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Egyptian Cleric Mostafa Al-Adwy Explains Jihad, States: Christians Cannot Promote Their Religion In Muslim Countries - MEMRI


Egyptian cleric Mostafa Al-Adwy gave a two-part interview about Jihad on Al-Rahma TV in May 2015. Sheikh Al-Adwy explained that there are two types of Jihad: While defensive Jihad is aimed at protecting Muslim lands from invading non-Muslims, in offensive Jihad, Muslims raid countries in order to oust their leaders and usher people into Islam in droves. He further said that although Western countries allow the spreading of Islam in the West, Muslims should not allow the promotion of Christianity in their countries.
Following are excerpts:

Interviewer: "Defensive Jihad takes place when an enemy invades a Muslim country."
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "Obviously, the Muslims must fight this enemy, or serve the people fighting, so that they can continue their Jihad. 


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"Offensive Jihad, on the other hand, occurs when we want to conquer some country. May Allah facilitate the Muslim conquest of all the infidel countries. In offensive Jihad, we raid a country. If we call upon them to convert to Islam and they refuse, we raid their country, in order to oust their leaders, and usher people in droves into Islam."


Interviewer: "When Sadat, God's mercy upon him, signed the Camp David accords, he declared: 'No more war'..." 

Mostafa Al-Adwy: "That pertained to his lifetime. Could he promise that there would be no war until Judgment Day?" 

Interviewer: "But there are signed accords. The Camp David accords state that there will be no wars with the Zionist entity." 

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Mostafa Al-Adwy: "Why did you call it 'the Zionist entity'? It's the Jews. By calling it 'Zionist entity' you are diverging from the Islamic legal texts. Consequently, I cannot issue a religious ruling about it. If you ask me about a Jew, I have an answer from the Quran and the Sunna."

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Interviewer: "Spreading the word of Allah is one of the reasons for which Jihad was ordained. If the Muslims are prevented from engaging in da'wa, Jihad is legitimate. What if there were treaties allowing Muslims in the infidel West to spread Islam, and in return, the infidels could spread their heresy in Islamic countries? Would this settle the issue?" 
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "Of course not."
Interviewer: "But they do not prevent the spreading of Islam." 
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "But you must not allow the spreading of heresy." 

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Interviewer: "Doesn't [a Christian] have the right to spread his religion?" 
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Mostafa Al-Adwy: "No, he doesn't. His [religion] is false to begin with. You are employing the rhetoric of international relations, while I am talking about abiding by the commands of our Lord."
Interviewer: "But some may say that this is what it is like in a democracy, and that we should act accordingly." 
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "No."
Interviewer: "You may spread your religion, while I spread mine." 
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "Who says that I am willing to be democratic? I am a Muslim, and you should talk to me in the language dictated by my religion." 
Interviewer: "If a non-Muslim country allows Muslims to spread Islam there, and it does not persecute Muslims who are involved in this..."
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "We thank it."
Interviewer: "So shouldn't you allow them to spread their ideas in your country?" 
Mostafa Al-Adwy: "Absolutely not. I have [divine] orders. I do not have an opinion of my own in this. Allah said: 'Fight them so there will be no strife.'"




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