon Lapidot


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