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ISIS Campaign Targets Saudi Arabia, Calls For Attacks Against Saudi Monarchy, Shi'ites, And Polytheists - M. Khayat

by M. Khayat

The following report is a complimentary offering from MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM)

The Islamic State (ISIS) has exerted much effort in the last couple of weeks to attacking Saudi Arabia and its ruling and religious echelons in an extensive and well-coordinated media campaign it launched against it. The campaign included the unprecedented release of 15 official ISIS videos from ISIS's various provinces, along with similarly prolific content released from the ISIS-affiliated Al-Battar media company over social networks and jihadi forums. The campaign was aimed at Saudis in general, attempting to "open their eyes" to the Al-Saud's – the Saudi ruling family (who are referred to by the derogatory term of "Al Saloul," referring to Abdallah bin Saloul, a known hypocrite from the time of Muhammad) - supposed treachery and corruption. The Al-Saud family is presented as a body foreign to the Arabian Peninsula, and as unworthy rulers of it. The campaign calls upon Saudis to join the jihad under ISIS's banner in order to target them, their clerical backbone, and Saudi military personnel. It also rallies Sunni Saudis against their Shi'ite counterparts, who are accused of being given a free hand (by the Al-Saud) to live and practice their religion freely in the country. The campaign also makes repeated references to Sunni prisoners in Saudi Arabia, promising them that ISIS shall come to their rescue.  

This is not the first time that ISIS has focused on Saudi Arabia. In May 2015, ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi lashed out at the Al-Saud for their collaboration with the West, namely the U.S. He also criticized the Saudi military campaign at the time against the Houthi Shi'ites in Yemen, calling it a Saudi attempt to please the U.S.[1] Shortly thereafter ISIS operatives in Saudi Arabia called for targeting the Shi'ites in the country while claiming that ISIS was the only true protector of Sunnis against them.[2] In his most recent, December 2015, speech, Al-Baghdadi denounced the recently established Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism and threatened all its member countries with retaliation.[3] 
The campaign's organization and presentation carried several of the hallmarks which by now have become a staple of ISIS's online operations, including volume, coordination, and persistence. ISIS relies on volume, in which the same message, or variants of, are presented repeatedly to a given audience, to make an impact. This approach is particularly evident in issues that are of importance to ISIS, and has been used in previous campaigns as well.[4] This message over-saturation, however, can be criticized as being overkill, or even a desperate attempt by ISIS to drive home a message that could otherwise be done more easily with a single video. In the current anti-Saudi campaign, all 15 videos and supplemental material echoed the same basic messages, albeit with varying emphasis and presentation. The campaign was well-coordinated, with the content being released online steadily over several days, and on a number of platforms, including the Shumoukh Al-Islam forum, Twitter, and Telegram. The content was also republished whenever it was flagged or removed. Format-wise, each video featured primarily Saudi fighters who would personally address Saudis back home. The videos varied in length, ranging from five minutes to over half-an-hour in duration.

Promotional banners from the various ISIS videos   

ISIS's official videos were complemented by a series of releases from ISIS's-affiliated media company Al-Battar. Its content comprised two videos, eight articles, and 50 posters. Al-Battar's campaign was in complete sync with ISIS's campaign, and was even made available in a single 6GB downloadable CD thereafter. The CD would later be used by ISIS on the ground during public display of its campaign.  

One of the articles from Al-Battar media against the Saudi monarchy, titled "The Serpent's Head [Is] Al Saloul" 

A poster from Al-Battar media, it reads: "Al-Saud do not rule according to the shari'a, and if they did implement Allah's shari'a, then they apply it only on the weakened, so which legitimacy concerning their rule are you [i.e. Saudi] talking about?"

Al-Battar media promoting its campaign's CD

ISIS using Al-Battar's CD in a public presentation in Aleppo (Source: Shumoukh Al-Islam, December 31, 2015)

ISIS's campaign is based on three main elements: Delegitimizing the Al-Saud and their clerical backbone; instigating attacks against them, Saudi military personnel, and Shi'ites; and rallying Saudis to undertake ISIS's cause and participate in the jihad against its enemies.  

