Monday, January 4, 2016

Channel 20 demands right to broadcast 'fair and balanced' news - Gil Ronen

by Gil Ronen

About 19 thousand people 'liked' a post that points out media bias in reporting on terrorism, asks for right to broadcast news.

Channel 20 talent Erel Segal protests censorship.
Channel 20 talent Erel Segal protests censorship.
Channel 20 screenshot
Cable Channel 20, the Jewish Heritage Channel, is asking the public to show its support for allowing it to broadcast "balanced, fair news", which is "for the nation of Israel and not against it." It has received more than 19,000 "likes" in 19 hours.

The channel is associated with a nationalistic spirit that is quite different from the leftist slant that typifies Channels 2 and 10, which are the only commercial channels that are licensed to broadcast news. Public Channel 11, which also broadcasts news, is also considered left-leaning. Channel 20 may only carry discussions of the news, but may not report news.

None of these channels have house analysts who are associated with right wing views, whereas all of them have analysts and reporters who are associated with the radical left.

On its Facebook page, [in Hebrew] the channel showed screenshots from Channel 2 that it sees as proof of the its bias. In one screenshot, the captions described the victims of the arson at the Arab village of Duma as having been "murdered." In the other, the victims of the Tel Aviv terror attack were described as having been "killed."

In the first, the perpetrators were described as "murderers." In the second, the perpetrator was referred to "the shooter."

"We are sick of this," explained Channel 20. "We have been sick of this for two decades."

Itay Nevo, a senior journalist in Channel 1, urged his Facebook followers not to support Channel 20, citing as a reason the fact that it recently published a post attacking President Reuven Rivlin. Channel 20 will deserve support, Nevo elaborated, when the people there "understand what journalism is, and what humanistic, democratic and non-propagandist values are."

Channel 20 blasted Rivlin in mid-December for participating in the Haaretz-New Israel Fund conference in the US, alongside an activist from Breaking the Silence. It accused Rivlin of "losing all shame" and said that Rivlin "is busy representing himself and not the Nation of Israel."

"As a private citizen," it added, "Rivlin has the right to do as he pleases, but as president he has no right to spit in the face of IDF soldiers."

Gil Ronen


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