Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jihad Street: 'Pro-Israel' organization shows its true colors - Jonathan F. Keiler

by Jonathan F. Keiler

But one has to ask: why even detail such an argument against someone who is admittedly a devout Muslim and  Palestinian sympathizer – and who ran for her J Street office not hiding these things, but celebrating them?

The latest example of absurdity masquerading as principle is the election of Amna Farooqi as the leader of J Street U, the campus adjunct to the supposedly liberal "pro-Israel" organization, founded and run by radical leftists of Jewish origin.  

Farooqi is a Muslim, pro-Palestinian, Hamas-supporting woman of Pakistani descent, whose claim to Jewish identity is growing up in Potomac , Maryland, home to many wealthy and successful Jewish business people and professionals.  In this article, the World Zionist Organization details how Farooqi can in no way be considered pro-Israel, supporting Palestinian "resistance" to Israeli "occupation," calling for boycott and divestment of Israel, labeling Israel a racist state, and defaming Israeli leaders.

But one has to ask: why even detail such an argument against someone who is admittedly a devout Muslim and  Palestinian sympathizer – and who ran for her J Street office not hiding these things, but celebrating them?  Incredibly, J Street's Jews voted her in because of her positions and background, not in spite of them. 

Watch this bizarre video, in which Farooqi describes her journey from being a Pakistani pro-Palestinian Muslim to a "Zionist," including a visit to Israel.  What she learned there is that her pre-existing ideas about Israeli "occupation" and discrimination against the Palestinian Arabs were absolutely true.  She announces this to the cheers of her (presumably mostly Jewish) leftist audience.   

For those who know the history of the Holocaust, it is quite as if, in the 1940s, the World Zionist Organization had appointed Adolf Eichmann as the head of its youth wing, with the responsibility of organizing young Jews in the Yishuv (the Jewish settlements of Mandate Palestine) so that they could more easily be incorporated (as ashes) into Hitler's new world order.  Eichmann, like Farooqi, visited Israel (then Mandate Palestine), learned Hebrew (like Farooqi), and read and learned extensively about Jewish ideas and culture, all in the interest of destroying the Jewish people, which he and his cohorts very nearly accomplished.

This whole thing would be laughable if it weren't true.  Yet many liberal Jews insist that J Street is an authentic liberal pro-Israel alternative to AIPAC and continue to defend the organization and underwrite it with money.  This not only empowers radical anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist radicals like Farooqi, but also provides cover to Barack Obama's embrace of Iran and his potentially catastrophic betrayal of Israel. 

J Street is not pro-Israel, as this episode demonstrates.  But more importantly, it is not really pro-anything beyond the idea of leftist totalitarianism.  J Street can accept an anti-Semitic pro-Palestinian Muslim as its campus organizer because it is run by a group of nihilist "Jews" supported financially and ideologically by the Jewish-born leftist financier George Soros.  Soros could not care less about Judaism, Zionism, or any traditional value that conflicts with his totally amoral and ethically valueless worldview, which combines a voracious appetite for lucre with the promotion of self-serving leftist ideological pabulum.

One thing we can safely assume is that Soros, and his leftist fellow travelers in J Street and elsewhere, do believe that the world is populated by a vast ignorant, unwashed proletariat that requires the leadership of an unelected and self-appointed elite.  That they get away with such nonsense as the election of a person like Farooqi to a supposedly pro-Israel organization to cheers demonstrates to them that they must be right.

In the end, leftism is nothing but nihilism.  It allows the taking of the most outlandish and contradictory positions without qualm.  It is what allowed the gifted German existentialist philosopher and contemporary of Eichmann, Martin Heidegger, to forfeit a lifetime of study and learning and support Nazism.

As Hillary Clinton famously said, what difference does it make?  Indeed, to the left, nothing that happens, except self-aggrandizement, matters at all. 

Jonathan F. Keiler


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