Thursday, December 31, 2020

Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden are only the tip of the Chinese influence iceberg - William McGurn


​ by William McGurn

Swalwell isn’t accused of any wrongdoing, but does anyone believe he is the only U.S. politician (or staffer) compromised by a Chinese honey trap?

McGurn: Why a Hunter Biden special counsel is a bad idea

What do Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden have in common?

Both are highly connected, Mr. Swalwell as a member of the House Intelligence Committee and Mr. Biden as the son of the incoming president. Both have made news for their dealings with China, Mr. Swalwell for his relationship with a Chinese spy named Christine Fang, and Mr. Biden for business deals made with enterprises connected to the Chinese Communist Party. Both also benefit from a U.S. press corps uninterested in getting to the bottom of their stories.


When the New York Post published emails in October raising doubts about Joe Biden’s claims he’d never discussed his son’s business dealings, many dismissed the story as "Russian disinformation"—and some suppressed it. As for Mr. Swalwell’s China connection, the New York Times still refuses even to mention it.

But it isn’t just the Biden and Swalwell stories the press is missing. Their cases are only a microcosm of what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complains is an all-out Chinese Communist Party effort "to make Americans receptive to Beijing’s form of authoritarianism." China does this on multiple fronts, often masquerading under the banner of "friendship" associations. But the agenda is always the same: to use whatever tools it has to mute opposition to China.


William McGurn is a member of The Wall Street Journal editorial board and writes the weekly "Main Street" column for the Journal each Tuesday. Previously he served as Chief Speechwriter for President George W. Bush.


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