Thursday, June 30, 2016

Quartet to avoid branding 'settlements' as 'illegal' - David HaCohen

by David HaCohen

Senior Israeli official claims victory over upcoming International Quartet report, which won't hand legal 'weapon' to Palestinians.

Jewish villager at lookout point near Shiloh, Samaria
Jewish villager at lookout point near Shiloh, Samaria
The International Quartet will today (Wednesday) release their long-awaited report into the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Tomorrow the UN Security Council will meet to discuss this report.

Yisrael Hayom cites a senior Israeli official who claims a significant victory for Israel. The report will not discuss the legality of the communities in Judea and Samaria. "By leaving this out they have prevented the Palestinians using it as a weapon in [the International Court in] the Hague, even if the report is adopted by the Security Council."

The International Quartet is made up of the United States, European Union, Russia, and the United Nations. Their report was to have been released last week but was delayed until after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's visit to Israel.

The report is expected to be critical of Israel for its policies in Area C, those parts of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli control. The report will also criticize the Palestinian leadership for their incitement to violence, inability to govern and the infighting between Fatah and Hamas. The Quartet will say that the Israelis and the Palestinians have made no progress towards a Two-State solution.

On Monday Prime Minister Netanyahu met with US Secretary of State John Kerry in an attempt to neutralize the French peace initiative. Netanyahu stressed that he prefers a regional conference, though it seems unlikely that the Palestinian leadership will agree to such an initiative.

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