Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don’t Punish the Families of Terrorists Who Knew About Impending Attacks? - Ronn Torossian and George Birnbaum and Hank Sheinkopf

by Ronn Torossian and George Birnbaum and Hank Sheinkopf

The twisted logic of leftist anti-Israel activist groups -- and those who fund them.

Israel struggles with terrorist attacks, and works vigilantly to combat suicide attacks. The government is forced to resort to means that will protect her people – and combat terrorists who believe they will head to heaven and be rewarded as part of their jihad.

Rightfully, the Israeli government has pursued a path of home demolition.  As Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu noted "We have a policy of creating a price for suicide terrorists, because the suicide terrorist commits suicide after all, it is reasonable to assume he realizes he is committing suicide, but we know that this is one of the effective tools.”

Hamoked, an organization that has received $720,301 from the American Jewish extremist group the New Israel Fund (NIF), regularly petitions Israel’s Supreme Court to postpone the demolition of terrorists' homes who have carried out attacks against Israelis.  In response, Israel’s Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett, has said NIF "reached a new peak of Israel-hatred” with this action

That was last week’s new low. They topped it this week.

Hamoked’s most recent “Extremely Urgent” letter to Israel’s Attorney General said he must “pressure the Government of Israel and the security establishment who are considering imposing on relatives of individuals who perpetrated attacks against Israelis. We have learned from the media of a plan to expel relatives of individuals who have perpetrated attacks on Israelis to the Gaza Strip if it is revealed that they had prior knowledge of the attackers’ plans or supported their actions. We request your intervention to prevent this unlawful measure.”

Hamoked’s letter continues, “It is difficult to overstate the gravity of expulsion and its fatal impact on all aspects of a person’s life and rights. Expulsion means separating the expelled individuals from their families, removing them from their property, possessions, livelihoods, from their physical and social surroundings and making them vagabonds in the Gaza Strip.”

A "fatal impact" would result from punishing people who knew about an impending plan for jihad? Maybe they should be given social security and trauma counseling instead?

It's sick and insane for American Jewish radicals to fund these activities of opposing the punishment of family members of terrorists who knew about attacks before they were perpetrated. 

Those who support these actions of demanding that Israel not punish the family members of Palestinian terrorists who knew about the attacks in advance have blood on their hands. 

American Jews who fund the NIF include Alisa Doctoroff, Franklin Fisher, Yaffa & Paul Maritz, Joan & Irwin Jacobs, and the Board of Temple Israel of White Plains– President Ellen Salant, Ken Kanfer, Audrey Samers, Magan Schain, Sam Kahn, Joel Wolfson, Renana Rosenbloom, Bruce Wexler, Randi Kattan and Lewis Polishook – who recently endorsed their Rabbi’s position as a leader of the International Council of The New Israel Fund. 

Ronn Torossian and George Birnbaum and Hank Sheinkopf
 Ronn Torossian is CEO of a top 20 US PR Agency, and author of “For Immediate Release.”


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