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By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator

The nations of the world are gathering - again, under the direction of President Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, James Baker, the so-called Quartet (including the U.S. State Department, U.N., E.U. and Russia) to affix blame on Israel for the world hostile rising up of Islam with the ongoing world Terrorism and Wars. Their idea is to weaken and then destroy Israel on the off-chance that the world's Muslims will be pacified and then the nations can complete the cycle of Church-taught anti-Semitism. The following will expose their plot:



For centuries Islam of the militants have been on the march to conquer the world. We, in America and Europe did not notice because we chose not to notice. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in 1920 by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt and was in deep confrontation with the Egyptian government. Al-Banna's ideology set the current Al Qaeda goals for Islam to achieve global domination for a Muslim Caliphate: a world under strict Islamic "Sharia" law, pulling Muslims back to the 7th Century.

If you Google the two words: "Banna" and "Nazi", you will get a ton of information about Al Qaeda and how these thugs have roots in Naziism. (1) Al Banna was so supportive of Adolph Hitler's goals that when Hitler came to power in 1933, he had al-Banna establish a spy network for Nazi Germany throughout Arabia. (2)

Neither side spared the other in terror killings, followed by arrests and killing the Muslim terrorists in the Brotherhood. "The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al Husseini, was the Muslim Brotherhood representative for Palestine. These were Arab Nazis. The Grand Mufti went to Germany during WWII and helped recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis, based in Croatia. After WWII the British Government hired the Nazi-Muslim Brotherhood. They brought fugitive Nazi war criminals of Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt. The British Secret Service wanted to use the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood to strike down the infant state of Israel in 1948. From 1945 to 1948 the British Secret Service protected every Arab Nazi they could, but they failed to quash the State of Israel. French Intelligence released the Grand Mufti and smuggled him to Egypt, so all of the Arab Nazis came together." (3)


Before the Muslim Brotherhood which led to Al Qaeda, there were the assassins of Syria and Iran... Let's begin at the beginning: "In 1090 C.E., Hasan-e Sabah seized the fortress of Alamut in the Elburz Mountains of Iran and founded a radical Islamic mini-state there. He established a secret order for carrying out political assassinations throughout the Middle East. The suicide assassin, called "fida'i" or one who sacrifices himself, murdered his victim in a mosque for maximum shock effect. Muslim governments came to refer to the terrorists as "hashshashin", the plural of "hashshash" or an individual addicted to hashish. These terrorists were fanatics who carried out suicide killings doped on drugs, believing they would go to heaven as martyrs for the faith. The word "assassin" in English is actually derived from the Arabic "hashshshin". Western historiography has designated Hasan-e Sabbah's religious movement as the Order of Assassins. In addition to attacking Muslim governments of their day, the branch based in Lebanon carried out a war against the Crusaders during their sojourn in the Holy Land."


"Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda follow in the tradition of Hasan-e Sabbah and the Order of Assassins by using radical Islam to justify terrorist acts in the fight against domestic and foreign evils. On February 23, 1998 Bin Laden issued his famous "Fatwa" or legal opinion declaring a "Jihad" against the U.S., declaring it was the individual religious duty of Muslims "to kill Americans and their allies - civilians and military. Co-signers of the document included Ayman al-Zawahiri, amir of the al-Jihad Organization in Egypt; Abu Yasir Riga'I Ahmad Taha, a leader of the Egyptian Islamic Group; Shaykh Mir Hamzah, Secretary of the Jamiat ul-Ulema0e Pakistan; and Fazlul Rahman, amir of the Jihad Movement in Bangladesh. The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon conformed to Bin Laden's directive." (4)

Before 9/11 Muslim terrorists were building global networks again under the American and European radar. We had other things to consider like pacifying Mideast potentates for the oil under their sands. It didn't matter that countries like Saudi Arabia were spreading Wahhabiism (strict Shariah Islam) which taught Muslim children that Islam is not only superior to all other religions but, one day Islam would eliminate these "false" religions under "Shariah" law and Islam would dominate the world.

These children grew up and became brainwashed like "Manchurian candidates". They filtered into other countries with the help of foreign services of the West - like the U.S. State Department. Each of the Western nations had their own foreign services who allowed Muslims to flood into their nation even to the point of subsidizing their housing, education, medical care and much more. Nothing was withheld to pacify the Muslim Arabs because they had oil under their feet. So our American Universities are clogged with Arab Muslim "students", opting for classes in Nuclear Physics, Chemistry and Biology - all of which would eventually benefit the military terrorist organizations in their country of origin. Colleges are building foot-baths for Muslims to wash their feet before they pray - a minor concession.