More specifically, the campaign conveys the following messages:
- It labels the Al-Saud and their security forces, namely Saudi soldiers, as apostates and heretic. The former's apostasy is established on multiple grounds: their failure to rule according to the shari'a; their work with and membership in global heretic organizations like the UN; their collaboration with the "Crusaders," i.e. the U.S. and Western countries in general; and their war on Islam and Muslims, namely the "mujahideen;"
- It exposes the Al-Saud's clerical backbone community as hypocritical and deceiving on multiple grounds: It accuses them of protecting their patrons, i.e. the Al-Saud, and of justifying their un-Islamic actions; it accuses them of criminalizing jihad and the mujahideen, and of dissuading Saudis from joining both; it criticizes them for their double standard vis-á-vi Shi'ites, namely their criticism of Shi'ites living outside Saudi Arabia, while, at the same time, their apathy towards those living inside the kingdom;   
- It accuses the Al-Saud and their security apparatuses of protecting the Shi'ites and turning a blind eye to their activities and presence in the country. It also decries Saudi authorities for providing the Shi'ites with the freedom to live and practice their religion freely;
- It denounces the unbelievers' (kuffar) and polytheists' (mushrikeen) presence in the Arabian Peninsula, and reiterates the Prophet's hadith that calls for expelling all polytheists from it. ISIS places Christians, Jews, and Shi'ites under the term polytheists;  
- It calls for attacks against the Al-Saud and Saudi soldiers; 
- It denounces the Al-Saud's rule over the Arabian Peninsula, and calls for its uprooting;  
- It calls upon Saudis to rebel against the Al-Saud, and to join the jihad against them. It also warns them that if they fail to do so, Sunnis in Saudi Arabia will be subjugated to the Shi'ites in time, like their counterparts in Iraq and Syria have been;
- It calls upon Sunnis in Saudi Arabia to join ISIS's sectarian war against Shi'ites;
- It rallies Saudi tribes against their government, calling upon them to use force to free their prisoners. It also notes that protests and other peaceful measures are fruitless in bringing about change, and that only force can make a difference;  
- It urges Saudi prisoners to remain steadfast, while promising them that ISIS shall soon come to their rescue;
- It threatens Saudi soldiers with a similar fate to that of captured soldiers elsewhere, i.e. death;    
- It calls upon Saudi Sunnis to awaken from their apathy regarding the plots being planned around them; the misconduct of the Al-Saud; the presence of Crusader military bases in the country; and the hypocrisy and misleading of Saudi clerics;  
- It praises ISIS's attacks and operations in Saudi Arabia thus far, and calls to intensify those.  

The following is a review of some of ISIS's official videos:   

Video From Ninawa Province, Iraq, Criticizes Saudi Tyrants As Accomplices Of Christians And Shi'ites, Vows Revenge
The Ninawa province video, which is 6:21 minutes in duration, is titled: "Be Patient, Land of the Two Holy Places," and features three speakers. The first speaker directs his message to all Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula, urging them to rise up and fight their tyrannical rulers (i.e. the Al-Saud); the second speaker addresses ISIS soldiers in the Arabian Peninsula, urging them to hold out in their war against the rulers, and persevere their efforts to free jailed prisoners; the third speaker sends a confrontational message to the Al-Saud's soldiers, threatening them that if they continue to protect the house of Al-Saud, the caliphate soldiers' swords will reach them. 

The video opens with a description of the takeover of the Arabian Peninsula by the "tyrants" of Al-Saud, the "agents" of the "Crusaders." The narrator notes how the "the country from which the light of Islam spread to the entire world" constitutes today a base for the war against Islam, and a place where malevolent plots are planned against Muslims. He also notes how the Arabian Peninsula had become a place for Crusaders' military bases and for Rafidites' (a derogatory term for Shi'ites) worship places. He further notes that ISIS's soldiers have decided to sacrifice themselves until Islam is reestablished in the Arabian Peninsula. 

