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Randa Jarrar: Bigot of Fresno State - Lloyd Billingsley

by Lloyd Billingsley

A professor's long record of promoting violence and hate unearthed.

“Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F*** outta here with your nice words.”

Those were the first lines most people had read from Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar, who turns 40 this year. In a video posted last week, the professor made it clear these were not new themes. 

Around Fresno, she said, “a lot of the farmers now are Trump supporters and just fucking stupid.” As she told the students, “I’m inspired by several things, usually my hatred for the man.” As she explained, “I can’t fucking stand the white hetero-patriarchy.” And she has also boned up on into history.

“The resistance fighters in the 60s and 70s. They didn’t kill anyone but they scared the shit out of people. They would hijack the plane and say ‘we are not going to hurt anyone on this plane but we are going to fucking hijack this plane.’” In the present, she wonders, “Why is Spencer’s (?) house still standing. I don’t understand. It needs to be like, fucking broken into. People need to fucking throw grenades into it. I don’t give a fuck.”  

The very pale professor told the crowd “Ha ha, fuck you. Empire, I mean you know. It counts on brown and black bodies to keep going. This is actually my shit. The reason you have nice stuff is because you stole my stuff. You stole my resources, you stole my land, you raped me,” and so forth.

On the literary side, Jarrar said, “a person hones their writer’s voice by telling people to shut the fuck up when they annoy them. You know, call them out for their inappropriate and spilling out masculinity. Make fun of them in front of other people, that were at an event.” The jovial professor also had some advice for her comrades. 

“The other side is doing some stupid shit. I’m going to do some stupid shit. I’m tired of being the bigger person – literally am, usually.” Jarrar was “tired of the left being, like fucking stupid and being like ‘No, we have to, like, be gentle.” In her view, “No, don’t be fucking gentle.” And for her part, “I don’t give a fuck. I’m buying guns.”

Some students may have known that, as Daniel Greenfield notes, Jarrar is a notorious BDS activist, a supporter of groups like Hamas that call for the mass murder of Jews. But that’s not all she is about. 

According to a January 2017 interview with one-time Fresno State colleague Alex Espinosa, Randa Jarrar was born in Chicago to an Egyptian-Greek mother and Palestinian father. Jarrar was raised in Kuwait and Egypt and returned to the United States at 13 after the Gulf War. 

As Espinosa noted, Bitch Magazine described her this way: “A queer, Muslim, Palestinian-American and proud fat femme, Jarrar lives the complexities of intersectionality.” She followed her successful debut novel A Map of Home with Him, Me, Muhammad Ali. Her collection of stories The Millions, was “recognized as one of the most anticipated books of 2016.” 

Jarrar admitted she gets photoshopped as Jabba the Hut in a belly dancing outfit. “Get it? Because I’m fat?” In the interview, she was indeed on a roll. 

“Fuck white supremacy,” Jarrar said. “Fuck white people who think they can steal from us with impunity. Lionel Shriver has a right to write what she wants, but at the end of the day, I have the right to tell her that she’s a racist; that a white writer’s ‘freedom’ isn’t freedom if it’s at the cost of a person of color’s oppression; and that her books suck.” 

Shriver is the author of So Much for That, a National Book Award finalist and the bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin. Espinosa didn’t delve into those books but did ask Jarrar what cultural value she attached to her own work. “My writing is drag,” she said, “comedy, cinema, a weed flower, glittery bras, Miss Piggy’s nose, a plate of mulokhiyya, a sheeska packed with apple-flavored tobacco.” 

Randa Jarrar also thinks Barbara Bush was an “amazing racist.” The Kuwait-raised Muslim loves to dish it out, so students, parents and taxpayers should use their First Amendment rights to see how much she can take. After all, this queer Muslim proud fat femme is certainly fair game.

As the soi disant exploited person of color explained in the video, “sometimes I’m sucking a white dick.” And the tenured professor and literary critic admits, “I am going to do some stupid shit.” So have some fun with that. I mean you know, call her on it.  

Comedian Jay Mohr has called for Jarrar to be fired but dismissal is unlikely. Even so, students, parents and taxpayers might make a case through the California Civil Rights Initiative. That measure, passed by voters in 1996, forbids the use of racial and ethnic preferences in state education, employment and contracting. 

Some diversity drone may have thought FSU needed more white women raised in Kuwait and Egypt. Some politically correct bureaucrat may have broken state law by rejecting a better qualified candidate in favor of vacuous bigot Randa Jarrar. 

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of the new crime book, Lethal Injections: Elizabeth Tracy Mae Wettlaufer, Canada’s Serial Killer Nurse, and the recently updated Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation.


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