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Double Exposure: The Dems Coddling of Criminals and Iranian Terrorists - Clarice Feldman

by Clarice Feldman

The President has the magical power, it seems, to get idiots and criminals to expose themselves.

This week, the Democrats have been revealed as the party that exposes us to (1) criminal mayhem (often anti-Semitic) on the streets of New York and (2) terrorism everywhere as they consistently ignored it, indeed, paid off the perpetrators with pallets of airlifted unmarked bills and praised the worst of its perpetrators. The President has the magical power, it seems, to get idiots and criminals to expose themselves.

Mayhem on the Streets of NY 

Beginning on the first of this year, New York's “no bail no jail” law, enacted by the Democratic legislature and put into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo went into effect. The law allows those arrested for a large variety of crimes, including some that create serious consequences for others -- like third-degree assault, making terrorist threats, selling firearms to minors, money laundering to support terrorism and grand larceny -- to be released immediately on no bail. One assumes if they later refuse to appear for a court hearing they might well also be released on their own say-so. The new law provides that hindering prosecution, after all, is a no-bail crime. 

It may be true that some low-level crimes for which poorer arrestees cannot afford bail, means they languish in jail until trial, but this law is so poorly crafted that it includes crimes for which bail is warranted no matter what the economic condition of the person arrested, for otherwise there is no penalty for immediately repeating the criminal acts. Criminals learn there are no consequences for their actions. Of course, it won’t much affect the rich, who glide about in chauffeured cars and live in gated communities or buildings guarded by doormen, but the middle class surely are impacted. Once, again these misguided efforts to coddle the underclass have the effect of remaking our cities and states on a feudal model where the rich are protected and serfs who work and pay taxes are in constant danger from brigands and murderers.

Days before the law went formally into play, a series of horrific anti-Semitic attacks on Orthodox Jews began. (Many more such acts, including harassment on subways and streets, were filmed and appear online though not in the press.) 

As I understand it, the courts must release the defendant without any inquiry into the likelihood of the defendant’s fleeing the jurisdiction. “In theory, the bail system is meant to balance three competing objectives: (1) allow all but the most dangerous criminal defendants to go free before trial, (2) ensure that defendants appear at all required court proceedings, and (3) protect the public by preventing new crime.”

The consequences of this ill-conceived law were readily apparent. Seth Barron writes at City Journal:
In advance of January 1, when the new reforms officially come into effect, judges and prosecutors statewide have begun easing into the new regime by proactively letting remanded prisoners out of jail and by releasing newly arrested serious criminals on their own recognizance. For instance, on Friday, Tiffany Harris of Brooklyn slapped three Jewish women in the face, yelling anti-Semitic imprecations. She was arraigned on Saturday and released without bail; she was arrested for assaulting someone else on Sunday. On Saturday, Steven Haynes, a Brooklyn man lying on the sidewalk, attacked and pummeled a police officer who asked him to get up. Charged with a series of crimes, Haynes was released by a judge and was back on the street within a few hours. In Rockland County -- where the Hanukkah machete attack occurred -- Jorge Flores-Villalba, an unlicensed driver, killed a pedestrian on Christmas Eve and fled the scene. He was released without bail on Christmas Day.
Police and other critics of the hastily enacted and sloppy criminal-justice reforms have been warning New Yorkers for months that the scene is being set for mayhem. But neither Governor Andrew Cuomo -- who now promises to enact “domestic terrorism” legislation in response to the Monsey attacks -- nor the legislature have moved to fix the new bail laws. Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced a plan to offer incentives like gift cards or baseball tickets to induce offenders to return to court. “In a world where we want speedier trials and we want the justice system to work, if small incentives are part of what actually makes it work, then that’s a smart policy,” said the mayor. The day after the Monsey attack -- perpetrated, like almost all the recent anti-Semitic violence in New York, by an African-American -- de Blasio blamed President Trump. This echoed his June comments that “the right-wing movement” represents “the violent threat” of contemporary anti-Semitism.
Mayor de Blasio expresses the defeatism and denial that has infected the state’s entire political class regarding public safety. Having accepted the bogus argument that minority communities are disproportionately policed and “criminalized,” our leaders have seemingly surrendered the will to protect the communities -- largely these same minority neighborhoods -- most ravaged by crime. The only option left is to pursue the debunked logic that policing is driven by implicit racial bias, and that crime is caused by inadequate funding of social programs.
Should those who enacted this idiotic law pretend they were unaware of these consequences, or the media downplay the fact that a subset of blacks influenced by anti-Semites linked to Democrats commit most of these crimes, the record belies that defense.