These previous themes are repeated in many of the campaign's videos.

Abu Khattab Al-Jazrawi, the first speaker in the video, directs his message to Muslims in Saudi Arabia, exposing the Al-Saud's apostasy, calling for attacks against them, and urging Saudis to join the jihad or make hijra to the Islamic State. He says: "Have you not discerned the apostasy of Al-Saloul, who work in the Crusaders' service? And have you not discerned that they made an anti-Muslim alliance with them?! Have you not distinguished the Crusader planes taking off from your land in order to bomb the Muslims in Iraq and Syria?!... Have you not noticed how their soldiers beat Muslim women and arrest them?! So if their apostasy is apparent to you, why do you sit by and refrain from fighting them and killing them, or making hijra to the lands of the Caliphate? Prepare your tools of war in order to purify the land from the defilement of Al-Saloul and their lackeys." Abu Khattab also implores Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula not to be seduced by the false sermons of "the asinine religious scholars and preachers," the yes-men of the royal family, he says.
The second speaker, Abu Muhammad Al-Hashimi, addresses ISIS operatives in the three Saudi provinces claimed by the group - Najd, Hijaz, and Bahrain - calling upon them to remain steadfast in the war against the country's tyrants, to attack them, and to free Muslim prisons there: "Slash their necks, cut off their limbs because they are impure…" He also threatens the Crusaders and Shi'ites: "Let our Rafidite enemies, the hostile Shi'ites and Crusaders, know that we have sharpened the knives and we are very close to their necks."
The third speaker, Abu Al-Bara' Al-Khath'ami, sends a menacing message to Saudi soldiers: "I have sworn that we will come to slaughter you, O enemies of Allah. Either repent and return to your religion or the sword will reach you. I have sworn that we will take revenge for the Muslim prisoners in your jails; we will take revenge for the jailed women in your prisons…" 

Abu Al-Bara' Al-Khath'ami  

Video From Al-Anbar Province, Iraq, Tells Saudis: 'There Is No Easier Way To Kill Them [i.e. Polytheists] And There Is Nothing More Delicious Than Spilling Their Blood'
A 15:26 minute video released by the media office of Al-Anbar province, Iraq, features four men:
The first speaker, Abu Khalid Al-Jazrawi, denounces the presence of Shi'ites in Saudi Arabia, expressing his dismay at how the Saudi government allows Shi'ites to proselytize Shi'ism and to practice their religion freely. Similarly, he decries Saudi prisons for being filled with Sunnis rather than Shi'ites. Al-Jazrawi also calls upon Sunnis to rise up against the Al-Saud, noting, inter alia, the latter's lack of implementation of the shari'a and their collaboration with the West as reasons for it. He also warns Saudis not to be fooled by Saudi clerics who denounce the mujahideen and jihad.  

Abu Khalid Al-Jazrawi  

The second speaker, Abu Anas Al-Hadithi, condemns Saudi scholars' hypocrisy, specifically that they've condemned ISIS's attacks against Russia and France and expressed sorrow for those attacks' victims, yet have said nothing about the scores of Muslims that are being killed in Syria and Iraq.  

A third speaker calls Saudi scholars "traitors" who falsely claim to stand besides Sunnis.   
A fourth speaker, Abu 'Azzam Al-Jazrawi, calls upon ISIS supporters in Saudi Arabia, including those seeking martyrdom among them, to target the enemies of Allah, and notes how easy it is for them to do so. He says: "They are among you and on your streets, there is no easier way to kill them and there is nothing more delicious that spilling their blood, so kill the polytheists wherever you find them…" He also calls ISIS operatives in Saudi Arabia to target Saudi soldiers and to "tear them to shreds."    

