Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Muslims Call for Major Jihad Terror Attacks in Response to Muhammad Cartoons

by Robert Spencer

Charlie-Hebdo1.jpgAnd the "free" press is already submitting in advance

In the face of this thuggery, the Western "free" press cowers and submits. "From The MEMRI Jihad And Terrorism Threat Monitor: On Twitter, Jihadists Call For Major Terror Attacks Against France In Response To Publication Of Muhammad Comic Book," from MEMRI, January 4 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

On January 2, 2012, via Twitter, jihadists debated the issue of the appropriate response to a comic book biography of the Prophet Muhammad published this week by the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.
The suggestions included: killing France's ambassadors, just as the "manly" Libyan fighters killed the U.S. ambassador in Benghazi; carrying out operations similar to 9/11, London's July 7, 2005 bombings, and Madrid's March 11, 2004 bombings, because only attacks of this kind would deter and defeat the "crusaders"; carrying out assassinations; conducting suicide bombings outside the French Information Ministry building; and holding demonstrations outside French embassies, especially in Egypt, because it has [allegedly] been proven that the Egyptian public can sway the entire Arab public.
It was also suggested that Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) kill the hostages it is holding, and that anyone who can kill a French national do so without hesitation.
One participant in the debate proposed that condemnations be issued and that a film be produced in which infidels play the role of the Prophet's Companions, in order to show the world that Muslims are not fundamentalists.

Robert Spencer


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