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The Results of Obama's Presidency Still Don't Matter to Journalists - Jack Hellner

by Jack Hellner

The egotistical, narcissistic Obama said he would stop sea levels from rising when he became President but he couldn’t even keep his promise to let people keep their Doctor, Plan and lower premiums.

I read frequently what a good or even great a president Barack Obama was, and how his administration was virtually free of scandals. We also frequently hear how bad a President Trump is and how corrupt he is.

Somehow when journalists and others spew forth with these generalities, I never see the examples of what makes Obama good or great, and what makes Trump so bad. So, I thought it would be good to fill in some of the blanks, because results should be what makes a President good or bad. (Of course, Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing other than giving a speech, so he has been idolized for a long time for a blank slate).

In 2008 Terrorism deaths Worldwide were 15,708. In 2009 they were 15,310. By the last three years of Obama’s Presidency, terrorism deaths had risen to 32,763, 29424 and 25,722. The first two years of Trump’s presidency are back down to below 19,000. It is no surprise that terrorism deaths rose when Obama called ISIS the JV team and drew a fatuous red line in Syria, did everything he could to build up the terrorist-sponsoring Iran, and even stopped a U.S investigation into drug running by the terrorist Hezb’allah organization. Thank goodness we now have Trump instead of Hillary who even said, “What difference does it make?” when people died in Benghazi, and who was so lawless with classified information. 

USA Today
Terror-related deaths have fallen for the third consecutive year around the globe,
After peaking at about 34,000 deaths in 2014, terrorism-related deaths fell by 44 percent last year to 18,800,
Military defeats of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in Iraq and Syria and the Nigerian government “breaking the back” of Boko Haram are the main reasons for the drop in deaths related to terrorism, Killelea said. Afghanistan recorded the highest number of terror-related deaths among all countries.
Overall, deaths at the hands of the Islamic State dropped by 52 percent in 2017, according to the report. Killelea predicted that the group will no longer rank as the deadliest terrorist organization in 2018.
President Obama strengthened tyrants in China, Cuba, Iran and Russia throughout his eight-year presidency. He did little to stop North Korea. Trump, in contrast, is weakening the economies of tyrants throughout the World with sanctions, tariffs, getting out of the Iran deal and increasing oil production. He appears to have scared North Korea into stopping the threatening of its neighbors. 

Tillerson and Kelly said they had to keep Trump from breaking laws, but they never accused him of breaking actual laws. Obama and those he surrounded himself with didn't care. Sanctuary cities and states and DACA are just two examples. 

The Obama administration illegally spied on thousands of Americans, including political opponents. The Obama administration also illegally unmasked names of people surrounding Trump. We have seen nothing similar under Trump. 

Obama’s policies gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years despite almost zero interest rates, massive federal injection of funds, substantial government spending increases and an increase of around $10 trillion in debt. Trump has given us the fastest annual growth since 2005. Obama gave us the lowest labor participation rate in forty years. Trump has brought the unemployment for all races, all education levels and all sexes to record lows. 

Obama rewarded political bundlers with jobs and contracts. Trump has given almost 100% of U.S. taxpayers and businesses more money to improve the economy, whether they donated to him or supported him or not. Elizabeth Warren and others say, without evidence, that Trump’s policies only benefit the rich. What a crock. It appears that almost the only people that may pay more taxes are higher income people from high tax states that may lose some deductions. It is the Democrats who are trying to protect those rich people, not Trump. Democrats are also the ones that push the $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles where almost all the credits go to wealthier people who pretend they care about the environment while they virtue-signal their neighbors.

Obama used the EPA, CFPB and Justice Department to blackmail companies and set up slush funds for political purposes and to reward supporters. The slush funds are gone after Trump was elected. 

Obama took away freedom of choice on health care and premiums, and out of pocket expenses rose rapidly. Trump has given freedom of choice back and all of a sudden, prices are stabilizing in 2019. It must be a coincidence. Obama also illegally diverted funds, without going through the cumbersome legislative process, when Obamacare was coming up short. It also was Democrats who diverted Medicare funds to Obamacare, not Trump or Republicans. 

Obama also violated freedom of speech rights of political opponents through IRS. He weaponized the Justice Department to protect people who violated laws who worked for him, while they were used to target Trump and those who surrounded him. Yet journalists overwhelmingly continue the fiction that no one was above the law during Obama’s eight years and that the Justice Department treats all of us equally. 

A fictional Russian collusion narrative perpetuated by a fraudulent dossier created out of thin air and paid for by Hillary and the DNC is not about Trump corruption. The clear case of corruption resides with the Obama Administration colluding with the DNC and Hillary to elect Hillary and destroy Trump. The complicit media is a co-conspirator for perpetuating the fraud. 

It is also not a campaign finance violation to use personal money to pay off blackmailing porn stars and Playboy bunnies. It should be a campaign finance violation to steal taxpayer money to hide scandals of members of Congress. If Pelosi actually wants transparency, she will release the names of all cases where taxpayer money was used to protect incumbents. 

The egotistical, narcissistic Obama said he would stop sea levels from rising when he became President but he couldn’t even keep his promise to let people keep their Doctor, Plan and lower premiums. 

I honestly can’t think of anything Obama did domestically or relating to foreign policy that made the U.S. or World safer and stronger. I wish these people that say that Obama was good or great would come up with a list of policies that were meant to make the U.S. as a whole better -- private sector. Obama came into office saying he wanted to remake America. I believe that is true. He wanted to remake America to weaken its power throughout the world and to make the government stronger and make more people dependent on it. Those are lousy goals.

Image credit: cropped from White House Archives

Jack Hellner


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