Back in 1992, Obama’s friend Professor Skip Gates warned of the dangers of Black anti-Semitism, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright have been leaders in stirring this pot and yet no Democratic leader has called them on it. Indeed, most seek their endorsement and support. Linda Sarsour, the new anti-Semite on the block, is an ally of Mayor de Blasio. Obama named her one of his “Champions of Change.” Don’t look to the media to report honestly about this Democrats' tradeoff of black underclass votes for Jewish votes. Don’t expect leftists of any background to call them on it. 

People like Farrakhan are not “fringe figures,” they are key players in the Democratic effort to round up votes. As by online friend Alex Bensky writes:
He comes to Detroit every year or so and fills the arena with twenty thousand people, while local black leaders jostle for prominent seats. A black guy I know decided to see for himself a couple of summers ago when fifteen thousand filled an outdoor theater. He said the crowd was very enthusiastic, equally so when Farrakhan went into the Jew stuff, applauding and cheering as for anything else he said.

Both local gazettes limited themselves to observations at the end of their stories that Farrakhan has sometimes said things "that some people consider anti-Semitic." The local black weekly gives him extensive and admiring coverage and doesn't mention the Jew-hatred at all.

Imagine a comparable situation -- a caucus of Republicans in Congress has close and longstanding ties with an out and out racist who can command the presence of thousands wherever he goes. My guess is the media's coverage would have a different tone.
Even the media’s go-to namers of hate organizations, the money scamming Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) failed to acknowledge it either. They remain silent on the terror attacks against Jews. Instead they list as hate groups such outfits as the David Horowitz Freedom Center and ACT for America.

Precision bombings in Iraq Expose the Democrats’ Love Affair with Iranian Terrorism

Precision bombing in Iraq killed the number-one terrorist in the world, far more dangerous to U.S. personnel and interests than Osama bin Laden was when he, a frail, isolated old man, was killed: Qassem Suleimani.
“General Suleimani was the architect of nearly every significant operation by Iranian intelligence and military forces over the past two decades, and his death was a staggering blow for Iran at a time of sweeping geopolitical conflict.”
Also killed, according to Iran, were General Hussein Jaafari Naya, Colonel Shahroud Muzaffari Naya, Major Hadi Tarmi, and Captain Waheed Zamanian. Other reports include Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an Iraqi paramilitary leader, who attacked American and Western embassies and was the founder of a group responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq.

And there were reports late Friday that Shibi al Zaydi, leader of the PMU (Popular Mobilization Units, Iranbacked militias) was confirmed dead after another U.S. air strike. Yet another strike eradicated six Shiite militia leaders near Baghdad.

The Democrats’ response had been laughable when not contradictory. Just as the impeachment effort exposed Joe Biden’s corruption, the attack on this sweeping retaliation against Iran and Iranian-backed terrorists exposes how closely the Democrats have been coordinating with the thugs in Iran.

Obama liked and aided Iran. A little history from Lee Smith:
The White House’s so-called nuclear talks with Iran over the last 18 months were never about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Like everyone else in the Middle East, the Iranians understood that when Obama failed to strike Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in September 2013 for crossing his redline against the use of chemical weapons, there was no way the president would ever order military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. When Obama took that option off the table, he signaled to Iran that he wasn’t going to stop them because he thought there was no way to do so. When he leaked information about the Stuxnet worm, he suggested that he could help with Israel, too.
The negotiations were about something else entirely -- they were about what Obama has described as a new geopolitical equilibrium, which would stabilize the Middle East and allow the administration to further minimize its role in the region. The way Obama described it publicly, this new security architecture was going to balance Iran against traditional American allies, like Saudi Arabia. However, it soon became apparent that the White House wasn’t really balancing at all, but had rather chosen one team over the others, Iran. Obama made his preference for Iran and its allies clear -- in Lebanon, Syria, and most obviously in Iraq where the White House ordered air strikes on ISIS positions that allowed various Iranian-backed outfits, under the leadership of Qassem Suleimani, to take Tikrit.
Obama liked Suleiman and praised him as an example to Arabs (ibid ):
The Arabs need to learn from Iran’s example. In fact, they need to take a page out of the playbook of the Qods Force -- by which he meant developing their own local proxies capable of going toe-to-toe with Iran’s agents and defeating them. The president seemed to marvel at the fact that from Hezbollah to the Houthis to the Iraqi militias, Iran has such a deep bench of effective proxies willing to advance its interests. ​
He did this though the man was responsible for hundreds of deaths in Iraq. Muhandis was no slouch in the terror game either, a key player in the Iranian-backed militias and Hezb’allah operation in Lebanon.

