Wednesday, February 12, 2020

That phony press trope about all those Democratic 'moderates' - Jack Hellner

by Jack Hellner

A look at each of their positions reveals to one extremist machine for wrecking the country.

Most of the media is making a great effort to mislead the public that there are Democrat moderates running for president. They are wrong. Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, and the rest are not moderates. Calling them moderates is as big a lie as the fake dossier, the fictional Russian collusion story and investigation, the lie about what President Trump said in Charlottesville, the smear against white Christian boys as racists for wearing MAGA hats, and the attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh with no evidence. The purpose of all of these lies is the same: To destroy Trump and elect a Democrat. Facts haven’t mattered for a long time.

Every Democrat is for much bigger government, more regulations and much higher taxes. That is not moderate in any sense of the word. 

Getting rid of fossil fuels is radical, not moderate. They are willing to destroy tens of millions of jobs, including a huge number of good-paying jobs. This desire to get rid of fossil fuels will greatly harm the poor, the middle class, minorities, and the rest of us. Bottom line: They will greatly harm or threaten our length and quality of life.

Abortion on demand is cruel and radical, not moderate. Very few countries allow abortion on demand at any point in a pregnancy. If a woman allows her baby to die at home after giving birth, it is called murder. Yet if a woman and her doctor at a Planned Parenthood clinic kill a fully developed child late in pregnancy, or let a baby die after birth, it is somehow called reproductive choice. Mayor Pete, Bernie Sanders, and other Democrats say there is no room for pro-life people in the Democrat Party. That is not moderate. I thought Democrats had a big tent.

Medicare for all or any version of Obamacare are far left positions, too, because they take away freedom of choice and are intent on eventually destroying the private sector. Obamacare took away freedom of choice and massively raised costs. A 2,200 page bill with over 10,000 pages of regulations and twenty new taxes was never going to lower costs, the bill never was going to allow citizens to keep their doctors or their plans and was never going to reduce the deficit. Yet those were the lies the Democrats continuously told to get it passed. Life expectancy unexpectedly went down after Obamacare was put in effect. After Trump took away the mandate and gave back freedom of choice, costs stabilized, and life expectancy ticked up.

There is nothing remotely moderate about not enforcing immigration laws, open borders, sanctuary cities and states, free education for illegals. free citizenship for illegals, and free health care for illegals, are all radical leftist positions involving bigger government and much higher taxes.

Repealing, or severely limiting the Second Amendment is not moderate.

The Paris Climate accord would destroy the economy and greatly harm the poor and middle class. It would also leave the U.S. extremely vulnerable to being destroyed by Iran, China, Russia and other countries which will never give up fossil fuels. It is a fiction to pretend the accord will materially change sea levels, temperatures, or storm activity. The purpose of the Paris Climate accord or any version of the green new deal is to confiscate massive amounts of money and power for the government. Politicians who want back into this accord are not moderate.

The Iran deal that was never signed or passed by Congress was extremely dangerous. Why would anyone think giving the biggest terrorist sponsor access to $100’s of billions would be a smart deal. Moderate? No.

Not one of the seven Democrats on stage thought it was a good idea to kill the Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian terrorist general who has killed and maimed thousands of people, including some 600 Americans. They inconceivably said that made the world more dangerous. That shows no common sense and is certainly not a moderate position.

Raising the national minimum wage to $15 or higher will not solve problems in high-cost cities but will absolutely destroy jobs and opportunities for the poor, less educated, minorities and older people throughout the U.S. It will make a lot more people dependent on government which seems to be the Democrats goal. Prevailing wage laws and getting rid of right-to-work also harm the economy and are not moderate policies.

Being against freedom of choice in schools greatly harms minorities and is not moderate. Isn’t it appalling that Democrats couldn’t even cheer for a 4th grade black girl getting a scholarship to a school of her choice?

Believing there are more than two genders is not moderate. Some people don’t like their gender and want to change, some are confused about their gender, and a very few have parts that match both genders, but scientifically there are only two genders. Anyone who thinks he and she are bad words certainly is out of touch.

Allowing boys and men who feel like females to invade girls and women’s privacy is not moderate.

Forcing women to compete against men in sports is not moderate.

The federal, state and local government officials require photo IDs to do many things in everyday life, yet Democrats say that it is oppressive and racist to require photo IDs to vote. That is clearly a lie, and not moderate.

Every policy I see that is being proposed by Democrats running for president involves confiscating more money and power for government and less freedom for the people. It is not moderate or progressive to make more people dependent on government by reducing economic opportunities and moving towards socialist policies.

Summary: If you want moderate, sensible, common sense policies which seek to move the power and purse back to the people, vote for Trump. If you want to remake America with far left extremist policies which seek to confiscate as much power and money to the government and reduce freedom of choice as fast as they can, vote for the politicians most of the media supports.

The choice is simple!

Jack Hellner


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