Monday, July 23, 2018

Stanford Student Vows to “Physically Fight Zionists on Campus” - Robert Spencer

by Robert Spencer

When will Stanford confront the growing fascist presence on its campus?

Hamzeh Daoud, a student at Stanford University, has vowed: “im gonna physically fight zionists on next year if someone comes at me with their ‘israel is a democracy’ bullshit. :) and after i abolish your ass i’ll go ahead and work every day for the rest of my life to abolish your petty ass ethnosupremacist settler-colonial state.”

When I spoke at Stanford last year, there was a great deal of Leftist hysteria and fearmongering in the run-up to the event. A claque of professors actually wrote a warning about “Robert Spencer and his Islamophobic incitements to violence.”

As these liars probably knew, the only real threat of violence was to me and to those students courageous enough to support my appearing on campus. Confirming that now is Daoud, who whined improbably amid the hysteria about my appearance on campus that he had been “questioned about my position at Stanford because of my religion.” Yeah, sure, Hamzeh — everyone knows Stanford is a hotbed of “Islamophobia.”

Anyway, Daoud, who is, not surprisingly, at the jihad-abetting United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), has now confirmed who the violent thugs really are. The fearless, peerless Stanford College Republicans issued this statement:

SCR is disgusted by a threat of violence issued by Hamzeh Daoud, a rising junior at Stanford University, toward pro-Israel students. Daoud, who is active in Stanford Students for Justice in Palestine, a former ASSU Undergraduate Senator (Hamzeh Daoud for ASSU Senate), and who will be a Residential Assistant in one of Stanford’s dormitories in the 2018-2019 school year, vowed on his personal Facebook page to “physically fight zionists on campus next year.” Threatening to assault other students who hold a different point of view is anathema to a free society and any kind of education, let alone the operation of the premier research university in the world.

Stanford should take disciplinary action against Mr. Daoud and SCR demands that Stanford terminate Daoud’s position as a Residential Assistant in the Norcliffe dormitory immediately. Mr. Daoud’s statements reveal him to be a danger to the safety of students on Stanford’s campus, and such an individual should never be put in any position of authority over other students, particularly in a dormitory that includes freshmen. Moreover, while we are disturbed by Hamzeh Daoud’s statements, we find it unsurprising that a member of SJP, an organization with financial ties to terrorist affiliates, would issue a call to violence against pro-Israel students.

Amid the uproar over my appearance at Stanford, and the planned disruption of my event by administrators and students, I noted that in endeavoring to make sure that as few people as possible heard me, and in relentlessly defaming me in the student press before the event, Stanford administrators, faculty and students were behaving like fascists: “In The Coming of the Third Reich, historian Richard J. Evans explains how, in the early days of National Socialist Germany, Stormtroopers (Brownshirts) ‘organized campaigns against unwanted professors in the local newspapers [and] staged mass disruptions of their lectures.’ To express dissent from Nazi positions became a matter of taking one’s life into one’s hands. The idea of people of opposing viewpoints airing their disagreements in a civil and mutually respectful manner was gone. One was a Nazi, or one was silent (and fearful).”

The Stanford fascists in question, when they took notice of this charge at all, ridiculed it. But here Hamzeh Daoud has once again demonstrated that it is true, and made the analogy between the Stanford Leftist establishment and fascism even more exact by adding in a heavy dose of Jew-hatred.

Will Hamzeh Daoud be expelled from Stanford? Fired from the UNHCR? Are you kidding? He represents everything that both entities want and are working hard to inculcate into as many people as possible: a propensity for violence, hatred of Jews and Israel, arrogance, self-righteousness, and an aggrieved sense of victimhood.

Stanford has a massive problem today with fascism and the forcible suppression of dissenting views, now with the threat of violence. But its administrators, who doubtless hold views practically identical to Hamzeh Daoud’s, will no doubt do nothing but aid and abet the growth of fascism on campus by continuing to encourage the likes of Hamzeh Daoud and the spurious pose of aggrieved victimhood that he has, callow as he is, already mastered. The problem, you see, is not jihad mass murder. Nor is it the institutionalized oppression of women, gays, and others under Sharia. Nor is it the “Palestinians” who pass out candies and hold celebrations over the wanton massacre of Israeli civilians. No, none of those are problems at all. And the demonization and suppression of views that aren’t hard-Left on campus? That merits no notice whatsoever.

No, the real problems today are “Islamophobia,” Zionism, American imperialism, racism, and the rest. Stanford and other universities and colleges are busy all over the country indoctrinating a generation of Hamzeh Daouds. When these programmed bots, inclined to violence and both incapable and contemptuous of rational thought, are let loose on American society, watch out.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His new book is The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.


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