Thursday, April 27, 2017

European intervention must end - Dror Eydar

by Dror Eydar

In Europe's eyes, these Jewish tattletales are good Israelis, because they oppose the "extreme Right" (that's how they view the Israeli majority)

Considering all the crises plaguing the world, and our region in particular, it is odd that of all people, a foreign minister representing more than 80 million Germans chose to meet with a group of Israeli tattletales who defame our soldiers. He also chose a perfect time to do it: between Holocaust Remembrance Day and Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers. Does this man not have advisers?

According to watchdog group NGO Monitor, over the last five years Germany has contributed some 5.5 million shekels ($1.5 million) to left-wing Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence (a group that solicits damning testimonies from IDF soldiers about Israeli military wrongdoing) through a variety of government-funded church aid organizations. In the same manner, the German government has donated 1.7 million shekels ($468,000) to B'Tselem (a group that documents and broadcasts violations of Palestinian rights), the watchdog found. The European Union hands Israeli and Palestinian organizations hundreds of millions of euros, even though many of them are anti-Semitic and support Arab terrorism against us.

Recently, thanks to NGO Monitor's work, a protest erupted in the European Parliament against the distribution of government funds without oversight. 

What about our lawmakers? Why aren't they leading this protest? The members of the European Parliament don't know the first thing about how their money is being used. All they know is the small amount of one-sided "information" provided by the groups themselves. For example, the "information" that the German foreign minister received from Breaking the Silence during a tour of Hebron several years ago prompted him to tweet about "apartheid." What does he know about our history in Hebron? What does he know about the decades of murderous tendencies of the town's Arab residents against Jews? In Europe's eyes, these Jewish tattletales are good Israelis, because they oppose the "extreme Right" (that's how they view the Israeli majority) and they provide the world with (partial, often false) information about alleged Jewish war crimes. 

The German foreign minister describes these organizations as the "opposition." Hardly! Zionist Union leader MK Isaac Herzog is the opposition. These groups are so oppositional they even oppose Herzog's opposition (and while Herzog does occasionally use them to bash Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, his opinion of them is well-documented). 

Nowhere else in the Western world is there another example of such blatant intervention in the policies of another democracy. Imagine what the government of Spain would say if the Germans gave cash to Catalan separatists. They are just an "opposition" group, aren't they? The Europeans don't fund opposition organizations in any other country, certainly not to the enormous extent they fund these small-time groups that fight to undermine Israel under the guise of human rights activism (to them, human rights means that every human deserves the right to self-defense -- except Jews).

The truth is that these European donations, including money from the German government, are meant to coerce Israel to incorporate policy that contradicts its own interests and historical justice. The Palestinians are lucky enough to be leading the fight against the Jews' return to Zion. That is the real story here. I remember a poor Yazidi woman -- whose people were forced to convert to Islam or be slaughtered, the women raped and sold into slavery -- holding up a sign lamenting her people's misfortune that their enemy is not the Jews -- the only enemy the world is interested in. 

Supporters of the leftist groups will argue that since the Germans provide the Israeli military with submarines, they have every right to criticize us. And I say: Sure! Criticize, argue, debate (after learning all the facts) but do so directly with the policy makers, not through disguised channels and certainly not through provocations, like the German foreign minister's. In any case, this shameful European intervention in Israeli politics needs to stop. Israel is not a third-world country. 

Dror Eydar


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