Video From Aleppo Province, Syria, Informs Saudis: 'By Allah We Are Coming [To Saudi Arabia] So Prepare The Path For Us And Support Us'
A 14:11 minute video released by ISIS in Aleppo province notes the desecration of the Arabian Peninsula by the Al-Saud, who, it says, have welcomed the unbelievers, Crusaders, and apostates. It denounces the various Saudi regimes' roles in the wars against Islam and Muslims, and accuses them of being behind all conspiracies that aim to combat the Islamic State. The video reiterates the Saudi government's complacency in allowing Shi'ites to live normally in the country, and to desecrate holy Sunnis places of worship. The video also notes that ISIS has established a "foothold" in Saudi Arabia, as is evident in its three provinces there (Najd, Hijaz, and Bahrain) and urges ISIS's soldiers there to escalate their attacks against ISIS's various enemies there.  

Muslima Al-Jazrawi, the first speaker, notes the apostasy of the Al-Saud, which, he says, is due to their lack of implementation of the shari'a; their alliance with the unbelievers; their protection of the Shi'ites living in Saudi Arabia; and their placing precedence on nationality (i.e. being a Saudi) over association with a creed (i.e. Islam).   

Al-Jazrawi calls upon Saudis to act in order to release imprisoned men and woman held in Saudi prisons. "How will [come to the aid of] those prisoners if you sat down with your family, wife and children?" he says.  

He praises ISIS's attacks in Saudi Arabia targeting Shi'ites, and says: "Your blessed operations have pleased the hearts of the monotheistic [men]." He urges them to terrorize the "enemies of Allah" further, and "to kill them and fight them, and to tear them to shreds with explosive devices, silencers, and explosive belts." 

Muslima Al-Jazrawi 

The second speaker, Abu Ammar Al-Hijazi, refutes Saudi government claims that it managed to eliminate the Islamic State's mujahideens from the country, and notes that there is an entire generation in Saudi Arabia that is sympathetic to the Islamic State. He also warns Saudi soldiers, including family members of his who serve in the military, that if they don't repent and end their collaboration with "America's agents," then "your moves are being watched, and [the addresses of] your homes are known." 

Abu Ammar Al-Hijazi  

The third speaker, Abu Al-Mugheera Al-Jazrawi, urges Saudis to join the jihad against the Al-Saud while denouncing their apathy over the presence of Shi'ites in the country. He says: "Here they [i.e. the Al-Saud] have begun arresting our brothers and sisters [while they] left the polytheists Rafidites and their worshipping places in Al-Qatif and elsewhere [alone]. By Allah we are coming [to Saudi Arabia], so prepare the path for us and support us."

Al-Mugheera Al-Jazrawi  

Video From Al-Falluja Province, Iraq, Decries Saudi Arabia For Becoming A 'Prairie For Atheists, Secularist, and Polytheistic Rafidites, And A Safe Haven For The Crusaders.'
A 14:41 minute video released by the media office of Al-Falluja province, Iraq, reiterates the treachery of the Al-Saud and their scholars, and decries Saudi Arabia for becoming a "prairie for atheists, secularist, and polytheistic Rafidites, and a safe haven for the Crusaders."
A speaker in the video, Abu Baraa' Al-Jazaa'iri, notes the duty of expelling the polytheists from the country, and says: "Forcing out the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula has been established by the rightly shari'a, for no two religions shall coexist in it [i.e. in Saudi Arabia]; [and] no [two] worshiping places shall be built in it ... for the [Arabian] Peninsula is a blessed land chosen by Allah, so no unbeliever can enter it." Al-Jazaa'iri also decries the "desecration" of Saudi Arabia by the "kuffar," and says: "Sadly, [the Arabian Peninsula] has become today a ground for the biggest Crusaders bases, and is flocked by the kuffar, with all their colors and religions, to work or reside in, or for tourism and vacation, in order to desecrate it with their heresy, crosses, and debauchery."

