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How Liberal Democrats Institutionalized White Supremacy - Michael Bargo, Jr.

by Michael Bargo, Jr.

The only way blacks have improved their lives is to leave, on their own, their institutionalized poverty of place: they have begun to leave the ghettoes of New York and Chicago.

The election of Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, was seen as a landmark achievement for a nation that once dehumanized blacks and held them as slaves. The expectation was that President Obama would lift up the socioeconomic status of blacks throughout the nation and rid the country of its attitudes of racial discrimination and bias.

But the exact opposite has happened. Obama’s record of black achievement is not just dismal, it is shocking. Obama’s policies have put blacks out of the work force, their unemployment rate has risen. Welfare use and food stamp enrollment have also seen startling and disappointing increases.

At first one could argue that this is because the nation was too prejudiced to allow him to establish any programs that would elevate blacks in the U.S. But this argument cannot be made, since Obama spent and borrowed more money than any government leader in world history, not just U.S. history. How this historical expenditure failed to lift up the economic status of blacks is the most important issue of Obama’s presidency, for no other reason than that was his self-avowed goal.

An analysis of Obama’s failure to help blacks can only be understood when the long-term policies of Democrats toward blacks are acknowledged. The plain truth is, Democrats have never been concerned with raising the socioeconomic status of blacks. To the contrary, history shows that Democrats have been solely focused on controlling blacks, segregating them into impoverished communities, and restricting their families to lives of poverty, crime, incarceration, and desperation.

The oppressive policies of Democrats toward blacks has a history over two hundred years old. It extends back to the Democrat party’s support of slavery in the South. Time and again, at every opportunity, southern Democrats consistently acted to suppress the rights of blacks. For example, when the U.S. was first being formed as a nation, some northern representatives wanted to completely abolish slavery, but their efforts were curtailed by southern slave owners.

When efforts were made to allow slaves to escape to free states, the states’ rights movement, led by Democratic politicians like John Calhoun, argued that a slave belongs to his owner no matter if he goes to a free state or not. This states’ rights approach is still being seen today when Democrats argue they have the right to promote illegal immigration.

The Civil War was fought to abolish slavery. Two amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the Thirteenth and Fourteenth, were passed to abolish the practice. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing blacks from the bonds of slavery.

Democrats have never wanted equality for blacks. In retaliation for losing the Civil War, Democrats in the South started oppressive vigilante groups and wrote laws to hinder the participation of blacks in politics. The laws written to suppress black voting were not banned until the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The 1964 Civil Rights Act was filibustered by Senator Robert Byrd, who was an active KKK leader and recruiter. The KKK was started after the Civil War to intimidate blacks and keep them from voting.

And shockingly, Hillary Clinton, who promoted herself as a protector of civil rights, supported Senator Byrd and called him a man of “nobility,” “protector of the constitution” and her “mentor.” It is startling that this anti-black agenda of the Democrat Party persists to this day.

During the 2016 presidential election, President Obama and other Democrat leaders started the Black Lives Matter movement. They had the help of financier George Soros, who is most accurately seen as the financier of a resistance movement, the movement of the Democratic Party to resist change in its oppressive institutions. Blacks are no longer held by chains, they are held back by poor education, poor education guaranteed by the institutions of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. These two organizations have millions of members through the U.S. ensuring that blacks will never overcome the oppression Democrats have institutionalized for them.

Democrats are now renewing their efforts to maintain their control of blacks by introducing the concepts of “white privilege” and “white supremacy.” Curiously, they fail to confess that their institutions, established through Democrat government policies, are the real obstacles blacks, and now Hispanics, face.

Liberal Democrats make sure that blacks and Hispanics will never improve their socioeconomic status. An improvement in their socioeconomic status will threaten the Democratic Party’s control. The 2016 election was narrowly lost, and Democrats see their only hope as restoring their absolute control of black and Hispanic voters. To do this they are blaming the oppression of racial minorities on Republicans, but Republicans were not responsible for creating the big city ghettoes and barrios where Democrats are now creating a second, oppressed racial group, Hispanics.

In fact, the promotion of illegal immigration and the segregation of illegal immigrants into barrios in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York proves that liberal Democrats still cling to their principles of impoverishing minorities by race and then using their despair to obtain votes. No one can argue that Democrats respect Hispanics when they say illegal immigrants are in the U.S. to do “low paid jobs no one else will do.” This is racist, exploitive, and brutal language, intended to achieve only one goal: to keep Hispanics in poverty, just as they did blacks. In fact, this degrading language toward Hispanics is an exact duplication, a precise resurrection, of the language used to enslave blacks: that people from Africa are needed to pick cotton and tobacco because these are low paid jobs no one else will do.

This intentional degradation of an entire group of people is shocking to see practiced today, but it has been done with such subtlety and rhetorical sleight of hand that it has worked.

When these facts of history are combined with the rhetoric and actions of liberal Democrats today, the true nature of their scheme can be understood: that they, and they alone, have institutionalized white supremacy, in order to maintain their political power. Political power enables them to control these two racial groups and guarantee political power far into the future.

Anyone who argues that these are not facts needs to review the history of the Democratic Party’s abuse of blacks, and explain how, after spending more money than any government leader in history, Obama totally failed to elevate the blacks of the U.S. The only explanation is: it’s far too important to the Democrats to keep the black and Hispanic vote for them to allow these two groups to improve themselves.

Liberal Democrats institutionalized white supremacy by keeping blacks and Hispanics in poverty through government institutions, particularly education and the support of single motherhood through entitlement programs. These facts are indisputable.

The only way blacks have improved their lives is to leave, on their own, their institutionalized poverty of place: they have begun to leave the ghettoes of New York and Chicago. Blacks are leaving the cities of the Northeast and moving back South

Michael Bargo, Jr.


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