Wednesday, April 13, 2016

VIDEO: Sexual predators take advantage of transgender laws - James Arlandson

by James Arlandson

The laws that permit males to invade the females' safe space simply have to be stopped

It may not have been intended, but it was predictable.  This video spells out case after case of sexual predators entering women's locker rooms and dressing rooms and other private places that are speedily becoming "unprivate," demanding to shower and change with them.

Don't you remember?  There is an alleged right to privacy in the Constitution.  And this leads to the right to an abortion that mysteriously also exists in the said document.  So why can't women demand their right to privacy in public facilities? 

One older male bruiser wearing an old lady wig entered a facility, but a woman quite sensibly challenged him, demanding to know why he was there.  She wanted her right to privacy.  He sucker-punched her and caused $60,000 worth of injuries to her face.

The video presents other disturbing cases. 

Everyone knows why the International Olympic Committee keeps men and women separate in competition (though even that is changing).  Mankind is stronger than womankind.  There are simply too many differences between the sexes.  Yet our society in its "infinite wisdom" seems to be smashing those differences.

Further, since mankind is stronger than womankind, women need to feel safe.  And breaking down the safe space for a woman at her most vulnerable – while she is changing and dressing and showering outside the home – is insane.  Her zone of safety, her right to privacy, needs to be protected at all costs. 

So the laws that permit males to invade that space simply have to be stopped, and any law that has already been implemented must be repealed.

Enough is enough.


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