Al-Saud's hospitality toward the "Crusaders" 

Video From Al-Baraka Province, Syria: 'Allah Willing, As We Established The Departments Of Zakat And Agriculture [In Syria And Iraq] … We Will, Allah Willing, Establish The Department Of Hajj And Umrah The Coming Year In Muhammad's Peninsula'
A 12:26 minute video released by the media office of Al-Baraka province, Syria, notes that the Islamic State will be the one to abolish polytheism in the Arabian Peninsula, and rule it as Muhammad did, according to the shari'a. It also denounces the Al-Saud's role in "rescuing" the American economy by signing the petrodollar agreement.[5]  

The "tyrants" of the Arabian Peninsula throughout history engulfed in flames  

The first speaker in the video, Rab'ii Al-Ghamidi, who is a former inmate in Saudi prisons, praises Allah for allowing him to join the jihad after coming out of prison. Speaking to ISIS operatives in Saudi Arabia, he exhorts them to remain steadfast and to target Saudi soldiers. "The soldiers of Al-Saloul have corrupted the land… Thus attack them for they kill the Houthis in Yemen, yet they welcome them [i.e. Shi'ites] in Muhammad's peninsula under the name of national solidarity."

He promises Saudi prisoners that ISIS shall come to their rescue soon: "By Allah we have never forgotten about you, and we are preparing to release you… And soon, with the will of Allah, we shall be on the walls of your prisons…" 

Addressing the Al-Saud, he promises them that ISIS's men shall soon return to Saudi Arabia as victorious conquerors: "We shall raise the banner of 'there is no God but Allah' over your palaces … and by the will of Allah we will force out the Jews, Christians, polytheists, and Rafidites from Muhammad's peninsula." He also threatens the Al-Saud with revenge for their ill-treatment of Sunni prisoners, and says: "By Allah, we will not forget, O Al-Saloul, what you did to us in your prisons, and, by Allah, we shall return [your mistreatment] to you doubled… We shall tear to shreds your bodies via booby-traps, and smother you with silencers…" 

Al-Ghamidi also calls upon Saudis to target Saudi soldiers, accusing them of protecting the Shi'ites and allowing them to "roam freely" in the country. He says: "Target the soldiers of Al-Saloul, for they enabled the polytheist Rafidites in Muhammad's peninsula, [where they] roam freely in Al-Medina, Mecca, Al-Qatif, and Najran; while, on the other hand, they have imprisoned the truthful scholars and sincere mujahideen and sentenced them to death." 

Rab'ii Al-Ghamidi  

The second speaker, Abu Saleh Al-'Awfi, urges ISIS supporters in Saudi Arabia to remain steadfast despite their small numbers. He also promises them that the Islamic State shall, within a year, take over Saudi Arabia and establish its various governing departments there, like, he says, the department of Hajj and Umrah (pilgrimage).  

Abu Saleh Al-'Awfi  

Video From Sinai Province, Egypt, Refutes The Al-Saud's Claims Of Upholding Shari'a Law
The Sinai province video, 9:07 minutes in duration, is titled "A Message to Our People in the Land of the Two Sanctuaries," and features three speakers who lash out at the Saudi government and call for attacks inside the kingdom.  

The first speaker, Abu Osama Al-Muhajir, opens with a message to the clerics of the Saudi religious establishment, accusing them of selling out to the government. "You stand on the side of falsehood," he tells them. He also informs clerics who are imprisoned in Saudi that ISIS will come for their aid: "Soon the walls will be broken and the jails will be conquered, as they were in Iraq and Syria." 

The second speaker, Abu Fatima Al-Jazrawi, urges ISIS operatives in Saudi Arabia to carry out more attacks and to avenge Muslim prisoners: "Attack them with all your might, 'scatter [them] by [making an example of] them those who are in their rear [Quran, 8, 57],' in revenge for the Muslims in prisons. Pressure them, for you have brothers in the prisons who are awaiting your aid." Al-Jazrawi also urges Saudis to join the fight and cease to "sit and submit." He also points out to them the Saudi government provides bases for "the forces of the Cross." 