President George W. Bush on August 30, 2007 said: "The murderers and beheaders are not the true face of Islam." Oh, really, Mr. President?

Is that why Arab Muslims have flocked to Iraq as Mujahideen to kill Americans in the name of Allah?

Is that why Al Qaeda which the American CIA trained in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviets, plotted the 9/11 execution of 3,000 people by airplanes?

Is that why the Muslim Arab Palestinians dance on their roof tops and hand out candy when there is a particularly gruesome terror attack in Israel or America.


The West is desperate, even for the appearance of a solution. Although Islam has been on a growing rampage for centuries, the West, especially Europe and America, believes they can appease the "Jihadists" by feeding them the Jewish State of Israel. As said, the Arab Muslims were engaged in terror against the Jews long before the Jews returned to their ancient homeland, beginning in the late 1800s. The return of the Jews "en masse" gave the Arab Muslims a common purpose for the moment. They were going to slaughter the Jews and destroy their brief moment of freedom and sovereignty. The Arabs and Muslims were always in some state of war with each other and all others whom they considered "infidels" (non-Muslims). The ingathering of Jews grew. They worked hard, turned the barren land green, brought brains, ingenuity, zeal and faith in their Jewish homeland. They developed the State of Israel and declared their independence and sovereignty on May 14, 1948.

On that very day of May 14, 1948, six Arab armies invaded the new Jewish State striving to reclaim their brief moment of glory. The Muslim Kurd, Saladin had conquered the Christian Crusaders in Jerusalem in October 2, 1187 C.E. after 88 years of Crusader rule from 1099 C.E. These Muslims lived on dreams, claims of heroism and glory as desert warriors when, in fact, they were ignorant, non-achievers who lived under the rule of dictators. Imagine their chagrin and humiliation when their testicle-driven manhood was utterly smashed by untrained, poorly armed Jews - mostly from the death camps of Europe. The 6 Arab armies were soundly defeated in 6 wars with continual terrorism in between. They named their defeat "Nakba" (Catastrophe).

Now the Bush family, the Europeans, the United Nations, the Russians and even the Japanese wish to buy off the rage of the Islamic rabble by feeding them Israel. Her enemies in the West wish to pretend that Islamic global terror only began when the Israelis fought and defeated the Arab Muslim armies from 1948 onward.

As I said earlier, the Muslims had been building this self-serving idea of Islamic dominance since the earliest of times - back to Mohammed in the 7th Century. The Arab tribes had been raiding each other for loot, women, water and animals long before the time of Mohammed. They all worshiped the moon god Zin, who they later morphed into Allah.


Mohammed borrowed heavily from the Jewish Torah and Christian new Testament in his days. He fled Mecca into Medina, living with the Jewish tribe of Qaraish (various spellings). As Muslims do to this day, he betrayed his hosts, made false agreements of peace for 10 years (called the "Hudaybiya Treaty"). But, Mohammed returned in 2 years - stronger militarily - broke the treaty, slaughtered the men of the Qaraish Tribe, violated and sold off the women and children into slavery. Thereafter, to break a treaty with the infidel was mandated, within 10 years at most, after being signed. It was required by the Koran for Muslims to obey. Islam means "submission", i.e., to obey. Yassir Arafat referred to the Oslo Treaty he signed Sep. 13, 1993 as a "Hudaybiya Treaty" - to be broken when the Muslim Arab terrorist PLO were stronger.

This became Mohammed's "Hadith" (Oral Law) and the example for Muslims to follow. Note the statement in Arabic by Arafat that Oslo was just like the "Hudaybiya Treaty".

In stating his true purpose in Arabic, the Muslims got the message but, the West played dumb. Therefore, IF the world's nations sacrifice the Jewish State of Israel to the Muslims, they will not even buy a brief cessation of Global Violence.

As Bin Laden just said on a rambling tape to the West and especially to America: "Become Muslim and all will go well" - (or words to that effect). A Pakistani reporter, Hamid Mir, charges the world media with altering Bin Laden's message. Bin Laden also said: "We must sacrifice our lives to attack the enemy." This is a call for suicide attacks throughout America - a call that was erased from the official transcripts of the videotape. Mr. Mir said "he had been informed by Taliban leaders in Afghanistan that al Qaeda's long-planned American Hiroshima - a nuclear attack on 7 to 10 U.S. cities - will occur in 2008 but could come sooner." (5)

Israel, the only nation that has successfully fought the encroachment of Arabs and Islam into her tiny State is to be betrayed by her supposed allies. Naturally, we must add anti-Semitism to any benefits the Muslim Arabs would grant America "the Great Satan" if they succeed in sacrificing Jews in the age-old ritual of placating the gods. Think how pleased the Jew Jesus will be when Bush, Rice, Baker and the Europeans show up at the Pearly Gates with a list of Jews they sacrifice in his name. Will he say "Welcome"? Or will he say: "You have killed my extended family and stopped Torah Law given to all Jews by G-d. I am so delighted that I will find a special place for you to spend eternity."

