Monday, February 13, 2017

Federal workers planning sabotage of the Trump administration - Ed Straker

by Ed Straker

And they tell the New York Times. They're not even afraid.

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin is fond of saying that when liberals win elections, they run the country, and when they lose elections, they also run the country. That's because liberals control much of the media, the judiciary, and especially the bureaucracy, regardless of who wins the election.

Bureaucrats in the federal government, unhappy with the results of the election, feel they should be the ones to decide how America is run, and they are plotting their resistance to President Trump.

At the Environmental Protection Agency, a group of scientists strategized this past week about how to slow-walk President Trump's environmental orders without being fired.
President Trump is going to have the EPA enforce fewer regulations. How do you slow-walk less enforcement? It sounds like liberal-speak for directly disobeying orders of the chief executive.

At the Treasury Department, civil servants are quietly gathering information about whistle-blower protections as they polish their résumés.
I think whistleblowing is a euphemism for leaking government information. This entire episode is in liberal-speak and requires subtitles, like a foreign film. As for the traitorous civil servants, instead of polishing their résumés, they should be packing an emergency travel bag in case they need to abruptly head to the Ecuadorian embassy for an extended stay.

At the United States Digital Service – the youthful cadre of employees who left jobs at Google, Facebook or Microsoft to join the Obama administration – workers are debating how to stop Mr. Trump should he want to use the databases they made more efficient to target specific immigrant groups.
Government employees plotting to sabotage government databases. And they tell the New York Times. They're not even afraid.

It's so bad that federal workers get triggered even hearing the name of Steve Bannon.

"At that moment, when folks heard the name Steve Bannon, it was like a punch in the gut. It became so real," said the employee, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisals.
Hey, to any federal employees reading this article, listen up: Stephen Bannon!

Stephen Bannon! (Pow!)

Stephen Bannon! (Pow!)

Stephen Bannon! (Ugh!)

On Monday, about 100 employees at the [EPA] agency's Chicago office, which oversees the enforcement of environmental regulations in five Midwestern states, used their lunch hour to protest the Senate's confirmation of Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general, to lead the agency. Mr. Pruitt was a fierce critic of its mission under Mr. Obama.
One anonymous Twitter user created "@WhitehouseLeaks," with a purported mission to reveal the secret workings of the Trump administration from within the West Wing.
At the Defense Department, where uniformed men and women work with civilians, several rank-and-file employees expressed outrage that Mr. Trump would announce the travel ban at the Pentagon, a building filled with people from different faiths and countries.
Defense Department employees are outraged that President Trump is attempting to secure our nation from unvetted foreigners? And the Defense Department is filled with people from different countries? I would hope not. I would hope they are all Americans.

If they were doing this under Obama, the media would treat them like the criminals they are, not heroes. Federal employees who are openly bold enough to tell journalists they are plotting to sabotage a duly elected president should be investigated and prosecuted to the afull extent of the law.

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