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Scary Thoughts or Scary Realities? - Victor Sharpe and Robert Vincent

by Victor Sharpe and Robert Vincent

If Hillary Clinton should enter the Oval Office as president, just think what will happen to the Supreme Court and America for generations.

If Hillary Clinton should enter the Oval Office as president, just think what will happen to the Supreme Court and America for generations.

Right now, the balance of the Court is evenly divided between those whose thoughts lean closer to those of the late Justice Scalia and those on the opposite end of the spectrum, who would use the courts to impose the agenda of the progressive left.

The very nature of our government and our society will be fundamentally and fatally impacted should Hillary Clinton become the next president.  She will select leftist justices to replace existing justices as they leave the bench.

For the first time in history, essential elements of the Bill of Rights would be directly threatened.  Freedom of speech would be targeted; Hillary Clinton is on record as supporting legislation that would ban criticism of Islam under the guise of "protecting religious freedom."  

The Second Amendment would be gutted, likely reinterpreted protecting only the right to bear arms solely within the context of belonging to a "well-regulated militia" (i.e., the National Guard or similar organizations), a position long favored by the progressive left.  

A tectonic shift has occurred in the balance of power in the Middle East.  These changes are not in our favor and have resulted from the disastrous policies of President Obama, who has deliberately engineered a forced United States retreat from that vitally strategic region of the world.

Kenneth Timmerman, writing at FrontPageMag, points out that Turkey and Iran are simultaneously moving toward Russia while Russia is expanding its global military and strategic reach, all to the detriment of the United States and our allies.

Nature abhors a vacuum.  America's military and political absence is predictably being filled by autocratic and dictatorial powers, which harbor enmity and deep hostility toward traditional American values.

Mr. Timmerman adds, "This will have a major impact across the region, potentially leaving U.S. ally Israel isolated to face a massive hostile alliance armed with nuclear weapons."

America is in the foreign policy equivalent of a Great Depression.  Never in the whole of our history has one administration presided over such a rapid and shocking decline in American power and influence on the world stage.

Meanwhile, our president remains deaf to the latest ISIS video calling for new attacks by jihadists using such easily obtained items as vehicles, power drills, baseball bats, and hypodermic needles.

A Muslim truck driver, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, used his 18-ton truck as a weapon in Nice, France to kill 86 innocent civilians.  In this, he followed the grisly example of Palestinian Arab terrorists, who have been committing vehicular murder against Israeli civilians.  

The tragedy of our time is that the scourge of political correctness and globalism is stifling all reasonable criticism of onerous government and elitist policies.

Guy Millière, an independent French journalist, has just written an article about the rise in France of Islam and of the terror that now stalks the land.

His article, titled "First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People," reflects an Islamic phrase in which Muslims first attack Jews; then, when the Jews are gone, they attack Christians.  It is what we have been seeing throughout the Middle East and beyond.

These threats are growing in urgency right on our very doorstep.  Bill Gertz of the Washington Free Beacon writes that Southern Command has warned that Sunni Muslim extremists are now infiltrating the U.S. across the southern border with ease and with the help of alien smugglers in South America.

Yet Americans who suggest that we take serious steps to secure our borders are labeled "deplorable xenophobes" by Hillary Clinton!

Kenneth Timmerman, Guy Millière and Bill Gertz have all added vital reasons why we must do all we can to prevent the election of Hillary Clinton, or a third term of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Despite the weakest economic growth figures since the late 1940s and the lowest labor participation rates since the late '70s, Obama's approval ratings still hover in the 50% range thanks to a complicit MSM shilling for the president.  For this same reason, Hillary, or perhaps a stand-in due to Hillary's health issues, may well defeat Trump eight weeks from now.

America's wave of frustration and the recent surge of Trump in the polls may be thwarted on election day due to possible massive voter fraud employed by the DNC.  Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

The only aspects of Obama's warped legacy that even eight years of Trump probably could not fully redress would be the enormous national debt Obama has run up, the absolutely trashed race relations over which Obama has presided (and indeed, encouraged), and the Supreme Court's ruling on the definition of marriage. 

Consider the way Obama has demonstrated a shocking disregard for the public will and the provisions of our Constitution.  Look at how he behaved with the Iran deal – poll after poll showed that Americans opposed this, and he knew he'd never get the GOP-led Senate to ratify it.  Despite this, he went ahead anyway, preventing the Senate from playing their role, as mandated by the Constitution, to advise and consent on the most important national security-related agreement since the end of the Cold War.

Look at how he behaved on the budget, using a compliant media to aid him in ram-rodding most of what he wanted through a GOP-majority Congress (e.g., using threats of a government shutdown that his media stooges would blame on the latter).

Then there is Obamacare, which the majority of Americans never wanted, but which rolls on month after disastrous month, leading to skyrocketing health care costs for most citizens.

Finally, we are now subject to a politicized DOJ, effectively ordered to avoid enforcing any laws that would be inconvenient for our de facto dictator-in-chief, whether these involve historic breaches of national security by his former secretary of state, voter intimidation, or an out-of-control IRS that openly targets and harasses political opponents.

Given Obama's behavior up to now in office, it is hard to imagine that he would simply accept the fact of Trump taking office – if that is indeed the outcome of this election.

Obama may yet manufacture some other sort of crisis – domestic, or foreign or both – during his final two months of office that will serve as a pretext for remaining in power indefinitely.  

The U.S. military will then have to step up to the plate and defend the Constitution, as is their sworn duty.  This may sound far-fetched, but then there is an awful lot Obama has done that, before the fact, would have also sounded far-fetched.

We can now see the full dimensions of the "fundamental transformation" promised by Obama eight years ago.

Flawed though he may be, Donald Trump stands out as the very last hope we have of reversing the abominable course on which Obama has set this great country.

We must all pray – and work – as best we can for a Trump victory in November.

Victor Sharpe and Robert Vincent are freelance writers for conservative websites. Victor Sharpe is also the  author of several published books, including The Blue Hour and the trilogy Politicide.


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