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War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength - Dr. Harold Goldmeier

by Dr. Harold Goldmeier

Orwell's 1984 is upon us.

The title of this article is a George Orwell quotation from his frightening book 1984. The novel was phenomenally popular from its publication in 1949 and the public were fearful of his predictions.  Prognosticators and political pundits characterized communists and McCarthyites as poster boys for Orwell’s Big Brother.

In their convoluted thinking over the next three decades conspiracy theorists weaved a tenacious web of intellectual doublethink charging the commies, Joe’s boys and the Jews formed a cabal (Roy Marcus Cohen was Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s Chief Investigator into un-American activities most prominently in the Army and Hollywood) to dominate the world. Orwell’s book was a wakeup call for all freedom lovers who claimed the cabal wants to rule the world by tyranny. The successful prosecutions of spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the wake of Big Brother fears may have been a result,  with the fear contributing to the demand for their death sentences. In the book, Big Brother seeks power for the sake of power using “doublethink” as a weapon of his Ministry of Truth.
The year 1984 passed, but people still harbor suspicions the world is still not safe from dystopia and totalitarianism. The movie version my friend’s production company released in 1984 was Richard Burton’s last screen appearance. One reviewer called it  “bleakly beautiful,” another a fine representation of the novel’s “heart of darkness.” 1984 was still on the required reading list for high school students when I attended school, fueling the conspiracies for subsequent generations.

Dr. Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement were painted with the same brush. 
Jews, blacks and commies comprised the cabal. Even the infamous J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, directed his investigators to search for the links.

Orwell was spot on about tyranny, thoughtcrime and doublethink. Revelations in the Pentagon Papers released by the Ellsberg brothers (Jewish anti-war activists with Daniel, called the most dangerous man in America) told the story of the doublethink and thoughtcrime in the Vietnam War. Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks reveal the depths of deception, secret surveillance, and manipulation of knowledge and truth worldwide.

Jonathan Pollard (a Jewish boy) is convicted spying for a friendly country, yet receives a life sentence. Meantime, the US National Security Agency and intelligence agents for every advanced country in the world spy on one another. They read the emails and listen to personal and secure phone conversations. The 5+1 negotiating meetings on the deal with Iran were not off-limits. Keeping Pollard locked away, and the government placing disproportionate restrictions on his release, contributes to the mix of doublethink and thoughtcrime meant to divert attention from Big Brother’s acts.

Today's Orwellian Ministry of Truth is called the United Nations. In 1961, South Africa’s prime minister was first to call Israel an apartheid state, while he ran a vicious government of apartheid for another 25 years. It became the most customary shibboleth associated with Israel, given gravitas and traction by President Carter, who turned doublethink into thoughtcrime.

The Ministry outdid anything Orwell might have imagined when in 1975 it labeled Zionism as a form of racism. My hero at Harvard, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, called the doublespeak an “infamous act” yet it continues as the watchword of anti-Semites.     In October 2015, UNESCO passed a resolution asserting that the Jerusalem Western Wall of the Jews’ Holy Temple is in truth part of the al-Aksa Mosque. Whitewashing  2,000 years of history.

During the planning and execution of terror in Paris, a Spanish judge issued an arrest warrant for Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. The South African government is rumored to be issuing arrest warrants for IDF officers. Political correctness for Muslim jihadists makes it a rule never to juxtapose radical and Islam, but doublethink is acceptable when blaming the Jews and their ugly and dangerous "tyranny" worthy of indictments.

The President of the United States is the leader in exploiting doublethink. Mr. Obama refuses to assign attribution to terror jihadists. A shooting by a radicalized Army psychiatrist on base is nothing more than a work related incident. The attack on a Paris Jewish owned deli was just coincidence. A Muslim teen stabs students at the University of California and despite all the evidence and gruesomeness of the crime, the Secretary of state charges that Israel is overreacting to stabbings of civilians by killing the Muslim jihadist attackers.

The attacks in Paris were a major intelligence failure by officers of governments across Europe and the EU. The CIA also missed. The Paris jihad is a triumph for the evil empire that financially, morally, and politically supports Muslim jihad. No one seems to care that Muslims are slaughtering Christians and Westerners in Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, and across Africa at the same time as they are doing so in the Middle East.

The Swedish Foreign Minister, however, knows the culprits—it is the Jews!  She lays blame for the Paris Muslim jihad terror attacks on Israel. Then her colleague cleanses the perfidious and odious allegation with doublethink from her colleague at the Swedish Defense University who makes the craven Orwellian claim that Sweden is a big supporter of Israel.

What caused this intelligence disaster of international proportions? 

Intelligence services were too busy preparing to stick “not made or grown in Israel but on the West Bank” labels on Jewish products. They were overseeing stock boys remove Israeli goods from store shelves. The smartest guys in the world were making certain no Israeli strawberry, onion, or soda machine was going to slip into Europe. They must keep European consumers safe from Israeli agriculture and manufactured goods.

Thank God they are safe. They can immodestly claim the threat to Europe from Israel is contained. Silence from the White House reinforces and confirms Israel as the most notorious danger to the free world, as the American Anthropological Association and others vote to boycott Jewish Israel. No words of consolation or upset about the American Jews shot to death or knifed by a Muslim terrorist in Israel in proportion to the outrage from the Executive about the American Arab teen beaten during a demonstration.  

The world is a swamp of Orwellian “political correctness.” Orwell’s ideas have not be thrown into the trash bin of history. In 2015, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength. Wake-up to the new realities of 1984.

Dr. Harold Goldmeier

Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/18023#.VmVfmb-zdds

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