Friday, December 4, 2015

Zionist CA shooting victim threatened just before attack - Tova Dvorin

by Tova Dvorin

San Bernadino health inspector and Messianic Jew received anti-Semitic threats less than 24 hours before being murdered.

The Inland Regional Center
The Inland Regional Center
One of the 14 victims in the San Bernardino shooting spree Wednesday night identified as Jewish - and he received threats for being a "Zionist" less than 24 hours before the attack. 

Nicholas Thalasinos, 52, received threats on Facebook on Tuesday from an anti-Semitic man in Ukraine, after Thalasinos posted pro-Israel messages, CNN reports. 

Hi wife Jennifer told local news her husband, a health inspector for San Bernardino County, identified as a conservative Messianic Jew, and may have been targeted for his beliefs. He often went to work wearing a red kippah, a tallit, and a Star of David. 

"My husband was very outspoken about radical Islam, very outspoken. His Facebook page is just full of things about being outspoken about radical Islam and about the state of the country," she told local news. 

Jennifer stated she had "had a bad feeling" that her husband had died in the attack and that the two incidents may have been connected. 

"To have this happen, this man, though I know he was targeted like everyone in that group, but I'm sure he was targeting my husband because of his faith and I really feel like my husband was martyred," she said.

Tova Dvorin


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