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CAIR Official: "i wish hitler was alive to f*** up the jewish ppl" - Sam Westrop

by Sam Westrop

Anti-Semitism runs unchecked in certain parts of Minnesota

UPDATE - 4/17/2019: Since first publishing, Abubakar Osman has now deleted his post, but a screenshot of the full page is available here.

In addition, CAIR Minnesota has responded. It states that it "condemns these hateful and hurtful words in the strongest terms possible" and claims Osman no longer works for the organization.

CAIR Minnesota does not, however, condemn - or even address - the other instances of anti-Semitism, including from one of its board members, uncovered by Islamist Watch.

Writing in Alpha News, journalist Megan Olson draws attention to Islamist Watch research on the cozy relationship between politicians and anti-Semitic Islamists in Minnesota. Now, new information about the virulent anti-Semitism of leading Islamist activists in Minnesota has emerged.

As Olson concisely explains, not only was anti-Jewish cleric and activist Asad Zaman invited by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to deliver a sermon before the State of the State address, but a bill currently before the Minnesota legislature nominates Zaman to join a taskforce on "Islamophobia and antisemitism." This is particularly galling, given that on his social media, Zaman promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy articles published by neo-Nazi websites, expresses support for violent jihadist groups, including Hamas and Islami Chhatra Shabir, and writes: "It is a tactic of the Israeli lobby to label those whom they cannot shut up as anti-Semites. (please check out the Hasbara manual)."

Zaman is head of the Minnesota branch of the Muslim American Society, a national organization first founded by Islamist activists involved closely with the Muslim Brotherhood. In 2014, the United Arab Emirates named MAS as a terrorist organization, along with another group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

CAIR is also extremely active in Minnesota. Its Minnesota branch, and its head Jaylani Hussein, have also been nominated by the same Minnesota bill to join the anti-Semitism taskforce. Hussein has been criticized before, after he reportedly refused to condemn the designated terrorist organization Hamas.

But this is small-time compared to the views of his colleague, Abubakar Osman, who states he is CAIR Minnesota's Government Affairs Coordinator. On Facebook (on which he uses the name Sadiqq Abu Osman, reports his employer is CAIR Minnesota, and uses profile photos that feature the same person as in his LinkedIn account ), he wrote in a post in 2008: "i wish hitler was alive to fuck up the jewish ppl and add more jewish causalities to the 6 million he killed in the holocaust..."

Other CAIR Minnesota officials include board member Abdul Basit, who has claimedthat those who "plot" against Bernie Sanders do so because they are Jewish.

Few readers will not have read last month about the furor over Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar's comments about pro-Israel groups and their purported power over American politics. Many considered her remarks anti-Semitic. Rather unsurprisingly, CAIR Minnesota, the Muslim American Society and their anti-Jewish officials are devoted supporters of the Congresswoman.

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