The third speaker, Abu Ja'far Al-Ansari, justified fighting and killing the Al-Saud and their security forces, noting that they have committed apostasy by aiding the West, allowing Shi'ites to hold their rituals in public, and more. He also notes that the Al-Saud's claim of upholding shari'a law in the country is intrinsically invalid. 

Video From Al-Janoub Province, Iraq, Calls On Saudi Clerics To Come Out Against The Al-Saud
In a 5:28 minute video released by the Al-Janoub province media office in Iraq, a speaker named Abu Shakur Al-Shami addresses the "tyrants" of the Al-Saud and those clerics working for them. He points out the Saudi government's contradicting stance regarding Shi'ites in the region, namely its attack against the Houthis in Yemen at the same time of its protection of Shi'ites living in its country. Turning specifically to the clerics, Al-Shami informs them that they will have to answer for their actions in front of Allah on the Day of Judgment, and calls upon them to come out against the Al-Saud. Al-Shami also urges Saudis to adopt the path of jihad and calls upon them to come to the aid of imprisoned Muslims there.   

Abu Shakur Al-Shami 

Video From Al-Jazeera Province, Iraq, Informs Saudi Prisoners: 'Remain Steadfast… For Your Brothers Are Coming … From All The Provinces' 
An 8:35 minute video released by Al-Jazeera province in Iraq laments the takeover of the Arabian Peninsula by the "gang" of Al-Saud. It also accuses them, inter alia, of spread moral and economic corruption, and of allowing the unbelievers to establish a foothold in the country.  

The first speaker, Abu Talha Al-Ansari, denounces the Al-Saud's treatment of Muslims. "You are harsher on Islam than the Jews and Christians," he informs them. He also notes the Al-Saud's departure from Islam because of their association with the Jews, Christians, and Shi'ites, saying: "You are the guardians of the polytheistic Rafidites, heresy, and apostasy in your country. You have [many] embassies for the Christians and Jews, and you have [many] worshipping places for the polytheistic Rafidites. You feed them from your food, sate them with your drinks, and harmonize with them and they harmonize with you… Don't you know that whoever associates with the Rafidites, Christians, or Jews, becomes one of them?" 

Abu Talha Al-Ansari  

Al-Ansari also promises imprisoned clerics in Saudi of ISIS's forthcoming aid: "Your brothers are coming, Allah willing… Are coming with the strongest and fiercest men. Are coming from all the provinces. So be patient and await, for we are waiting with you."
Speaking to ISIS operatives in Saudi Arabia, he calls upon them to target their enemies: "Brothers, any apostates, unbelievers, or polytheists, you kill shall amass to [your deeds] on the Day of Judgment." He directs a similar call to Muslims in general in Saudi Arabia: "O Muslims there… Kill the kuffar and polytheists … for their status [according to Islam] is similar to that of the Jews and Christians." 

Moving to the Al-Saud, Al-Ansari threatens them with attacks in various locations in the country: "Be careful of us, be careful of our deceit, for, by Allah, you will not feel the matter until [the moment that] we are standing by you, in the [Saudi] provinces and everywhere, in [street] sections, on the streets, in your societies and in your organizations, you shall find explosions there, Allah willing…"  

Video From Barqa Province, Libya, Accuses Saudi Soldiers Of Heresy And Apostasy  
In a 5:28 minute video released by the Barqa province media office in Libya, a speaker named Abu Jarrah Al-Ansari laments the fact that the Muslim ummah has been afflicted by Arab and non-Arab tyrannical rulers, and adds that those are led by the tyrants of Saudi Arabia. Al-Ansari accuses them of heresy and apostasy, inter alia, due to their collaboration with the Christians and Jews, and for their failure to implement the shari'a. 

Al-Ansari addresses Saudi soldiers, accusing them also of heresy and apostasy. He says: "So O you soldier who works for the tyrants of the Arabian Peninsula, know that you are a kafir and an apostate." 

