Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Democrats' Trojan horse is taking on a life of its own - Rick Hayes


by Rick Hayes

Joe Biden doesn't seem to want to be put out to pasture.


A silly older man sniffing women was sold to the American people as the safe alternative to President Donald Trump.  Joe Biden's assignment was to wear a suit, read words on a teleprompter, and quip.

Biden was the Democrat left's version of the Trojan horse.  Get the 78-year-old inside the White House pretending to be a gift to the American people, and then let the real puppet masters emerge and change the nation's demographics, destroy the economy, and transform every social norm.

For two years, Biden did precisely what the Democrat socialists wanted him to do: run to podiums, mumble, and then wander away.  Smile, wave, and lie.  And in the process, the southern border became an open floodgate for illegal aliens and deadly drugs.  Inflation halted the buying power of most Americans, and American streets became crime-infested homeless camps.  Uncle Joe: the gift that kept on giving.

The propaganda media, working with the Department of Justice, to obscure the Biden family's long history of corruption was remarkable.  The tell-all interview regarding the long partnership between a Chinese energy firm and the Biden family by Hunter Biden's partner, Tony Bobulinski, on the Tucker Carlson show was squashed.  The FBI did a marvelously malevolent job lying to the American people regarding the content and even the existence of Hunter Biden's laptop.

So the Trojan horse flawlessly performed the task it was designed to perform.  But now comes the glitch: lo and behold, the fake leader of the free world wants to stay.  Somehow, in all the confusion of corruption and millions of dollars flowing from China into the Biden coffers, Joe didn't read the memo that the charade is finished after one term.

The swamp has realized that the Trojan horse is no longer needed and has become a liability.  There are new Democrat communist plans for 2024, and they don't include uncle Joe.

The left will do what it always does when its power is in jeopardy: turn on itself.  And it looks as if Biden is holding the short end of the stick in the power struggle: the mishandling of top-secret documents that have always been handled as a nothingburger for guilty Democrats like Hillary Clinton will now somehow matter for Biden.

What happened in 2020 will be considered one of the darkest points in American politics and its history.  But this chapter does not close without benefits.  Hopefully, the American people, especially the youth, will realize that conservatives are not perfect, but they do love this country and individual freedom.  On the other hand, as far as the Democrat left is concerned, you are valuable only as long as you are helpful to the communist cause.

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

Rick Hayes


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