Monday, April 20, 2015

Media Ignoring ISIS in Mexico - Brian C Joondeph

by Brian C Joondeph

Why aren’t journalists more interested in the ISIS story? Will ignoring the story make it go away?

ISIS is operating training bases just across the US southern border according to a report last week in Judicial Watch. Specifically the base is about 8 miles from the Texas border near Ciujad Juaraz in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Mexican officials found documents in Arabic, schematic plans for the US Army’s Fort Bliss, and Muslim prayer rugs.

One would think this would be important news. A Google News search however showed this story was being ignored by the mainstream media. The coverage rather was by Fox News, Western Journalism, World Net Daily, Newsmax, and the Washington Times, representing more of the alternative, than the traditional media.

Instead the mainstream media is busy chasing Hillary Clinton’s campaign van, acting like a gaggle of preteen girls chasing Justin Beiber. Is this what passes for journalism these days?

Why aren’t journalists more interested in the ISIS story? Will ignoring the story make it go away?

If I were a journalist, I would be quite concerned about ISIS in my backyard. ISIS recently beheaded a Japanese journalist. Last year an American journalist suffered the same fate. Do the journalistic sleuths at the NY Times or CNN believe they would be exempt from a similar fate at the hands of ISIS?

The media provided weeks worth of coverage to a small Indiana pizzeria that was asked a hypothetical question about catering a same-sex wedding. Or to Rand Paul’s trumped up “war on women” for daring to stand up to a pushy interviewer. Yet ISIS is of little concern. What about the ISIS war on gays and women?

How does ISIS treat gays? Do they refuse to cater same-sex weddings or bake gay wedding cakes?  They don’t fret over such trivialities. Instead they throw gay men off buildings. Or behead them. Yet the NY Times frets over intolerance versus religious freedom. Seems a beheading in the name of religious freedom is a bit more intolerant than not baking a wedding cake.

How does ISIS treat women? They published a list of rules about how women and female slaves should be treated. Non-Islamic females may be raped or beaten. ISIS stones women adulterers. Men are not immune from a similar fate as ISIS isn’t always sexist. They are happy to stone to death a couple on charges of adultery. Good thing Rand Paul only talked back to Savannah Guthrie and didn’t act like ISIS. Else many of Ms. Guthrie’s NBC colleagues, rumored to be involved in extramarital hijinks, would be first in line for a Rockefeller Center stoning.

So why ignore the ISIS in Mexico story? Covering the story would be an inconvenient truth contradicting the President’s assertion that the “Global war on terror” is over. Or that “Isis is on the run.”

The other reason to ignore the story is because of our open southern border, one of President Obama’s initiatives. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing the border each year. So are infectious diseases such as TB. And Enterovirus D68, a polio-like virus entering the US via illegal immigrant children arriving from Central and Latin America. Which the media calls “unexplained.” Calling attention to ISIS on our border might be a slap in the face of the President’s “comprehensive immigration reform.” If ISIS crosses the border and commits an act of terror, will the press call that “unexplained” too?

Rather than reporting news of importance, the media has gone into campaign mode for the upcoming election. Newsweek reports that Hillary’s visit to Chipotle was “historic” yet the news that ISIS has training camps just across our southern border is ignored. Is the purpose of the ISIS camps an Islamic version of Habitat for Humanity or are they training and preparing to bring mayhem to the US? Terror camps on our border are far more “historic” than a presidential candidate eating fast food. But not to the media fanboys.

Ignoring a story does not mean the story will go way or doesn’t exist in the first place. Chuck Todd tweeted about the press; “Everyone looks silly in Iowa right now with this ‘chase’ business. The press corps and the Clinton campaign.” The reality is that the press corps and the Clinton campaign are one and the same. Don’t expect to hear much real news for the next year and a half while Hillary is running for president.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Twitter @retinaldoctor.


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