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3 suicide drones used in attack on Iranian munitions factory - Israel National News


by Israel National News

American sources say US, another country which is not Israel, behind attack intended to send message about ballistic munitions exports.



The large explosion at a military site in the city of Isfahan, Iran Saturday was a drone attack on a munitions factory, American sources told the Saudi news site Al Arabiya al Hadath. The attack involved the US Air Force and the participation of another country which was not Israel.

Kan News reported that the sources said that "the action is intended to convey a message to Iran and Russia that the United States will not allow factories to be established to export ballistic weapons." The attack was apparently aimed at an Iranian ballistic missile depot.

Iranian media reported that three suicide drones of the quadcopter type were involved in the attack, similar to the attack on a centrifuge factory in Karaj in June 2021 and the attack on the Hezbollah facility in Beirut in August 2019. The New York Times reported that the drones were apparently launched from inside Iran, due to the location of the city of Isfahan. far from Iran's land borders.

Last week, Israel and other countries simulated an attack on Iran in a joint exercise. In addition, several senior American officials arrived in the region. After the head of the CIA, the US Secretary of State of the United States will arrive in Israel tomorrow, after the IDF and the American army concluded a four-day joint military exercise.

Iran had claimed that the drone attack was unsuccessful and only cause minor damage. However, US and foreign sources have stated that the attack was very successful and caused significant damage to the site.

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