The idea is ludicrous that the concept promulgated by Bush, Rice, Baker, the U.N., the E.U. somehow the disposal of Israel will benefit them. I have listed the briefest schedule of Islamic savagery, dating back to Mohammed in the 7th Century. I could have gone back to Ishmael and his record of shooting arrows at passing caravans, counting on Abraham and the Hebrew tribe to protect him.

Is there some innate gene, custom or whatever that excites desert people to be exceptionally cruel, enjoy war and terrorizing others? Perhaps it is the heat and their daily unproductive life that causes them to need war to relieve the tedium of their days. They used the limp excuse of a pagan god and his supposed instructions conveyed to Mohammed to war against all others to prove their superiority - ignoring reality.

The West is indeed in a War of Civilizations which will not be contained unless Islam is put back to its primitive beginnings. If you inventory the Arab Muslim nations, you will see that these people are contained only by a strong man ruling with an iron hand. Every time they gained freedom, it is inevitably followed by riots, massive killings and power struggles between the war lords and, when possible, as with the Taliban savage rules of Islam, suppressing all. Woman are simply chattel, to be used to breed like animals.

Is the West innocent in the advancement of a killer religion and its people? Absolutely not! We sold to them in pure greed the best/worst of our weapons' designed to kill in volume. We trained the Muslim killers to kill with greater skill. We brought them into our military camps to teach advanced methods of terror with missiles, explosives, gas - coupled with other technologies of communication. When they turned on us, as did Bin Laden, our CIA was surprised with the "Law of Unintended Consequences" or "Blowback" in the trade jargon of spies.

Now we wish to placate these wild killers and shove the genie of war, even nuclear war, back into the bottle. Regrettably, we cannot but the Bush dynasty, advised by the Jew-hating James Baker, wants to sell the American public on the idea that, by having Israel give up the Land G-d gave to the Jews in perpetuity to the Palestinians, that this will calm their desire to kill. Each time the Israelis tried to give up her Land to the Arab Muslims, we ended up burying even more of our own people who fell from even greater terror.

The surrender inherent in the Oslo Accords was a monstrous example of wrong-headed thinking and, instead of putting the perpetrators on trial and hanging the guilty, a foolish Israeli people re-elected them. You cannot pacify killers, especially when they are driven by irrepressible dogma coming out of their Koran. It's just a very large hunting license to kill Jews, Christians and all other non-Muslim religions.

So we fed a small worm called Islam with undeserved honor, gave it weapons - then, Lo and Behold, it grew into a man-eating dragon. Now it demands that it be fed a diet of human flesh as if it deserved to be fed. Once fed the dragon of Muslims may sleep for a day, or a week but then it is back again, blowing up trains, markets and, if it can, whole cities with Russian suitcase nukes yet to come.

The Dragon of Islam cannot be pacified and only a Dragon Slayer can solve the problem.



REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, 10/23/83

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of Khobar Towers, U.S. Barracks Saudi Arabia, 6/25/88

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of PanAm Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, 12/21/88

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 2/26/93

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of U.S. Embassies-Nairobi & Dar es Salaam, Africa, 8/10/98

REMEMBER the MUSLIM attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon & (probably) the White House or Congress on 9/11/01

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombings of the commuter trains in Madrid 3/11/04

REMEMBER the MUSLIM murders of at least 368, ½ children in Beslan, Russia 9/1/04

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombings on 4 commuter trains & buses in London 7/7/06 (7/7 is a multiple of 11) killing 52, injuring 700 commuters

REMEMBER the MUSLIM nearly simultaneous bombings of 7 commuter trains and stations on 7/11/06 in Mumbai (Bombay) India - killing at least 180, wounding as many as 450.

REMEMBER the MUSLIM 54 bomb and arson attacks in Thailand from January 2004 to 2/18 &19/07 killing more than 2000. `

REMEMBER all the AMERICANS and others whose lives were lost in those vicious MUSLIM attacks.

REMEMBER the failed suicide car & truck bomb attacks by Muslim doctors in London & Glasgow,


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