Speaking to Muslim prisoners in Saudi Arabia, he informs them they are in ISIS's thoughts and prayers. He also hopes that ISIS will one day come for their aid.  

Turning to ISIS's men in Saudi Arabia, he urges them to target the Shi'ites, apostates, and their allies. 

Abu Jarrah Al-Ansari  

Video From Hadhramout Province, Yemen: 'No Way To Deter [The Al-Saud] … But Only Through [The Use Of] Bullets, Raids, Ambushes, And Assassination'
An 11:18 minute video released by ISIS's Hadhramout province in Yemen reiterates the group's call to "ignite the flames of jihad" in Saudi Arabia, and calls upon Saudis to come to the aid of their imprisoned brothers and sisters by attacking the Al-Saud and their soldiers. "[Make] the tyrants and their soldiers taste an assortment of torments, [and] spread terror in their hearts…" it informs them. It also notes that "only through [the use of] bullets, raids, ambushes, and assassinations" can the Al-Saud be deterred.    

The first speaker, Mus'ab Al-Azdi, threatens the Al-Saud with an imminent retaliation, "I swear that our flames shall engulf you soon … and that we shall conquer the [Arabian] Peninsula," he says. At a later point in the video, Al-Azdi directs a stern warning to Saudi soldiers. Seen standing behind two captured Yemeni soldiers who are executed on the spot, he says: "This shall be the fate of the apostate [Saudi] soldiers, O Al-Saloul."  

Mus'ab Al-Azdi (center) threatening Saudi soldiers with the same fate of Yemeni soldier about to get executed 

The second speaker, Abu Hashem Al-Najdi, attempts to rally Saudi tribes against their government. Appealing specifically to tribe members with imprisoned children, Al-Najdi plays on sectarian-related grievances among them. He says: "O people of tribes, O you who are proud of your tribes, where is your chivalry? Where is your magnanimity? Your sons are in prisons, and your daughters are taken captive from you from your [own] homes? [All the while] the Rafidites are not confronted by the Al-Saloul… If you were men, then take your rights with force. You will not be able to free your children with protests or peacefulness, but [only] with force like this [Al-Najdi raises his clenched fist] will you [be able to] take your children [back]."  

Abu Hashem Al-Najdi 

Video From Homs Province, Syria, Notes That The Al-Saud's Promotion Of Religious Dialogue Constitutes A 'Clear Heresy'
An 11:14 minute video released by the media office of Homs province features three men:  
The first speaker is a former Saudi army officer named Abu Osama Al-Jazrawi. Similar to other speakers in the campaign, he threatens the Al-Saud, specifically denouncing their promotion of religious dialogue, which he says constitutes a "clear heresy." He also threatens the Al-Saud with retaliation for their war against the Islamic State: "O Al-Saloul, this war [against the Islamic State] will open its doors upon you from every direction," while adding: "You fool no one but yourself, and you mock [no one] but [the] men at whose hands … is your imprisonment, killing, and cutting off of your necks."

Addressing Saudi soldiers, Al-Jazrawi denounces their work for the Al-Saud, and offers them a chance to repent. 

Speaking to Saudis in general, he cautions them from believing Saudi scholars who work for the Al-Saud.  

Abu Osama Al-Jazrawi 

A second speaker, Abu Mu'adh Al-Jazrawi, denounces the Saudi government's membership in the UN, as well as its turning to the latter over various issues. That, he says, indicates that the Saudi government submits to the UN, and not to Allah and His shari'a, over matters of ruling, and as such, Saudi rulers are apostates and heretics. Al-Jazrawi presents similar arguments regarding Saudi Arabia's complacency in the war against Muslims. Turning to Saudis, he says: "O servants of Allah, don't you see these [military] airplanes that land and take off from the airports of your homeland? Where do they go, and whom do they bomb? Don't they bomb Muslims? Sure, and by Allah you know that."  