Whether out of fondness for Suleiman or paralysis I can’t say, but it is reliably reported that Obama foiled Israeli’s own assassination plan earlier and “reached out to Iran with news of Israel’s plans.”

Daniel Greenfield credibly argues that with respect to the attacks on our consular facility in Benghazi and the latest embassy attack in Baghdad, "the Obama Administration's policy of cultivating Islamic terrorists had come home to roost" 

Melanie Phillips, a shrewd observer, predicts that these acts herald a new realignment in the Middle East.

The killing of Soleimani may now encourage further destabilizing demonstrations, not just in Iran itself but also in Lebanon and Iraq whose people have also been mounting unprecedented protests against the Iranian militias and Shia clerics responsible for the fanatical religious oppression of the people. The hitherto unthinkable US killing of Soleimani may now spur all these people to redouble their efforts to bring the tyranny down. [snip]
President Jimmy Carter was paralysed by the 444-day Iran hostage crisis. President Clinton vacillated between sanctions against Iran and appeasement.
Most infamously, President Obama did a deal with the regime which would have allowed it to develop nuclear weapons after at best a ten-year delay, and which opened the way for millions of dollars to be funnelled into Iran to finance its continuing terrorist attacks, regional aggression and genocidal agenda against Israel.
Faced with attacks on American assets, Carter ran away, Clinton prevaricated, Obama actually helped fund them – but Trump ruthlessly and decisively killed the attacker. America is now back as a force to be reckoned with.
Consider as well that in these attacks no civilians were killed or injured; Iranian sovereignty was not violated and no American serviceman was wounded or killed. (Iran must be weighing how deeply spies have penetrated their forces, mustn’t they?)

To the Democrats’ bleats that they weren’t consulted (it would have been like sending alerts to the ayatollahs) they’ve searched through their Oughta be a Law books to complain that the attacks were not approved by Congress. I don’t recall this argument when Obama launched 2,800 strikes on Iraq and Syria. In any event, the Pentagon reports that in the real law book, the present airstrikes were authorized by 10 U.S. Code Sec. 127e as support of special operations to combat terrorism.

Fear of Reprisals by Iran are Overblown
History and present circumstances suggest the warnings about Iranian reactions are overblown. Iran’s forces are stretched deeply, its economy reeling under the Trump sanctions and domestic unrest grows every day.

At Frontpage, Kenneth Timmerman observes:

We have two historical parallels to compare to Thursday’s events: Operation Praying Mantis in April 1988, when U.S. naval forces sank 1/3 of the Iranian navy in a matter of hours after repeatedly catching them dispersing naval mines against international oil tankers in the Persian Gulf; and the presumed Israeli assassination of Iranian-Lebanese terrorist Imad Mugniyeh in Damascus in February 2008.
In both cases, we were told Iran and their proxies were going to counter-attack with devastating lethality. Hundreds of Americans and Israelis were going to die. Thousands! The entire region was going to explode.
In the end what happened? Absolutely nothing.
That’s what I predict here as well.
The Iranians have been lulled into thinking they can act with impunity in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.
Finally, the United States has drawn a firm hard line on their bad behavior.
This is exactly what we needed to do.
I believe the Iranian people will draw the obvious conclusion that this once powerful regime has feet of clay. Expect bigger anti-regime protests inside Iran in the coming weeks, and popular revolts against Iranian interference in Lebanon and Iraq as well.
How Do I Know the Dems are Scared?
Because at the end of the week they rolled out their designated liar Susan Rice, who on Rachel Maddow’s show said that the Obama administration would have done the same thing had they had this kind of intelligence. Echoing Professor Margot Cleveland -- this obvious lie by a notorious liar reveals Obama’s poor choice of intelligence chiefs and “creates a dilemma for Dems who are blasting this action.”

Hocus Pocus -- once again Trump gets the Democrats to strip and expose their naked idiocy, hypocrisy, cupidity, and fecklessness.

Clarice Feldman


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