Monday, August 29, 2016

The Voters’ Presidential Choice: Certainties and Possibilities - Patricia McCarthy

by Patricia McCarthy

Sadly, there is only one choice; the one with possibilities rather than dead certainties.

Americans are faced with a difficult and ugly choice in the coming election.  Never in American history have there been two more unpopular candidates for president.  For a year Donald Trump offended just about everyone, one way or another, but somehow managed to beat sixteen other conventionally more qualified candidates to become the Republican nominee. 

What explains his victory?  His rage against the tyranny of the DC establishment, left and right, that resonated with many millions of people who are fed up with the blight upon free speech that is political correctness.   They are fed up with Obama's eight years of flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and refugees with questionable loyalties.  They are fed up with the billions of taxpayer dollars that go to subsidize those people.  They are fed up with Obama's "leadership from behind" that has put the country in grave danger - from Iran, from ISIS, from Russia, China, from home-grown terrorists, from a stagnant, over-regulated economy.   A community activist does not a president make.  And like Obama, Hillary is a woman who wants power in order to reorder American culture according to the theories of Cloward, Piven and Saul Alinsky that she has long embraced.  Like Obama, she has no love or respect for the Constitution.  If elected she will finalize its shredding.

But while Trump is an unlikely, often unpleasant, and shockingly uninformed candidate  who infuriates Republicans, Hillary is, and has always been a pathological liar, a woman who got where she is by grasping for dear life onto her husband's coattails.  She has no accomplishments in the political realm, no record of achievements or successes.  Her attempt at overhauling healthcare during her husband's presidency failed due to her incompetence.  Her years as a senator yielded nothing.  Her years as Secretary of State were disastrous at every turn.  The books written about her by people who know her mostly do not paint a pretty picture.  She is an arrogant, invidious woman who sees herself as above the law and superior to all of us outside of her rarefied world of fabulous ill-gotten wealth and privilege.  She oversaw the harassment of the women her husband abused.  It was she and her sycophants who used her position at State to enrich themselves; they literally sold access to American favor for personal gain.   The crimes of the Clinton Foundation are barely known, but they began by the Clintons stiffing Haiti after that devastating earthquake and using the tragedy to financially benefit themselves and their friends.

All of which brings us to today.  Trump called Hillary a bigot and the media are in a dither. She is a bigot and anti-Semitic as well.   African Americans, Latinos, LGBT's are just voting blocks to be pandered to and pander she does.  Hillary released an ad egregiously pathetic and desperate linking Trump to the KKK!   Which one of them stooped the lowest?  Hillary, to be sure.   Trump may be the most undisciplined, exasperating candidate ever to run for President but Hillary is the most execrable.   Her schemes to operate under the radar of the government for which she worked were positively Machiavellian.  The lengths to which she went to conceal her crimes are evidence of her malfeasant intent. 

So voters must choose between these two massively flawed people.  With Clinton we will get a doubling-down of all Obama policies:  increased taxation, increased regulation of everything, especially businesses, the complete destruction of health care, continuing economic stagnation, more class stratification, increased racial discord, more crime, less law enforcement, much more illegal immigration and importation of refugees and an ideological Supreme Court that will barely even glance at the Constitution. 

With Trump there is a chance of a Constitutional SCOTUS, a possibility of reduced illegal immigration, the possibility of reduced taxation, the possibility of a stimulated economy and jobs for some of the 95 millions people now out of work.   A vote for Trump may crack the leftist oppression that is political correctness and revive reverence for the First Amendment.  A vote for Trump may save the Second Amendment.   A vote for Trump may save our Vets from killing themselves in despair over their lack of medical care.  A vote for Trump may find a way to replace the utter failure that is Obamacare with something affordable, accessible and workable.  A vote for Trump may turn around the sad state of our decimated cites like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc., those cities that have been run into the ground by democrat pols for decades.

If Hillary is elected, we can be certain of the path she will choose, one that will continue to inch toward totalitarianism.  It will be terribly depressing because we will know what is coming.  If Trump is elected, it will be a spin of the wheel but at least the possibility of a national turnaround will be there.  We will be able to hope for a revived Constitutional Republic that is of, by and for the People.   Which rough beast will be slouching toward the Oval Office after the election?  Sadly, there is only one choice; the one with possibilities rather than dead certainties.

Patricia McCarthy


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