Abu Mu'adh Al-Jazrawi 

A third speaker, Abu Hudhayfah Al-Jazrawi, reiterates ISIS's promise to rescue prisoners in Saudi: "By Allah, we haven't forgotten about you… And Allah willing, the prisons shall be demolished, the shackles released, and [after which] you will exit to implement the shari'a of Allah in the peninsula of Muhammad."
Video From Al-Furat Province, Syria-Iraq: The Al-Saud Are 'More Evil Than The Jews And Christians'
A 12:17 minute video released by the media office of Al-Furat province, Syria-Iraq, features two Saudi ISIS operatives: 

The first speaker, Abu Nour Al-Jazrawi, lists the Nawaqid Al-Islam (Nullifiers of Islam)[6] in which the Al-Saud have fallen, naming four: their resorting to other entities besides Allah over matters of judgment; their ruling not according to the shari'a; their making permissible that which Allah had forbade; and their associating and allying with the unbelievers against Muslims.

The second speaker, Jarrah Al-Jazrawi, calls for attacks against the Al-Saud, and attempts to even rally Saudi women who are looking to carry out suicide attacks, saying: "Where are the female suicide bombers, [and] where are the booby-traps? Use [explosive] belts and grill the flesh of the Arabian Peninsula tyrants…" Al-Jazrawi also exhorts those Saudis who are willing to attack members of the Saudi monarchy to "show no mercy," for they, he says, have shown no mercy toward the believers. He also notes the inhumane treatment of prisoners in Saudi Arabia: "By Allah, their [i.e. the Al-Saud's] prisoners have harsher torture than that [employed] by the Jews and Christians, [to the extent] that some brothers held in their prisoners, [and] who [previously] were in Guantanamo prison … would say: I wish I can return to Guantanamo and not stay in Al-Ha'ir prison." Al-Jazrawi concludes by noting that the Al-Saud are "more evil than the Jews and Christians [in their battle] against Muslims." 

Jarrah Al-Jazrawi 

Video From Al-Khayr Province, Syria, Highlights Socio-Economic Grievances To Undermine The Al-Saud, Rally Saudis Against Them
The Al-Khayr province video, the longest in the series at 34 minutes, echoes similar notions about the Al-Saud's treachery and heresy, as well as the need for Saudis to attack them, their military personnel, and Shi'ites. 

The video also notes various socio-economic grievances and phenomena experienced by Saudis, in an attempt to recruit them into ISIS's ranks, destabilize Saudi society, and instigate attacks inside the kingdom. For example, it notes the high rates of poverty in the country and the vast economic gap between the rich – which the Al-Saud symbolizes - and the poor. "Billions were spent by those pigs [i.e. the Al-Saud] on the war against Islam and Muslims, [which] was better off to be given to the needy," it notes. The video also rallies Saudi youth to join the jihad and abstain from taking part in activities which ISIS sees as a waste of their time. One speaker notes in that regard: "Where are you, O youth of Saudi Arabia? Has all your focus turned to soccer, having fun, and playing around? [Has all your focus turned to watching] movies, [going to] clubs, and dancing?" Another speaker also denounces soccer, and says: "O youth of Saudi Arabia, don't let Al-Saloul preoccupy you with the stupidest of matters like soccer and the such, for they are planning to drown you with your desires in order [to make you] forget the issues of your ummah and in order to keep you away from it." 

Some of the activities denounced by ISIS as keeping Saudi youth from jihad, like dancing, watching soccer, and tafheet (Saudi drifting)
*M. Khayat is a research fellow at MEMRI.

[4] See Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1195 ISIS Campaign: Encouraging Palestinians To Carry Out Lone Wolf Attacks, October 20, 2015; Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1187 The Islamic State's Frantic Response To The Wave Of Refugees Fleeing Syria,  September 28, 2015.
[5] Signed in 1973, the agreement provides Saudi Arabia dominance in oil sales in U.S. dollars in exchange for U.S. protection and armament. 
[6] Acts or beliefs that lead a Muslim to being excommunicated from Islam, thus becoming an unbeliever.

M. Khayat


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